Friday, April 16, 2021

My First Job

Do you remember your first job? Was it an experience that will last with you forever? Do you ever regret the first job that you acquired?

                                                 Find   a  job 

                                         ***Theme: Gratitude***

1. A Great Opportunity

My First job did not last very long. Remote jobs were not as many as there are now. I was housecleaning for a lady on the other side of town. I was only thirteen. I needed to catch the bus to get to her house. I only worked about 2 days. She wanted me to wash the walls and she even agreed to help. Now mind you there was a play in school that I wanted to try out for. I could not make rehearsals and work too. I needed to make a choice. My best girlfriend helped me to see things much clearer. She told me, “You will probably be working the rest of your life, but you will only have once chance in this high school play.” So that helped me make up my mind. I quit my job after 2 days. I did not regret it though. The play was awesome. I loved the theater. I knew it then.

Now since I only worked 2 days I really did not consider that a job that is for me anyway. Technology was not as large as it is now. There were not many online jobs as there are now. My real job that I grew to love came after My pastor had passed away and the church had a new pastor. The church needed a secretary. My first real job was at age 14-years-old. The pastor hired me as part-time secretary. I was so elated. My first secretary job. I remember one of the requirements from my pastor was that I and anyone else on the payroll was required to tithe. So I learned about the importance of tithing at an early age.

2.   Church

I was typing the church bulletin with one finger. We had a typewriter not a modern computer with a mouse. The pastor walked in and stated, "I hired you and you can't even type." I politely responded, " I am taking typing this semester in school." He then stormed out of the office. When he hired me, he did not ask me if I could type so I did not tell him. I wanted this job so bad. I was determined to make it work.

3.   Bulletins

That Sunday my first bulletin was passed out to the congregation. I had misspelled nearly everyone's name in the bulletin including my pastor's name. Again, he was quite upset. My pastor yelled quite often. He called me into his office after church. He yelled, "Now you can misspell everyone else name, but you never misspell the name of your boss."  If you were working for someone else, you would have been fired for this." I prayed and I prayed, "God please don't let me get fired." I felt bad enough already. I could hear members making snide remarks such as, "He hired her and she can't even type." I wanted to hide somewhere, but there was no where to run and nowhere to hide. I wanted to cry, but I held it in.

4.   Typing Skills

Eventually I did learn typing the keyboard and made drastic improvements in my secretarial skills. I eventually was typing 60 wpm. Not bad for a teenager. Now eventually I learned quite a lot from my pastor. I remember my first job well. He definitely taught me about bookkeeping, organizational skills, and paying bills on time. He would give the check book to me. I would type the checks and he and another trustee just needed to sign them. He would tell me, "Now you know the telephone bill needs to be paid, or we will not have any telephone service. " If you do not pay consumers, we will not have any lights or heat." "So I expect you to automatically pay the necessary bills." That has always stuck in my mind through adulthood. Pay my bills first and on time. That is a must.

5.  Perfection

I learned how to compile quarterly and yearly reports. Compiling and typing those reports sometimes caused for long hours. I did not realize it at the time, but he wanted to be as transparent to the church as possible. If anyone had questions about what they had contributed to the church, he wanted that to be available to them. His wife would often bring him food up to the church when we worked and she never forgot me. She always brought me something. I remember she was a good cook and I loved her heavenly blueberry cobbler.

My pastor was a perfectionist. He did not like anything half done.

I remember having to type my pastor's sermons. I did not mind, except sometimes I would have to come to the church on Saturday and type it. I once asked him, " Why can't you give me your sermon to type through the week.?" His response was, " I might not hear from God as to what to preach until Saturday." I thought to myself, " I am just a teenager, he is interfering with my weekend time since I go to school during the week." I continued to work as secretary for 8 years all the way until I finished college. I would work full-time in the summer time. I loved my job. I loved making my own money.

Bless his heart, my former pastor has now passed away. I will always remember my first job. I will never forget what he taught me and where I came from. I do go back to visit my former church from time to time. I have learned to never " burn bridges." I will always remember that was where I got my first start and my first training.

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Do You Remember Your First Job?

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Friday, April 9, 2021

How To Guard Your Heart

Why is it important to guard your heart? Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.  Are you looking for love signs?  Your heart can be affected by so many things.


                                                                   Romantic Things

                                                    ***Good News***

1. Thoughts

Did you know your thoughts are very important? Have you ever attempted to read or meditate on a bible verse then right in the middle of it you started thinking about something else? Possibly you started thinking about a previous relationship or even all the bills that you need to pay. Isn’t it something how quickly the mind can wander? That is why it is so important to renew your mind daily; Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

2. Microwave Society

It has been often said that we live in a microwave society. There is the tendency to want everything now rather than waiting. Even commercials are tailored to cause you to take action now rather than waiting. Sometimes it is better to wait. For those of you that like to shop have you ever purchased a dress and later regretted it, because you saw something much better? If only you had waited and not been so impulsive.

3. Chemistry

When you were a teenager do you recall saying, “He is so fine.” “I feel so good when I am with him.” Those emotions may get stirred up. Is it lust or love? It is good to have chemistry with another, but love is more than just chemistry.

4. Time

Possibly you feel time is passing you by and you need to get married soon or have a baby soon. Sometimes rushing can be detrimental. I recall being in an abusive relationship. I recall talking with a dear friend. All of our conversations were, “let’s see what the scripture says about it.” She always emphasized these are not my words but God’s word.

5. Listening

What you listen to can greatly influence you. All music is not profitable for the soul. When you are listening to lyrics in a song that cursing someone or degrading another that can be detrimental to you. Science has even proven words become reality over a period of time. According to if you are always talking about defeat then you are going to live in defeat. That is nothing new because the bible says ,” The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit.” Proverbs 15:4. Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Proverbs 18:21. This is just one of my favorite scriptures.

6. Television and Movies

I am not saying do not watch television or the movies, but rather be aware of what you watch. Use your moral compass.    I discovered I like drama pictures, but also discovered watching a lot of drama does affect my spirit. Comedies and romance stories are somewhat lighter. Then you still need to be careful, because what is acceptable in romance stories is much more than what was acceptable 100 years ago. Some romance stories can stir up the lust in a person also. Just be mindful of what you watch in order to guard your heart. There are many good television and movies that have a great purpose and not be detrimental to you. I love audiobooks, but discovered I need to be careful, because I found myself feeling very bad as I listened to some of the characters. Have you ever felt bad after reading a book? Have you ever felt sad after reading a book? The spirit of the book can affect you.

7. Your Surroundings

Have you ever been told to surround yourself with positive people, people that will hold you accountable, people that will push you to be the best that you can be? That is so important. If you are around someone that complains all the time and never can see the good in anything that definitely will affect your spirit. I recall talking with someone that was very negative. This person did not know who I was and wanted to vent, but I unfortunately I had to report this to a higher up. I kept trying to get the person back on a positive note, but that person kept coming back with the negative. So it is important when you are talking with others to keep it as positive as you can as oppose to negative, especially when you might not know that person personally.


I recall presenting a check in the store and it was declined. I explained I was working at the bank at the time that cannot be possible. Now I could have made a seen and become indignant. People were looking at me like, “Yeah right you work at the bank alright.” I was on vacation. So the cashier offered me to call the bank which I did. I stayed calm and in talking with the bank she explained there had been a problem that everyone’s accounts were showing negative balance. She asked me what I was purchasing and the amount and she okayed it. Now if my attitude had been bad this could have been a different outcome. So always remember what you say is important because besides God watching you, people are watching you.

8. Why Read Aloud

According to reading aloud can be away to connect with another. They further added that we are not the only species that enjoy reading. They added that dogs enjoy listening to reading. That does make sense because it has even been proven that reading to your baby in the womb is beneficial as well as listening to music. I can attest to that because my babies would always kick  whenever I played music while they were in the womb.


What suggestions do you have?


Proverbs 4:23


romans 12:2

Motivation Everyday




Here’s Why Reading Aloud Is Good for your Brain


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Friday, April 2, 2021

Bloggers Meet and Greet April. . . God’s Promises

 Hi. Today at this Bloggers Meet and Greet we will be talking about the Promises of God. There are numerous promises of God in the Bible.


Did you know that according to there are numerous Promises of God?I know so well the promises of God are many.

                                       * * * Good News * * *

I am challenging you to list in the comments a promise of God. I will start off with one of my favorite Promises. Philippians 4:19 And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

1. The Bible

I have mentioned this before that I started reading at age 3. I would go to church with my neighbor. Although I now know it was a Methodist Church I attended, I did not know at the time. I just knew I wanted to find out more about God. There was always this quest to know more. I enjoyed church. I lived with my father. He was a Porter. I did not know why, but the only book in our house was the Bible. I don’t know if it was because we were so poor or my father just did not feel it was important to have other books in the house. He did not attend church. So at age three I decided I wanted to learn how to read. I would take the Bible and ask my father what was this word, what was that word? I started school at age 4. I felt reading Genesis about how God created the world and Adam and Eve was so exciting.

2. Memorizing Scripture

Although my father did not attend church, I observed bible verses in the Bible written on pieces of paper. I did not understand the why of that. I do know now they may have been verses he wanted to re-read or think on. I could not understand for a long time the importance of memorizing Bible verses. I now know although it is great to be able to find Bible verses in the Bible regarding particular subjects, it is equally important to be able to bring to remembrance Bible verses when needed. I think of it as sort of like remembering your password or remembering your telephone number. These things are important, but also it is important to remember Bible scripture for the preservation of your well-being as well as your soul.

I recall in college having to give an oral speech regarding relationships and God. When I finished the speech I would take answers from the audience. I had no idea what they might ask. I spoke of young people being equally yoke and attempting to marry a believer in God. Someone asked me the question, “ What if you are already married and you married a non-believer?” My answer was Matthew 19:6 Therefore they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” In other words you don’t throw your spouse away because they are not a believer and you you suddenly discover about being unequally yoked.

3. Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare is very real. Super Natural Powers are real and cannot be seen with the naked eye. I feel sorry for the people that have said, “I will believe it when I see it.” Guess what? They might never see it. How many times have you met someone and did not like them. When you think about it was it the person or was it the spirit of that person that you did not like. 1 Peter 4:1 Dear friends, do not believer every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

I am so amazed when I hear young people say, “Oh, but I love him.” Do you love him or do you lust for him? There is a difference. Have you ever been told told look at people’s actions? Do the actions match the words? If they do not match something is wrong. Actions do speak louder than words.

4. God

I recall stating, “God is Good.” Someone challenged me and asked, “Why does he allow all the killing; Why does he allow other thing?” I explained, “That is not from God.” He seemed to forget that there are demons and Satan that are causing as much destruction as they can. Just as God exits so do demons. John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full. As parents we must remember that we do not hover over our children. We train them and pray they make the right decisions in life. They have free will just as God gives us free will. With that free will everyone will not always make the right decisions. Some may break the law others may keep it.

5. Rainbow

I will leave you with this promise of God. Have you ever wondered why do rainbows appear? God has said Genesis 9:16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth. I recall helping my daughter move. At the end of the day when we had finished we looked in the sky and there was not one, but a double rainbow. How rare is it to see two rainbows at the exact same time across the sky? This was amazing to see. That was my first time to see a double rainbow in my life.

My final challenge to you is, “Will you leave one of God’s promises in the comment  below?”


5467 Promises of God


1 Peter 4:1


Johns 10:10

Matthew 19:6


Genesis 9:16


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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Have You Been Hacked?

We are living in a computer generation and there are numerous cyber criminals lurking to devour whom they may. Do you know what to to do if you have been hacked? Have you taken measures to prevent getting hacked?


Although you may do everything right to prevent getting hacked there may come a time in your life that you come in contact with a phone hacker. You may discover that you have been hacked whether it be a social media account, cellphone, or possibly an email hack.


1. Unusual Behavior

According to a clear sign that you’ve been hacked is when something has changed such as not being able to access your Google or other email account, suspicious purchases charged to your bank or credit account. They further suggest if you have been hacked on one account to check all your accounts.

2. Secure Cellphones

Did you know that according to the Top 5 Most secure phones in the World are Bittium Tough Mobile 2C, K-iPhone, Solarin From Sirin Labs, Blackphone2, and BlackBerry DTEK50. They further add that these phones have added more security at next levels by having two operating systems, assurance that all phone calls are fully encrypted and much more.

3. Has Your Cellphone Been Hacked?

According to if your battery drains fast despite the fact that it has been charged your phone may have been hacked, because phone spyware is on all the time, so it uses a lot of power and drains your battery in the process. They further add that overall performance issues, spikes in data usage, sent texts or calls that you didn’t make, new apps appearing on your screen, and weak passwords are more signs that your cellphone may have been hacked. Also, I know personally that if you see duplicate email accounts that you did not create that is another sign.

4. More Signs That You Have Been Hacked

You may have been hacked if you have unwanted browser toolbars, your internet searches are redirected, your friends receive social media invitations from you that you didn’t send, your online password isn’t working, or your mouse moves between programs and makes selections. This is according to I do recall Facebook friends notifying me that they received a friend’s request that I did not send. Has this ever happened to you? Or possibly you received a Friend’s request from a friend that is already on your Friend’s list?

5. Your Password

According to instead of frequently changing your passwords make sure all of your passwords are strong and unique, use two-factor authentication, use a password manager, and if you think one of your accounts has been hacked, change your password immediately.

6. Passwords Not to Use

According to a few passwords you should never use are password, iloveyou, abc123, admin, lovely, princess, and dragon. In other words you want to use difficult and unusual passwords also possibly including numbers and symbols as well. Some apps will tell you if your password is strong or weak. You always want to use strong passwords.

7. Movie “Hacker”

If you have not seen the movie “Hacker,” you need to see it. It basically showed how a group of hackers ran sophisticated programs to hack peoples accounts just because they could. The sad part is they hacked one ladies account and made it appear she had several DUI’s and that she had previous drug related charges. The police broke into her house and arrested her while she denied all charges, the police responded that the computer said otherwise. I felt really sorry for the lady. As this happened the teen-age hackers laughed about it thinking that it was so funny. They actually destroyed this woman’s life .

Sometimes computers can be a good thing when used in the correct way, but in the hands of a cyber criminal it can be disastrous.

8. What Can You Do?

Do you use the same password for all of your accounts? That is a “no-no.” According to, don’t re-use passwords, download from authorized sources, log out of sites when finished, if you use a public or shared device make sure you log out afterwards never use real answers in security questions but makeup memorable ones, change passwords a couple of times a year, don’t accept friend requests from people you do not know, and put a sticker over any unused webcams because hackers could be watching you.  I had never considered that even though you may be posting often on Facebook, you should logout of it on your cellphone. That does make sense

9. Strong Password

How strong is your password? Have you given that much thought? Your password should combine partial unrelated words together, replace words with numbers and symbols randomly, and mix meaningless words, and be at least 15 character length. That is according to Sometimes maybe your password has only been 8 characters because that is what the site says is the minimum, but seemingly longer passwords are much better. Yes they may be harder to remember if you do not use a Password Manager, but may prove well worth it in the future.

10. More Information: Good and Strong passwords

According to a strong password should not contain personal information, it should be unique so get creative, play around with phrases, use emoticons, and finally don’t give your password out.

I pray that none of you have ever been hacked. If you have you have got to know that it is not a good feeling. So stay safe and be aware.

Have you ever been hacked?

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Friday, March 19, 2021

Parents Beware: The Blue Whale Challenge

 Children can suffer depression just like adults do. In this digital age it is not enough that parents are bombarded with protecting your children from online pedophiles and other stranger danger; but parents also are contending with gaming apps that are not in the best interest of children.


                                            * * *Theme: Good News* * *

Parents Become Informed


1. New Picture Warning

I became concerned as I listened to the news when they mentioned “Blue Whale.” Naturally the first thing that came to my mind was a big fish. Possibly someone was physically attacked by one. As I continued to listen I discovered it was a great threat to children. It was a gaming app that encourages children with 50 challenges to harm themselves and ultimately committing suicide. Parents beware. According to the Miami Police Department video explains reports of a “Blue Whale Challenge” online suicide game.

2. Creator of the Blue Whale Suicide online gaming app

I did some research and discovered the creator of this app. I kept wondering, “Why is this app still available?” The 22-year-old creator of this death game, Phillip Budeiki, was sentenced to 3 years in jail for causing Russian youths to kill themselves. This is according to The Times of India. Budeiki further added that he was doing society a favor by getting rid of these weak children that would provide no value to society. How cynical is that? He definitely did not have the right to take matters in his own hands and determine who should die.

3. Observation

Does your child wake up at 4:20 to watch a horror or psychedelic movie, carve a whale on his hand or arm with a razor, have multiple cuts on the arm along the vein, or draw a picture of a whale. These possibly could be signs your child is playing the blue whale game challenge online and needs help. This may be serious. That is just a few of the tasks from the 50 challenges according to news.

4. Blue Whale Challenge in Georgia

Besides the fact that children are dealing with cyberbullying there is the new threat of a challenge to commit suicide. The Blue Whale sinister challenge was reportedly started in Russia, but now is in the United States as well as several other countries all over the world. A 16-year-old boy in Georgia may have also been involved. According to CNN news a family shared their story of how a young girl, teenager, may have also been involved in this challenge.

Nadia's family research discovered that the Blue Whale is an online challenge presented to teens starting with a request for the teen to draw a picture of a blue whale starting at 4:20 a.m. Then demands start to increase with requests for the teen to watch horror movies, or secretly cut themselves, and some have even been instructed to jump off of a tall building. With each challenge the curator asks for a photographic picture to assure the challenge was completed. All of the challenges becoming riskier during a 50 day period and finally on the 50th day players are instructed to commit suicide. They also emphasized once the teens start playing that there is no way back because the curator threatens to come after the teen and the teen's family.

I know this is something no parent wants to believe their child would try, but it is important to watch for signs such as any postings on social media that your child may be viewing involving the “Blue Whale,” getting up at 4:20 am. Watching scary movies, or listening to music that was sent to them from the curator of the Blue Whale.

5. Other Forms of this Game

Parents Beware. Unfortunately this banned game is now available under other names such as “A Silent House,” A Sea of Whales, and Wake Me Up at 4:20 AM. It is the hope of Cyber security experts that Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo are more responsible and accountable. It is my prayer that they will also become more vigilant in that effort to protect children from this evil.

6. Other Dangerous Social Media Challenges

According to the Outlet Challenge as seen on TikTok, the Salt and Ice Challenge, the Tide-pod challenge are other challenges to beware of. Now the salt and Ice challenge does not involve fire, but can cause second and even third-degree burns which is quite serious.

7. New dangerous Challenges from Tik-Tok

According to in March last year a so-called caronavirous challenge was circulating on social media encouraging people to lick items in public. They further added that the #caronaviruschallenge hashtag had almost 100 million views on TikTok, and nearly a year later, the hashtag has 3.1 billion views.

8. What Can Parent's Do?

Tips To Protect Your Child From The Blue Whale Game

According to news you can ask your child what they are doing online, be careful about over-sharing personal information such as your school, telephone number or anything that identifies where you might live.

9. Good Challenges

Now all challenges are not bad. There are good challenges such as 

The Positive Challenge 

I talk about this in my article. The challenge involves commenting on my blog with a positive word beginning the the first letter of your name. Another Good Challenge is the “Tip the Bill” which began in Alpena, Michigan according to A waitress received a $2,020 tip from a couple. This act of kindness went viral. Now most of us may not be able to afford to give that generous amount for a tip, but do consider tipping above normal when you receive good service. Good service should be valued.

I often speak of the time my children took me on a cruise for my birthday. The hospitality of the crew was outstanding. Every crew member was trained to direct you if you were lost on the big ship. The kindness and politeness was unbelievable. I had never seen such kindness from an establishment. I thought at the time, “Why don’t we see that in the United States?’

What Good Challenges do you know?


1. The Blue Whale Challenge


2. Meet the 22-year-old Creator of the Blue Whale Death Game


3. Blue Whale Challenge: List of All 50 Tasks ( Updated)


4.Family finds clues to teen’s suicide in blue whale paintings


More Information About the Blue Whale Challenge:

Reported cases of Blue Whale Cases throughout the world including Georgia

5. Banned Blue Whale game still available in various other names


6. 5 Most dangerous social media challenges to warn your kids about

7. 21 Dangerous TikTok Trends Every Parent Should Be Aware of


8. Blue Whale Challenge: Tips on how to keep your children safe


Photo Caption: Pixabay, Coffee

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

More Lessons Learned During Covid-19

Have you thought about what you learned during the Caronavirus? There have been many lessons learned during this time. Some people learned the hard way unfortunately.

                                                     Vaccination for diseases                          

                                              Theme * * * Gratitude* * *

I learned during this Pandemic that there were always choices to make. While there are many vaccinations for diseases, the Caronavirus is one of the most infectious diseases.

1. Choices

When the scientist and the governors were asking people to mask up and distance themselves there were those that were obedient while others were quite defiant. Even though you saw the number of people dying defiance was shown. Some took heed after a family member or someone close to them died from Caronavirus. Some took heed after they discovered they could not see or visit their loved one in the hospital during the virus. Some took heed after the hospitals were shutdown to public visitation. Some took heed after they could not see their elderly parents in a nursing home.

The situation regarding choices reminded me of when it was announced that cigarette smoking was dangerous to your health. Even after a warning was placed on cigarettes there were those that still chose to continue smoking, because they felt it was their choice. Even though this has been noted as one of the deadliest Pandemics there were those that still chose to go to the beaches, drink alcohol at the bars, not distance, and not wear a mask because some said they would live their life as they saw fit.

As long as you live there will always be choices, but will you make the right one?

There were some churches that were even defiant and ignored the science. They continued to have church and not distance only to have several members test positive and numerous members to die.

2. Invisible  Enemy

I learned the Caronavirus does not discriminate because of age, sex, race, or religion. I learned that some young people and some older people believe they were invisible. There was the believe that they would be okay and not catch the Caronavirus only to discover a little to late that they had contracted it.

3. Unknown

Even though their has been a lot learned about the Caronavirus when it first was discovered there was so little known about it, except that it was a silent killer. I recall around December 2019 family members of mine complaining about a cold that lasted longer than usual like about 2 weeks and did not seem like the flu. I remember a family member complaining it felt like a brick was pressing down on her chest, later diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Hind site after Caronavirus was discovered they felt that they had had the Caronavirus at the time and survived it. Unlike some other past Pandemics you could be a carrier of it and feel perfectly fine.

4. Past Leaders

A leader that is responsible for many people refused to wear a mask and seemingly thought nothing about distancing. His followers watched and some or many followed his lead. As a result still more deaths from the Caronavirus and more people testing positive while on his team.

5. Churches

I mentioned several changes that occurred in the church in my past article

Bloggers Meet and Greet – Adjustments to the Covid-19 Pandemic


Something that I was really thankful for was even though Flint survived being lead poisoned and even though the residual effects are still here several churches never wavered in passing out bottle water to those in need. They started passing out water around 2014 and have continued during this Pandemic. Those churches have served their community well. They are to be commended. I mentioned in the past when Flint was lead poisoned it felt like living in a third world county. I would go to get bottled water and not stand in line for hours, but sit in my car for hours waiting. Again I say I was and am thankful for the churches and the companies that supplied the bottle water. Some of the churches went a step furtherby giving out clothing and food.

6. Different Strands of the Caronavirus

Did you know that there are numerous strains of Caronavirus which include 229E (alpha),NL63 (alpha), OC43 (beta), HKU1 (beta), MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV, and SAR-Cov-2 which causes COVID-19? That is according to They further state that when the virus infects you they attach to your cells, get inside them, and make copies of their RNA, which helps them to spread. The Caronavirus is not limited to the United States, but has spread all over the world.

7. Pastors

I learned there were those Pastors that in the past suggested that their members avoid social media. Ephesians 2:2 wherein in times past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience. The prince of the power of the air has been known as Satan. The internet and cellphones rely on air waves. Now that has changed because of the virus Pastors are using social media to tell about the Good News of Jesus. Pastors have had to become creative and let nothing stop them from getting the Good News of Jesus out to others. Also by using the internet so the word goes beyond the church physical building, but all over the nation. Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

8. Alcohol and the Caronavirus

Did you know that excessive alcohol consumption impairs immune cell functions in the lungs, making the body’s immune response less effective?, that is according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

9. Normal

There have been those that have said they will be glad when we get back to normal. What is normal? Is there a true normal?

What are your thoughts on this?

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

10 Reasons the Bible is the Best Educational Material

Hello everyone. Today I would like you to welcome my guest post today from Chasing Hope. Chasing Hope will be talking about a subject that is very dear to me.

First of all you must read the bio that is shown below:

Chasing Hope is an inspiring podcast about the Christian life where it talks about faith, hope, and some Christian history. Besides spiritual life topics, the podcast also talks about career, family, and plenty of areas that concern the listener.

Let’s discover more about the Bible.

Title: 10 Reasons the Bible is the Best Educational Material

Learning is fun. Or it’s supposed to be fun at the very least. Isn’t it?

Gone are the days when education has to be dragging and lifeless. With the advent of technology, the educational landscape has already been revolutionizing, bit by bit, somehow. E-learning and mobile learning has been the trend for most educational settings.

E-learning is learning conducted utilizing electronic materials, typically on the internet, while mobile learning is any learning activity that uses a mobile device--usually a smartphone.

Nowadays, the church is now shifting through these kinds of methods to entice children and parents alike to read the Bible. Bible games in mobile applications are currently being developed to cater to this rapidly-growing technological era's needs.

Since education must be a collaborative effort by the home, school, and church, it is vital to educate children in the wisdom of the Lord through reading the Scriptures. Thus, this article will delve into the ten reasons the Bible is the best educational material out there!

      1. It covers a broad array of topics.

The Bible covers a broad array of topics, whether in practical living or history, business, economics, literature, science, mathematics, etc. 

For example:

  1. World History

The Bible teaches us world history as prophesied in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, the Babylonian King responsible for constructing the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world).

  1. Business & Economics

Proverbs is rich with economic topics like when Solomon said, “Whoever works his land will have plenty of bread, but he who follows worthless pursuits will have plenty of poverty” (Proverbs 12:11). And “wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it” (Proverbs 13:11).

  1. Literature

The Bible is rich in literature. It comprises prose, poetry, figurative languages, etc. Amazingly, the 66 books in the Bible were written by authors from all walks of life. And yet, the cohesion of one book to another is undeniable.

  1. Science

Although men of science have tried to prove that the Bible is a myth, many Biblical accounts support science and vice versa. For example, The earth is suspended in space (Job 26:7). 

Also, sanitary and dietary laws like washing after touching a dead body (Numbers 19:11), quarantining those with infectious disease (Leviticus 13: 45-46), and the consumption of clean and unclean animals (Leviticus 11) are scientifically recommended until today’s time.

  1. Mathematics

In the Bible, when the Lord uses mathematics, a miracle happens. For example, when Gideon was asked to subtract his soldiers up to 300 men, they won a battle (Judges 7). When Elisha told the widow to gather her jars for oil, it multiplied to fill all the jars the woman collected from her neighbors (2 Kings 4:1-7). 

There are more complicated equations like the unique numerical patterns in nature. The various periods of gestation in creatures are commonly a multiple of seven, either of days or weeks.


  • The mouse is 21 (3x7) days

  • The hare and rat, 28 (4x7) days

  • The cat, 56 (8x7) days

  • The dog, 63 (9x7) days

  • The lion, 98 (14x7) days

  • The sheep, 147 (21x7) days

  • The human, 280 (40x7) days

        2. It sets clear standards in life.

In a society that advocates for self as the standard for morals, the Bible gives us the perfect measure in life. It gives us principles about health, business, human relations-- all are beneficial for us to live peaceably and abundantly.

        3. It promotes experiential learning.

Head-leveled faith is not true faith. One must experience his faith for him to understand the Bible’s lessons truly. Although we do not subscribe to the notion that to see is to believe, we know that faith is real. And that there are many things that we can learn about faith by experience.

        4. It is practical.

The Bible narrates stories of real people's life-- some walked with the Lord, while some did not. Thus, the counsels and principles given in the Bible are practical. They are not some teaching and dogmas of someone who cut contact with society and claims to receive instruction from the divine. The Bible is a useful self-help book that guides its learners to understand the perfect will of God.

        5. It is written by authors from all walks of life.

Most of the time, we associate the credibility of the book with its authors. 

The Bible beautifully provides us authors from all walks of life. There were shepherds, fishermen, kings, prime minister, cup bearer physician, tax collector, and even a tent maker.

Amazingly, these people did not get the chance to meet each other. Yet, their works are surprisingly coherent from beginning to end.

Old Testament Authors

  • Amos: Amos

  • Daniel: Daniel

  • David and other authors: Psalms 

  • Ezekiel: Ezekiel

  • Ezra: Ezra (Additionally, Ezra is thought to have written 1st and 2nd Chronicles and possibly portions of Nehemiah)

  • Habakkuk: Habakkuk

  • Haggai: Haggai

  • Hosea: Hosea

  • Isaiah: Isaiah

  • Jeremiah: 1st and 2nd Kings, Lamentations, and Jeremiah

  • Joel: Joel

  • Jonah: Jonah

  • Joshua: Joshua

  • Malachi: Malachi

  • Micah: Micah

  • Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy (Moses possibly compiled/wrote the book of Job)

  • Nahum: Nahum

  • Nehemiah: Nehemiah

  • Obadiah: Obadiah

  • Samuel: (Samuel is believed to have written 1st and 2nd Samuel, Ruth, and Judges)

  • Solomon: Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, Song of Solomon (also known as Song of Songs)

  • Zechariah: Zechariah

  • Zephaniah: Zephaniah

New Testament Authors

  • James: James

  • John: Gospel of John, 1st John, 2nd John, 3rd John, Revelation

  • Jude: Jude

  • Luke: Gospel of Luke, Acts of the Apostles

  • Mark: Gospel of Mark

  • Matthew: Gospel of Matthew

  • Paul: Romans, 1st and 2nd Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, 1st and 2nd Timothy, Titus, Philemon (possibly the book of Hebrews)

  • Peter: 1st and 2nd Peter

6. It appeals to the heart and the intellect.

Any ordinary book may make us laugh, cry, and move us into formulating a certain conviction. The Bible is no different. However, it takes its readers to a different level because it appeals to the heart and the intellect.

        7. It caters to all ages.

Unlike other educational materials that target only a particular age group, the Bible is for all ages. It caters to the young and old, to the toddler, preschooler, post-graduate learners, and retirees.

        8. It is universal.

The Bible transcends time, age, race, socioeconomic background, gender, and many more divisions, which makes it the best educational material. Imagine how the Ethiopian eunuch decided to get baptized right away after being enlightened by the Words of God (Acts 8:26-40).

        9. Its themes are relevant.

The Bible is incomparable to other educational material because its themes are always relevant. Sure, there are many differences in the context for when it was originally written. But its messages still cut to its readers until this time.

               10. It has the power to change a person.

Finally, the ultimate reason why the Bible is the best educational material is that it has the power to change a person. We understand that learning takes place when there is a behavioral change. The Bible has changed billions of people from all ages worldwide because of this unique divinely-generated power. Its words are sharp but not condemning, direct yet encouraging.

Reading the Bible is the best educational material because we connect to the fountain of knowledge and wisdom. When we read the Scriptures, we understand that those who find God find life and receive favor from Him (Proverbs 8:35).

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