Dream It; Believe It; A-Line Dress

Dream It; Believe It; A-Line Dress
Dream It; Believe It; A-Line Dress

Friday, August 12, 2022

Why do You Use Social Media?

Everyone may have their own reasoning for using Social Media, but what is yours? What do you get from using social media?

Free Social Networking

***Good News***

1. Social Media and the Workplace

Did you know that according to pewresearch.org., 20% get information that helps them solve problems at work, 24% make or support professional connections, and 17% learn about someone they work with? Really?

2. Social Media and Some Employees

Hbr.org., states that employees using social media at work are more engaged and more productive, but they are also more likely to leave your company. They further add that Employers can neutralize the retention risk by leveraging social media training to make employees focus on positive social media behaviors, like collaboration, which can increase satisfaction and attachment, and countering turnover risks.

3. Bloggers and Social Media

I use Social Media for traffic to my blog and also to interact with other bloggers all over the world to see what they are blogging about. You will need to determine which social media is good for you. I find Pinterest and Instagram is a good source of social media for bloggers. I also find it is a great way to network.

3. Family and Friends

I find that social Media is a great way to keep contact with family and friends. It does not matter what state or country you may live in. Whereas most people used to write letters to each other you can now talk to each others immediately. You can send pictures instantly. It is just so much faster. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all favorites of mine.

4. Pinterest

Besides the fact that I get a lot of traffic from social media, it is a great visual pinboard for visual shoppers. Pinterest is great for selling items as well. I mentioned before that when I first started with Pinterest I did not have a clue as to what I was doing or what I was suppose to do, but slowly I discovered it. I really love sharing and discovered I really like the Idea Pins. Idea Pins are relatively new.    I have one idea pin that has had 1.7K views. It is about:

                                         Deviled Eggs  

It is called Deviled Eggs for 2. I never imagined that it would get that many views. The great thing about idea pins is that it can be about anything. So do you have an idea? Create an idea pin. You might be surprised that many people want to hear about it.

5. Types of Social Media

Now according to invideo.io/blog/types of social media Social Networks, messaging apps, Photo/Media Sharing, blogging and Publishing Networks, Interactive apps, Discussion Forums, bookmarking and Content Curation, Review Network, Social Shopping Networks, Interested Based Networks, Sharing economy networks, audio only apps, and anonymous Social Networks are among the 13 apps you should be using, but personally you may need to experiment and see what apps work best for you and your purpose. They further add that on  Tik Tok 50% of the top brands have no TikTok presence or activity so this is a great chance for small businesses to leverage the platform and create a fanbase.

6. Face Book Messenger

Do you use Face Book Messenger? There are those that use it to promote their business. It is a quick way to send information regarding your business. According to buffer.com businesses can advertise, create chatbots, send newsletters. And much more. They Further add that Linkedin has a professional platform where industry experts share content, network, and build their personal brand. I like that if you are searching for a position they will send you notifications about jobs that they think you qualify for and might be interested in.

7. Benefits of Social Media

Did you know that people buy from people they like and relate to, you can make your brand and Industry Leader, send people to your website, create sales, learn about your customers, and study your competition? That is according to socialmediatoday.com. I like studying your competition. Let’s face it we live in a competitive world. You need to know not only what you are doing, but other’s are doing successfully so you can duplicate that and possibly even become better at what you are already doing.

8. Large Audiences

You can reach and target large audiences on social media. You can reach people all over the world, not just in your state that you live in. Just think before the internet sales and marketing was so limited. Now the sky is the limit with Social media. Especially when you find loyal followers and repeat customers. They will keep coming back for more. Are you finding out what your customers need and want? That may be something you want to consider.

9. What’s New In social Media?

Some of the newest platforms and social media app include Discord, Twitch, Instagram Reels, Patreon, Twitter Spaces, Caffeine, Supernova, and Clubhouse. Searchenginejournal.com talks about these. They further add that Instagram reels is already popular with over 1 billion monthly active users which allows users to share 15-260 multi-clip audio and different effects- similar to Tik-Tok.

10. Social Media Statistics- Businesses

Did you know that Facebook has about 2.3 billion users with all ages demographic, Linkedin 630 million users serving age demographics of 30-49, Twitter has 330 million, age demographics 18-29, and Instagram 1 billions users serving age demographics of 13-17? This is according to Techtarget.com.

11. Teens and Social Media

What can you do to help your Teen with Social Media? You may caution them about what information they include in social media posts, insist that they don’t connect with anyone online unless they know them “in real life” already, conduct regular searches online for your child’s name- you may find information about your child published online that you were previously unaware of, and educate yourself about apps used by some teens that hide or disguise what they have on their phones. You can find more information about this at fosteringfamiliestoday.com.


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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Would You Allow Your Child to be Micro-chipped? (Update)

There are those that already have the microchip Implants which is about the size of a grain of rice.  Are you surprised the microchip implants are not only in dogs, but are in humans too? Humans are using microchips in a variety of ways.

micro-chip implant 

You may be surprised at the various ways that microchip implants are used. Some argue that the implants can invade a person's privacy. There are those that suggest that you may even see babies being micro-chipped for identity purposed when they are born instead of using the id tags that are presently used. With the expansion of technology who is to say that this will not occur? It may occur sooner that we think.

1. Monitoring

Yes the thought of micro-chipping a baby sounds scary, but according to humanhealth.com European babies born from Dec. 2016 will be micro-chipped. They further add that information from their cells can be sent to tablets so doctors and parents can monitor their children in real time. With this new age of technology. There have been those that have suggested a micro-chipped baby could not be kidnapped as easily.

2. Alerts to the Parent

According to the Washingtonian, the day may come that micro-chipping a baby can alert a parent of their child's every move ranging from babies temperature, heart rate, and much more. Again, it may sound scary, but it may become part of the future and possibly even mandatory. Parents may not have a choice as to whether they want the baby implant or not.

3. Pros and Cons of micro-chipping

According to richardvanhooijdonk.com some of the advantages of a microchip are no worry of losing your wallet, medical history easily accessible, automatic control of many of your devices, and the cons are that it could pose a threat to your health, it could make you a prime target for bad people, and it may not be beneficial to you and your circumstances. 

4. RIGID Implants

RIFID Implants (Radio-Frequency Identification chips) is basically a small computer chip connected to an antennae according to Tom Burgdhardt. He further adds although it does not require a battery, the reading range is less than an inch to about twenty or thirty feet, but a self-powered implant has a much longer range going directly to a computer system involving inventory control or surveillance. Now I know that there are those who are arguing and asking when does it go past surveillance and possibly become a controlled situation?

5.  Micro-chipping Company

According to USA today a company has already started micro-chipping employees. They further state it is not required by employees; it can be used to scan into the building, purchase food at work, and the company assures that there is no gps (global positioning tracking), but I wonder about that. Will your company be next?

6. Dr. Oz. Weighs in

According to Dr. Oz. 10,000 already have microchips embed in their bodies. He further adds that a chip can function as a drivers license, passport, and the government with just a swipe can see your entire medical history. This is just a further invasion of our privacy. So is it okay or is it the "mark of the beast?"


There are dogs that currently have microchip implants that are useful for tracking dogs. My daughter found a stray dog that really needed medical attention. This was a very small dog. After taking her to the vet, they discovered she did have a chip in her and they were able to locate the owner. I would have never imagined that the dog had a chip. There are those that have talked about the possibility of tracking device usage in humans.

7. Memory Restoration

Were you aware that according to Cnn.com, there are reports that 80,000 people have chip implants in their brain to help with short-term memory lost? There are a variety of usages for microchips in humans. I do not know what the future will bring, however, I do know that time and technology waits for no one. Could this be a possibility for Alzheimer patients? Even though microchips are in our credit cards, and chips are in our dogs, when we start putting chips in humans for government purposes it is questionable?

What are your thoughts on this concept of micro-chipping in humans.?

Photo Caption:

Wikimedia.org, lightwarrior2, Public Domain

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Thursday, July 28, 2022

What Can You Eat With Diabetes?

So you have been diagnosed with Diabetes. It is not the end of the world. You can still lead a full productive life. Make some adjustments to your lifestyle and your eating.

Diabetes Food



Good Blood Sugar Management is important when you have Diabetes. It is your choice whether to use healthy foods to help manage your blood sugar. Remember that exercise is just as important as the food choices your make with Diabetes. They sort of go hand in hand. You seemingly can’t have just one without the other. I mentioned before in a previous article exercising after eating can significantly lower your blood sugar.

1. Diabetes Snacks

Some of the best diabetes food snacks may include grain free cookies, cauliflower crackers, sweet potato chips, and High-key mini cookies. That is stated by milkandhoneynutrition.com. 

2. Change Your Eating Habits

Someone probably might say this is easier said than done. According to jillweisenberger.com, she suggests identifying your self-limiting beliefs, add the word yet, create a gateway goal, and keep easy as your best friend, because it is easier to not keep certain food products in your home.

3. Your AC1

Have you heard about the AC1 test? Normal AC1’s should be around 6 or 7. I heard one lady say that her AC1 was 13 and she did have serious problems. I did not know they could go that high. AC1 blood test measures your average blood sugar over the last 2-3 months. According to diabestrong.com lowering your AC1 can reduce eye disease risk by 76%, kidney disease risk by 50%, nerve disease risk by 60%, and any cardiovascular disease event risk by 42%. They further add you need to be aware when protein and especially fat is consumer with carbohydrates, the energy from the meal will be released more slowly, which means that your blood sugars will be impacted more slowly as well.

4. Breakfast Ideas

You might want to try a bowl of wholegrain cereal with milk, two slices of wholegrain toast with olive oil-based spread, a pot of natural unsweetened yogurt and fruit, two slices of avocado with a hard boiled egg suggested by diabetes.org.uk. I might add that I have found that oatmeal does wonders to lower my relative’s blood sugar.

5.  Do You Have a Meal Plan? The Plate Method

Having a meal plan will be quite beneficial to you. The American Diabetes Association offers a simple method such as filling half of your plate with  non-starchy vegetables such as spinach, carrots and tomatoes, fill a quarter of your plate with a protein, such as tuna, lean pork or chicken, fill the last quarter with a whole-grain item, such as brown ice, or green peas, include good fats such as nuts or avacadoes in small amounts, and add a serving of fruit or dairy and a drink of water or unsweetened tea or coffee.

6. A Few Tips for Pizza Lovers

If you are a pizza lover you do not have to give pizza up, but rather enjoy a slice occasionally, pair a slice of pizza with a healthy side of a large salad with protein such as grilled chicken or salmon, try making your own pizza, and be mindful of portion sizes is recommended by healthline.com.

7. Gestational Diabetes

Have you heard of those that develop Gestational Diabetes? Exactly What is this? It is raised blood sugar levels that develop during pregnancy due to your body being unable to produce enough insulin to meet your extra needs. Habitatformom.com suggests keeping ready cut carrot sticks with dips in your fridge, create your own healthier homemade chips, or buy some dried fruit and nuts to keep in your cupboard.

8. Smoothies

Do you like Smoothies?

You will definitely want to try the strawberry and Banana Smoothie mentioned at medium.com@smoothiesdietreview. You only need 1 cup of strawberries, ½ banana, ½ cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1/4-1/2 tsp. Vanilla, and ice water as needed. The great thing about smoothies is that it does not take long to make them. Thank God for blenders and mixers.

9.  Snacks

What snacks will you have today? What about carrot, ham, and cucumber dish, or turkey and cheese tortoise roll, or even veggie soup. You can find these at Easyhealth Living-Low Carb Diabetes Friendly Recipes at Pinterest.com.

10. Children and Diabetes

Did you know that the National Diabetes Statistics Report of 2020 stated about 210,000 children and adolescents under the age of 20 years in the United Sates have received a diagnosis of diabetes. Medicalnewstoday.com further adds that symptoms they may experience are increase urination, increased thirst, fatigue, blurred vision, darkened skin, and slow would healing.

11. Eating Out

Even if you are diabetic you may want to eat out from time to time. The CDC.Gov. States that when eating out just be sure to plan ahead, drink a big glass of water as soon as you sit down, order wisely, and share your main dish by eating half and wrapping up the rest for later. Also note that some restaurants and even fast foods have nutritional menus. They are becoming more aware of the benefits of having nutritious menus for customers.


12. Mom’s Meals

A relative with diabetes received several meals from Mom’s Meals.com. Sometimes insurance will cover for Seniors. The meals are really diabetic friendly. They include breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. This is another thought for those that might not want to cook all the time.


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Monday, July 25, 2022

Bloggers Meet and Greet August -What Is All the Hype About Climate Change?

At today’s Meet and Greet I will be talking about Climate Change? You are hearing more and more daily about Climate Control? Did you know that global warming is real? Have you observed the many tornadoes and hurricanes that have occurred all over the world? Have you observed it may be hot one day and cold the next? These are strange conditions.

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More guests are always welcome as this will provide more networking opportunities for you. Above all be sure that your blog post is family friendly.

Definitely, feel free to take advantage of this FREE networking opportunity.  

***Good News***

1. What Is Climate Change?

Exactly what is Climate Change? According to un.org/climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns and this includes examples of greenhouse gas emissions that come from using gasoline for driving a car or coal for heating a building. They further add that greenhouse gas concentrations are at their highest levels in 2 million years and the consequences of climate change include droughts, water scarcity, severe fires, rising sea levels, flooding, melting polar ice, and catastrophic storms. I definitely have observed more flooding and storms over the past few years.

What Can You Do About Climate Change?

2. Solar Panels or Wind Mills

Well you are not completely doomed. There are things that you can do about climate change. According to un.org/en Act Now United Nations you can change your home’s source of energy from oil, coal or gas to renewable sources such as wind or solar, or installing solar panels on your roof to generate energy for your home. I have observed a few homes with solar panels. I also have observed many solar panels in use at several General Motor Plants. It looks like solar panels and windmills are possibly what our future is becoming. They further add to switching to electric vehicles because they can help reduce air pollution and cause significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gas or diesel-powered vehicles.

3. Electric Vehicles

In fact in Flint Michigan according to nbc25news there are two new electric vehicle chargers in downtown Flint to help power electric vehicles located in Downtown Flat Lot. They further add it can power an EV battery in less than an hour. General Motors also announced it would increase its investment in electric and autonomous vehicles to $35 billion through 2025 according to the convergence. They also add General Motors plans to launch 30 new electric vehicles around the world by 2025. So it is very apparent we are moving in the direction of electric as oppose to gas. That may be a good thing because as I listened to the news it was emphasized that used cars were more valuable at the present instead of new vehicles because of the chip shortage in vehicles.

4. Electric Vehicle Model for Sale

According to caranddriver.com there are several models of electric vehicles that are available for Sale now in the United States. My Favorite is the Volvo XC40 Recharge- 79 MPGe (tie) which is an all-wheel drive with 2 motors. It’s based price is $55, 085 with an EPA fuel economy combined/city/highway of 79/85/72 MPGe

4. Cut back on flying

For those that need to fly back and forth to work this might be difficult but according to imperial.ac.uk you might consider video-conferencing instead or flying economy as a carbon footprint is three times higher than someone in economy.

5. Green Career

Have you considered a green career. Since we are in climate change that might be a very productive career. Nasa has missions to studying plants, coral bleaching, ocean acidification,tree studies according to climatekids,nasa.gov. They are add the NASA satellites keep an eye on Earth’s water and air.

7. Bring Your Own bottle or Mug

Have you considered bring your own reusable cup or coffee mug? I really like this idea. Many of the stainless steel coffee mugs are just awesome. This is suggested at climatechang.ucdavis.edu. I also have observed the stainless steel mugs that I have really keep my drink nice and hot. Using your own water mug is great too because now you can buy them in all sizes. I have seen people with very large water mugs. They further add that you can affect climate change by slower shipping for shopping. I know that we live in a microwave society and we want things when we want it as fast as we can get it. But they further suggest if you are not in a rush don’t select 1-day shipping because delivery trucks have to make more trips when consumers select expedited shipping. I do not have a problem with that. I am comfortable waiting the standard shipping time, but I know there are those that may feel differently. I also am pleasantly surprised when my order comes much earlier than expected. That is like an added bonus.

9. Mobile Apps

Did you know that there are climate mobile apps and climate games to help you better understand? According to climate.nasa.gov this free app displays real-time global satellite data of the planet’s vital signs in 3D. The climate educational game helps players learn about the global carbon cycle, different carbon sources and ways alternative energy and reforestation can help offset those sources.

10. Global Warming

Exactly what is global warming? It is the long-term of Earths climate system observed since the preindustrial period (between 1850and 1900) primarily fossil fuel burning, which increases heat-trapping greenhouse gas levels in Earth’s atmosphere.

11. Mars

There are already robots on Mars from the United State. Can you imagine there is the consideration that one day our civilization will be living on Mars. I suspect there is the threat that global warming may possibly destroy earth. I recall several years ago attending Sloan Museum. At that time they had mini setups of life on Mars. They showed a McDonald’s on mars and several communities. So this has been in the making for a while now. In fact who would have ever thought civilians could take a ride to outer space like William Shatner at 90-years-old? I am sure in the future this will be commonplace to ride out of space. Also, this may happen sooner than expected. 

 What do you think?

Photo Caption:

Pixabay/Hans/ Coffee


What Is Climate Change:


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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Are We Alone?

We Live in a vast universe, several galaxies, and numerous planets. Have you ever asked the question, “Are We Alone?” Who is behind the UFO’s ?   (Unidentified flying objects).  

Skin Walker Ranch

***Good News***

It has been said by many that there has been visitation to earth from other planets for millions of years and that there has been paranormal activities in various places.

1. Galaxies

Have you ever stopped to think how many galaxies are in the Universe? According to bigthink.com there is an estimated 170 Billion galaxies in the Universe. Britannica.com further adds that a galaxy is any of the systems of stars and interstellar matter that make up the universe; The 7 known galaxies are listed below.

a. Andomeda Galaxy

b. Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy

c. Cygnus A

d. Maffei I and II

e. Magellanic Clouds

f. Milky Way Galaxy

G. Virgo A

2. Planets

Of course you know that there are other planets in our solar system. The 9 known planets that exist are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars which are terrestrial planets, followed by gas giants Jupiter, and Saturn, and the ice giants Uranus and Neptune according to nine planets.org., You ask, “What are Terrestrial planets? Solarsystem.nasa.gov. Defines Terrestrial Planets as having a compact, rocky surface like Earth’s Terra firma and they are namely Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

3. What Is the Hype About Mars?

I recall going to the Sloan Museum in my city many years ago. There were exhibits with small units on Mars. It showed several McDonald’s and other buildings which looked similar to our present cities. It also showed several explorer’s traveling to Mars. Was this display there to give us a glimpse of the expectations for the future?  According to  interestingengineeging.com NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) scientist states there were past environments on Mars that could have harbored life and they further add they believe it is possible to inhabit Mars.  In fact NASA has sent robots to Mars already. 

4. UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects)

Did you know that Ryan Graves, a retired navy pilot , saw UFO’s   (Unidentified Flying Objects every day for at least a couple years) according to an interview he had with 60 minutes. Former Navy Lieutenant Commander Alex Dietrich also added during this 60 minutes interview that she encountered a “little white Tic-Tac-looking object about the size of their fighter jet which had no predictable movement and no predictable trajectory, which left her feeling vulnerable to attack.

5. (UFO) Sightings Near Nuclear Facilities

Why have there been so many UFO(Unidentified Flying Object) sightings near Nuclear Facilities? Is someone trying to tell us something? There have been objects being tracked on radar performing at speeds that no object on earth can perform according to history.com. They further add that in the late 1948 green fireballs were reported in the skies near atomic laboratories in Los Alamos and Sandia, New Mexico, in 1950 a declassified FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) document mentions flying saucers measuring almost 50 feet in diameter near the Los Alamox labs.

6. UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) Capabilities

According to Washington Post Live (UFO’s) Unidentified Flying Objects have hoovered over our nuclear plants and taken them offline to interfere with our nuclear capabilities and in other countries they have put them online to launch. So from a National Security prospective there is concern. Also note that America is not the only country affected. This is a global issue around the world.

7. Alien Abductions

Numerous people around the world have complained about Alien abductions, but the first reported abduction was Betty and Barney Hill whom were put under hypnosis to discover this gruesome happening. Under hypnosis they described being taken aboard a spaceship and being examined and feeling powerless to resist the Aliens.

8. Alien Implants?

According to Utube an Alaskan Man had an Alien implant removed that had been in his body about 20 years. The doctor that removed it stated the (RIFID) Radio-frequency identification readings from the implant was very high, but after removal the reading in this man’s body was very low. This makes you wonder. We use (RIFID) Radio-frequency identification for many things, but was this man’s abduction and implant part of a plan for Alien’s to track his behavior for the last 20 years. We track other animals, but never thought that possibly we are being tracked as well.

RFID(Radio-frequency identification) technology can be found in transport tracing, inventories and warehouses, identification of animals, surgeries, passports, supermarkets of the future, libraries and museums, and many more places as stated by traceid.com.

9. Sweden

Did you know that thousands of Swedes have had microchips inserted into their hands to speed up daily routines such as accessing their homes, offices and gyms with just a sweep of their hands against a digital reader. Npr.org., also adds that the procedure costs is about $180 and more than 4,000 Swedes have adopted the technology with one company, Biohax International, dominating the market.

10. Skin Walker Ranch

According to the History Channel there have been mysterious crop circles, UFO’s (Unidentified flying objects), mutilation of cattle, shape-shifting characters (the ability of a person to change itself into a different shape or form) and much more. Skinwalker ranch is in it’s 3rd season on the History Channel  and it is further added that this Ranch seems to be a Hotbed for paranormal activity.

So do you believe you are alone on this earth?


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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Reap the Rewards of Positivity

How positive are you? When you look at a situation are you able to see the good in it? Have you developed positive thinking? Are you able to learn from the situation and vow to do better going forward? Positivity can be beneficial in several ways of your life.

Positive Thoughts


1. Renewing Your Mind

I believe this scripture Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. There are so many scriptures in the Bible that help to keep your mind positive. Reading daily scripture and memorizing them have been so helpful and rewarding to me.

2. Stress Management

Do You Have a positive outlook? Do you feel stressed? Have you tried positive thoughts. Are you doing anything about it? What have you tried? According to Mayoclinic.org., positive thinking can lower levels of distress and pain, give greater resistance to illnesses, provide better psychological and physical well-being, provide better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease and stroke.

3. Positive Thinking

Do you have a positive attitude? I recall talking with my grandson at one of his school events. He told me, “This is such a good day, I am having so much fun, but something is going to mess it up.” I then responded to him by saying, “ Don’t think like that. You deserved this so enjoy it.” Sometimes our thoughts can sabotage us.

I recall another incident talking with my same grandson. It was around Christmas time and my grandson made the statement he was having a hard time finding something for family members. He then said, Granny I saw so many things that I know you would like. It is not hard buying for you.” Sure enough the gift that he chose for me was perfect. He gave me a box of positive affirmations and I tell him often. “I love the gift.” Did you know that comparing yourself to others does not help positivity? According to inreachinc.org, you might consider reaching out to a friend to check-in in for a positivity boost.

4. Gratitude

I recall someone saying, “I cried because I had not shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.” When I think about that quote, I realize there is so much in the world to be thankful for. I think of those that do not have enough to eat, those that do not have any shoes. I often recall my pastor saying when his family move to Flint as a child he would walk to a place with his mother, but he had not shoes. I was so blessed that I did not know what it was like to not have shoes. I often hear people say, “If I only had what “Jim” had.” Instead they should be grateful for what they do have. I often tell my children when I first married we did not have a washing machine nor a car. So we took a cab to the laundromat. I was happy though. Sometimes children have no idea what their parents did not have so they may find it difficult to be grateful for what they do have.

According to health.harvard.edu gratitude is a way for people to appreciate what they have instead of always reaching for something new in the hopes it will make them happier. They further add writing a thank-you-note or writing a thank-you-letter can make an impact on your life and you might want to make it a habit of sending one gratitude letter a month. I know there are times when eating out I will find an exceptional waiter or waitress. I believe this is a time to tip big to let them know that they are appreciated. Everyone wants to feel appreciated.

5. Positive Thinking

Think about it. Are you a positive thinker? I was not always a positive thinker. It has taken time and a lot of practice. Did you know that positive thinking can help with greater problem-solving skills? Webmd.com further adds to smile and focus on your strengths. Although everyone has weaknesses everyone also has strengths. What are your strengths? Have you accessed what they are and have your utilized them? Is it difficult for you to smile? Smiles can be uplifting to you as well as to others. I observed the other day I smiled at a toddler in his mother’s arm. He immediately smiled back and continued to stare and focus on me. Try smiling at someone that is not smiling. What is the response.?

I recall taking a class and afterwards talking to the instructor. Her response to me, “I am so glad to see you smile, during the class your expression looked as though you were mad at everyone.” I can truly say a smile does make a difference.

6. Statistics

One study of 1,558 older adults found that positive thinking could also reduce frailty during old age according to verywellmind.com. They further add that practicing mindfulness to become self-aware of your thoughts and actively replace negative thoughts with positive ones that can help you eventually to become a more positive thinker. Will it be easy? The experience will be different for every individual. Was it easy for me? No it wasn't but as I practiced more and more it became much easier. So practice, practice, and more practice.

7. Groups

Groups can be helpful in some situations. I recall attending a group session with a relative that I wanted to support. I eventually explained to her I could no longer attend because even though I attempted positivity in the group there were far too many negative comments constantly being made and it affected me for the worse. You need to be mindful of your friends and your company that you keep. Are your friends supportive and positive or are they negative and harmful to your health? You will have to answer that question for yourself.

My final question to you. Are you reaping the rewards of positivity?


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What Is Positive Thinking?


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