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Monday, June 19, 2017

Do Your Kids Hate Church? Update:

Should children have a choice as to whether they go to church? What is the reasoning behind why children do not want to go to church? Are there many children in your church?

kids church 

Are children at church because their parents are forcing them to go to church? Possibly when you and your family joined church and your children were younger, they accepted going to church. Your children going to church was a norm at one time. Then as your children got older into the adolescent and teen years, they started questioning going to church possibly saying that it was not for them.

When I was about 4-years-old I observed my neighbors going to church. My father nor grandmother did not attend. I asked to go with my neighbors, because I was curious. I had already been trying to read my Bible and knew about God, but I could not figure out what was so important about church. After I went the first time I loved it. I did not realize it was a Methodist Church, I just knew it was church.

1. This Church

Possibly your children feel that they do not fit in at this particular church. Could there be a disconnect with with pastor, leaders, or other children at the church? Some pastors may emphasize they are more concerned with the person being saved and that each individual can choose the church he or she wants to attend.

2. Boring

Are Your children saying that church is boring? I recall one of my children stating, “Church is so boring, I do not understand what that man is talking about?” According to a survey from the
Barna Group at Barna.org. 31% of teens stated that church was boring. They further added that 24% felt church was irrelevant to their careers. So when teenagers and young adults start working, does church take a back seat for them? Do they arrive at church halfway through the program on purpose, because they just do not want to be there? This could also apply to adults. I have observed several adults coming into our church service habitually late.

3. Belonging

Do your children feel as though they belong in your church? Sometimes children may feel as though they are not apart of the church even though they attend it, according to ministrytodaymag.com.
When you think about it, everyone wants to feel as though they are apart of something, including children. I recall as a child going to the Amusement Park with my church. This was an event that I will never forget.

4. Invitation

Children love their peer group. Have your children ever invited a friend to church? Sometimes just having their friend there can make all the difference. Now if their friends go with them to sporting events, skating, or the arcades, why not allow them to invite a friend to church? I recall many children living in my neighborhood when I grew up. Because I loved church, I wanted all my friends to come and enjoy it as well. It never occurred to me that there were those that did not like church. I later became Sunday School Secretary and Church Secretary. This now became a very big learning experience, because my pastor at the time was very meticulous and taught me a lot about bookkeeping and the importance of it.

5. Extra-Curricular Activities

I talked with a group of children and they expressed that they had so many extra-curricular activities throughout the week that they just wanted to sleep in on the weekends because they were so tired.

6. Soccer Games or Other Games

There was a time that Sunday was for going to church, but have you observed that some of the soccer games or other athletic events are now on Sunday?

7. Family

Your church may be a good fit for you, but is it a good fit for your entire family? Do your children feel that they have a part in the church or are they just their? Do they realize the importance of attending church?

8. Length of Service

I have heard children complain about the length of the service. I know I also have heard adults state that when they were children going to church, the service might last about all day, 5-6 hours.
Times have changed. People's attention span is not necessarily that long. Even adults now do not want to sit in church all day. Everyone seemingly has their own preferences.

9. Fun

Is everyone always serious at church? Children want to have fun. They need to know that church can be fun while learning about Jesus. Does your face always have a stern look? Do you smile and even sometimes share a joke to create laughter. Do your children have fun activities at church?

So do your kids hate church? Are they actively involved in your church? Do they even want to be there?

Photo Caption: Pixabay, CCO Public Domain, Photobucket

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bloggers Meet and Greet: What is a Daddy?

 Happy Fathers Day to Fathers  and to the single mothers that have been father and mother to their children.


A Daddy is very important to the family, just as the mother is. Many young girls are looking at their father to discover the type of man they want to marry.

The Daddy is important to the daughter and to the son. How many times have you heard a young man say, “My daddy was not there for me or I did not know who my daddy was.” Some may call their daddy dad, pops, or father. Then others may have had a daddy, but had no relationship with their daddy.

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1. Moral Compass

I recall my husband, who is a Viet Nam Veteran sharing with me that he was a Points Man in the army. He explained the Points Man would go ahead of his battalion to scout out any enemies or disasters that may be ahead of them. Someone has said that the father is like a Points Man or a moral compass for his family. He is always looking out for his family's well-being. He is a protector or a fixer. God has designed him that way. I recall one Father's Day my Pastor asked several men to come before the congregation and share about their fathers. Unfortunately, there was one that stated he honestly did not have any fond memories of his father, only negative ones. That was so sad to hear.

2. Importance

According to Dr.Gail Gross, Huffingtonpost.com girls tend to look for men that have characters like their fathers and boys tend to emulate their fathers. I have seen those that have said, “ I am nothing like my father or I do not want to be like that man.” In reality though there may be some characteristics where they are just like their father whether they like it or not. I recall that we did not have a car when I lived with my father and grandmother, but I remember catching the bus with him to go to the Carnival. I loved to go to the carnival. My father worked as a Porter at the train station in Gary, Indiana. I always loved to ride the train, it had a distinct smell that I really cannot describe.

3. Church

Although my father nor my grandmother attended church, I discovered that my neighbors went to church every Sunday. My father allowed me to go with them. I wanted to know about God and what church was about. I started praying and asking God for what I wanted at a very young age. My father was kind and soft spoken, I had never heard him raise his voice, even when my mother would fuss at him often. Even when he punished me with a small tap on my legs, he always sat me down and explained why beforehand. He always let me know there was a consequence for my action.

4. Mentor

A Daddy may be a mentor or not necessarily the biological father. While a mother is important, it is equally important for the father to take time with his daughters and his sons. I recall a young man telling me how much he respected his father and made it a point to not curse in front of his father out of respect. He pointed out that he was from a large family and that his father took time with him and his brothers to take them fishing and teach them to hunt. He proudly said that because of that he was an expert shooter.

5. Advocate

I recall as a young child seemingly always having a cold. My father would always take me to the doctor to get a shot. I was so sick and tired of getting shots. My father never played around when he knew that I was sick. I also recall one summer that I caught the mumps. In fact, I believe I caught nearly every childhood disease. Anyway my doctor called the doctor to the house. The doctor declared that I did have the mumps and needed a shot, but this time instead of the shot in my arm as usual, I received a shot in my rear end. I thought will I ever stop having to have shots. Even so, I knew that my father always would advocate for my by interest.

Think about your father. Can you find any pleasant memories about him?

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Will You Be Kind to Someone Today?

Kindness is free. It is something that we as human beings desire.  There is a desire to be connected.   Kindness may come in different forms.

flowers gif photo: Flowers gif

Several acts of kindness that I can think of are as follows: babysitting a day for free, paying a bill for someone, or taking someone to the grocery store.

1. Smile

A smile can do wonders for others. You never know what others are going through. Usually a smile is contagious. If you smile at someone, they usually will smile back at you. I have observed that babies and even toddlers will smile at me and even say hi. They have that friendly nature that you cannot help but to smile back at them.

2. Good Deed

When you rake and mow your lawn, what about doing the same for your neighbor. An elderly neighbor would just love this. I recall a young boy that was using the snow blower to clear the sidewalk. The next thing I knew he had done the same for me and several other neighbors. I am sure he was just being kind, but his father was very upset. I could hear him telling him, “I told you to do our house, not everyone’s house in the neighborhood.” But I thought that was very generous of this young boy that thought he was doing a good deed. Indeed he did do good.\

3. Traveling

I recall a Field Trip to Chicago as a child in Kindergarten. We all needed to line up for the bathroom. One little boy could not wait. He had an accident in his pants. I recall feeling so sorry for him, but I did not know what I could do or say. He looked so sad. We were far away from home too. The teachers did not seem too sympathetic either. That was the bad part about it. He did not have a change of clothing. Although I did nothing then, as an adult I now think of things I could have said to console him at the time such as “everything will be okay” or you will be alright.”

4. Play Date

I recall while on a playmate with my grand’s. A little boy was about to hit one of the little girls playing with my grand’s. She ran behind me for protection. He then told me, “She called me fat.” I then at that time used this as a teachable moment. I told the little girl whose mother had stepped away for a moment, “We do not call people out of their names.” “Tell him that you are sorry.” I knew her mother, so I knew her mother would have done the same. Sometimes children as well as adults may not realize at the time how unkind their words can be.

5. Giving

A sense of performing an act of kindness can result in a sense of connection and satisfaction. Humans crave connection to others.  I believe in giving a little extra for a tip when I receive good service. That is something that I will do, especially when I receive exceptional service.  Long John Silver’s Restaurant has a large bell in it. They ask you to ring the bell as you leave if you received good service. I like that concept, because everyone that assists you may not be friendly or even kind.

6. Random Acts of Kindness

This is something that is not new. People have been helping others without expecting anything in return for ages. Someone said recently that they were changing the world with one act of random kindness at a time. I had never thought of it in that way, but I realize acts of kindness is contagious.

7. Prepaid Card

What about donating a prepaid card to a women’s shelter? Women shelters are usually in need of many things including clothing. Sometimes having the prepaid card can be very essential for ladies in a woman’s shelter. Remember people in shelters may come from all walks of life and although they may not have asked to be in this predicament, they find that they are.

8. Free Gas

What about taping free money and a card to the gas tank. The good thing about this is that no one is expecting this. You never know that person getting gas may have used their last funds to buy gas to make it to work.

I recall a company that I worked for was giving out free gas cards for just taking a survey. People really liked that. I believe I gave out more than 50 gas cards to people that were willing to take the survey. I enjoyed doing this and the weather was great. People sometimes find it unbelievable when you say FREE.

9. Care Package

Giving out small care packages to the needy is another free act. Sometimes there are those that need toothpaste, toothbrushes, bottled water, and much more. These are little things that we may take for granted. I recall watching as some shared they were living in their cars. They would go to gas or rest stations to wash up. Again water is something that we might take for granted. When Flint, Michigan's water was poisoned by lead, that was something that made me aware how much I had taken water for granted. Now it has almost became a norm to live on bottled water, because it may take several years to completely correct this problem. No one still does not know all the future effects the poisoning will have on the babies and younger children.

10. Veterans

Do you just wait until Veterans Day to honor a vet? I recall my husband and I going into the store. Before he could grab the door a nice lady took the door and said, “No you go in first and thanks for protecting our country.” My husband had on his veteran's cap. This was how she knew he was a veteran.

I also recall one day my husband and I was at an event out of town. This man approached my husband and said, “Welcome home here is $100.00. Take you and your wife out to dinner.” I thought that was so sweet and very unexpected.

So I ask again, will you be kind to someone today in some form or fashion?

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Friday, June 2, 2017

8 of the Best Summer Activities for Kids (OMG)

After school is out, parents start looking for summer programs for kids. This is understandable, because you want your kids to be active and not complain of being bored.

Kids Summer Activities
I have discovered some of the best kids summer activities that you and your children will enjoy. They are as follows:
1. Norfolk Farm  Located 3637 Morrice Road, Webberville, Michigan 48892
The great thing about this farm is that you seemingly go back in time. You will see a post office from the wild, wild, west. They offer summer camps, horse back riding, wagon rides, birthday parties, and much more.
2.  Paint Ball  Located 4403 Clio Road, Flint, Michigan 48504
I Thought Paint Ball was just for adults, but I discovered that children can play too. They offer birthday parties and it is a place for family fun. Get a little paint on your clothing don't worry it is washable.

3. Splash Pad,Creasey Bicentennial Park, 1505 Grand Blanc Road, Grand Blanc, Michigan

The Splash Pad in Grand Blanc, Michigan is a place that is very inexpensive to visit. It is open from 9 am -5 pm Children just love this. There are benches on the sides where the parents can sit to observe their children. The great thing about the splash pad is that unlike a swimming pool, it is water squirting out of various outlets on the pads. It is an outdoor area that you may want to consider during the summer months, especially on those really hot days. There is an area where parents can sit and observe. Children will love the water spouts and the fact that they can control when the water comes outs to splash them. Prices are reasonable with $2.00 for residents and $3.00 for non-residence.
It is located at 10407 North Fenton Road, Michigan. 8 am to 5 pm. Day camps are awesome. Activities may include, brushing the horses, hiking the nature trails to do bird watching, group activities to include relay races, a visit to the reptile center, and much more.
5. Zehnder'sSplash Village, 1365 South Main Street, Frankenmuth, Michigan 48734

Zehnders Splash Village is a great family outing for those that like the water. Whether you are in the Splash Park or the Atrium Park, you can have hours of fun. Here you will see water geysers, story tube slides, dumping baskets and much more. This indoor facility is fully staffed with lifeguards.  The indoor pools have warm water. There is also an outside pool area too.  You will need to call to confirm pricing for a 2-day get away, but packaging includes Chicken Dinner at Zehnder's Restaurant, 1 Large Pizza, breadsticks, 4 sodas and breakfast each morning at the Elf Hollow Cafe. I have had the Chicken Dinner at Zehnder's and it is delicious. Their stollen bread which is like a fruit cake is pleasure to your palate.

6. Wilderness Trail Zoo, Located 11721 Gera Rd Birch Run, Mi 48415 

This is a small petting zoo, but quite nice. They have food available to feed the various animals. I love the hands on area for petting the animals. Feed stations to feed the animals are located throughout the zoo. I discovered this zoo one day while on my way to Bronner's in Frankenmuth.

7. Lion Country Safari, 2003 Lion Country Safari Road, West Palm Beach, Florida

This is an amazing Safari. You will be able to walk through and see many of the animals. Even touching and feeding them. The Giraff shown in the cover page of this article was very friendly and loved for anyone to feed him. Another part of this safari that I liked was the one that you would drive through and view the animals. This is the one where you definitely do not want to get out of your car until the tour is finished.

8. Flint Public Main Library, located at 1026 E. Kearsley, Flint, Michigan 48503
You definitely do want to take advantage of the many promotions at the Flint Public Library. Most of these events are FREE. Some of the events will include planting a flower, storytelling on the lawn, family concerts, and much more. What are some of the summer fun activities that you do with your kids?
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Monday, May 29, 2017

Expect the Great

Although you want to maintain balance, hopefully you have great expectations for your children. More importantly you should let your children know of your expectations and remember to be realistic.

Great Expectations

Yes have great expectations for your children. Possibly your expectations are low. Raise the bar.
What do you expect of your children? Your children are our future. Your children are our future engineers, chemists,doctors, and much more. Jeremiah29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, said the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

1. Good Expectations

I was at the dollar store. The child that looked to be about 4 or 5-years-old started picking up various items asking her mommy to purchase them. She then ran through the store and the mother started calling out her name to come back. The woman in front of me turned and said to me, “I would never allow my children to act like that in the store.” I responded, “A new generation.” Now possibly could this mother have given that child some expectations that she expected of her before going to the store?

I recall when in the store with my children and they asked for certain items I responded, “We do not have the money?” My one child then said, “Just write out one of those paper things that you write out.” She was referring to my checkbook. It was then I realized I needed to sit my children down and have a conversation about my expectations and also explain to them about the checkbook.

2. Good Mood

Kimanzi Constable at Huffingtonpost.com talks about cutting your children some slack when they come home from school in a bad mood. I agree. You may hate to see your children upset or grumpy, but every day is not always a good day for anyone. I recall watching a movie recently and this young boy was having a bad day so he wished his family would have a bad day so they could feel what it feels like. At the end of the movie the entire family came together and found the good of the events that had occurred. In other words, they found solutions to their problems that was causing them to have a bad day. As parents you can take the experience of your child coming home grumpy as a time to sympathize with your children, lend a listening ear, or even talk to them about alternatives.

3. Handling Money

What are your expectations with how your children handle money? Are your expectations realistic? Have you shown your children values of money with your actions? Have they been given an allowance and you observed how they handle their allowance money? I recall when my niece came to live with me at age 7. We were in the grocery store. I had given my children including my niece their allowance. They had picked out items to purchase with their allowance. As each of them paid for their items my niece paused. I asked, “What is wrong?” She then shared, “I do not know how much to give the cashier.” I had made an assumption that she knew how to pay for items. The reality was that she did not know the difference between a penny, a nickel, dime, or a dollar. So my children and I worked with her slowly helping her learn about identifying and counting coins.

4. Budgeting Your Finances

I recall living with my aunt and uncle. Her and my uncle seemingly never wanted for anything, but I did not realize their mortgage was paid off. Their car was paid off. These are little things that can be taught to your children as they are growing up. It does not mean they will do this, but it does allow you to show them the importance about paying your debts. Proverbs 22:7 The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. I remember my children telling me they thought we were (rich.) I asked them what made them think that. There response was that they got every thing they needed. I then sat them down and explained we were not rich but that many of their clothes I put in the lay away and paid for over time. I explained some of our clothes came from the goodwill. I explained that there was a reason we ate breakfast food sometimes in the morning and the evening. Philippians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  I can truly say that God has supplied all of my need.

5. Peer Group

Your children's peer groups are very important to them. Although they love you, they love their peer group also. Again, you expect they will listen to you and make the right choices but that does not always happen. I recall being made to wear black and white oxfords to school. The reason I was told was because those shoes were better for your feet, even though I had no feet problems or concerns. The kids laughed and teased me. When I told my aunt she dyed them brown. I tried to tell her that did not make any difference they still laughed. So my friends and I as we walked to school and I cried they responded this way, “Bring another pair of shoes with you and we will switch them at the corner.” That is what we did. I loved my friends for that. Now I did not follow what my aunt told me to do, but that did not make it okay to be disobedient. I just used that example to show how peer groups can be important to children.

6. Kindness

Kids sometimes can be mean to each other. The threat of being mean has increased with the cyber bullying. Expect your children to be kind to others. Have a conversation about how words can hurt other people's feelings. I recall my daughter befriended a young girl in middle school. She came home and told me the kids were making fun of the young girl laughing that the girl's father and killed the mother. I told my daughter I was so proud of her for standing up for the girl. Later I found out that I knew the girl's family and that I was best of friend's with this girl's relative. Now this same thing happened to the relative when I was growing up (the father killed the mother). That had to be horrific for the family. I recall feeling sick and empathy for my friend, because I never told her, but I was always fearful of her father, because of things I saw and thought was strange. I recall her mother was very kind spirited and humble I really liked her.  Remember kindness can go a long way.

What are your expectations for your children? Are they realistic expectations? Remember you were a child and a teenager once also. How did you feel?

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Blogger's Meet and Greet: Memorial Day

 What will you do this Memorial Day? Some will barbecue, visit loved one's grave sites, and possibly others will go to the beach. Whatever you do don't forget those that have served and died for our country.

Memorial Day photo: Memorial Day

Did You Know?

According to the Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs 3 years after the civil War ended, on May 5, 1868, the head of the Grand Army of the Republic established Decoration Day as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of the war dead with flowers. This was declared by Major General John A. Logan to be observed on May 30.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Do You Know About the Snipping Tool?

Have You already updated to Windows 10? Do you know about the snipping tool that is very simple and easy to use? Read more to learn about this.

capture screen

Microsoft has the snipping tool to capture screen shots. Maybe there is a picture on your screen that you want to use as a picture. Microsoft has made it so simple for you to capture that picture.

1. Basically in the left lower corner of the start up window (the search area) enter the words “snipping tool.”

2. When the snipping tool box appears click on New

3. The + sign will appear, then drag your cursor around the area that you want to capture as a picture.

4. Then Click on file and save as. Give the file the name that you want to save it as.

It is just that simple.

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