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Monday, November 27, 2023

The Powerful Effects of Memory-Keeping on Families

Allow me to introduce Jennifer Wise, Featured Guest Blogger, for today. Do you s tell stories to your children, grandchildren, and family members? Telling them about their history and heritage is important. Telling them about yourself as a child is equally important. Jennifer discusses how she has been doing this with photos and blogging since 2009.


Last week was my grandfather’s birthday. He was born in 1916 and passed away when I was in high school. As it turned out, all three of my children would be born in a city across the river from where he spent most of his life. On his birthday, I texted my children a picture of him and my favorite things about him. I want them to know him before they meet him in heaven some day.

Bruce Feiler, in “The Secrets of Happy Families,” reported research on the effects that family stories have on kids: higher self-esteem, a greater sense of belonging, and better resilience in the face of difficulty. This is especially true when we know how our family has overcome challenges. When we see their perseverance or their faith, we know we can do hard things, too.

My great-grandmother was left a widow in her early 30s during the Flu Epidemic of 1918-1919. The family stories that have been told about how she and her seven children coped are encouraging!

Memory-keeping may be defined as preserving photos and stories. With such a focus today on how to preserve photos, it can be easy to forget that photos have stories. We call them memories. We take pictures of things we want to remember.

Dr. Peter Naish has studied photos and found that looking at photos increases our happiness by 11% and our relaxation by 22%. These days, we need all the mood boosts and effective relaxation techniques we can get!

Here are two ways to tap in to these personal and family benefits:

  1. Write. Telling family stories verbally is wonderful, but writing them down allows them to be re-read, shared, and remembered. Family stories don’t need to be grand events. They can be silly, and they will most likely be simple. Where did your family come from? Write about legacies of faith, hard work, a sense of humor, etc. Talk to your parents or grandparents while you still can and record the family stories you want to remember and pass on.

  2. Make sure photos are shareable. Organize photos so you can find and then share them. Photo experts say we should store our photos two ways digitally (one onsite and one offsite) and one in print. This means we should have digital photo files stored onsite (at home, like on a computer) and at a secure and trusted offsite location (in the cloud). I know that reputable cloud companies that don’t charge a monthly fee are rare, so you can contact me for information about my favorite company. And then don’t forget print! According to experts, print remains one of the best and most secure ways to store our photos, and has a bonus—we can store our memories and stories right next to them! You’ll want to print your photos and memories at the highest possible quality, so I have some wonderful recommendations if you need them.

Find encouragement, hope, strength, courage, and power through family stories and photos, whether from years past or from the family history you are creating every day.

Jennifer Wise has been blogging about photos, stories, and memories at lifetalesbooks.blogspot.com since 2009, but she has been a memory-keeper for as long as she can remember. She has been teaching others about photo organization, photo and story preservation, digital scrapbooking, and other aspects of memory-keeping since 2005. You can learn more at https://www.forever.com/ambassador/jennifer-wise. Jennifer also has a YouTube channel with video tutorials on photo organization, easy photo-memory books, how to write your legacy story, and more.

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Monday, November 20, 2023

Should College be Free to Students?

Although college may not be for everyone, should college be free to those that want to pursue it? This would be a great debt option. There have been several pro and cons about this subject.

***Good News***

Yes there are those that can afford to send their children to college. That is great, but what about those that are struggling and cannot afford it.

1. Free College

Did you know that there was a time when colleges were tuition free? According to peoplesworld.org they talks about the City University of New York having many four year colleges and community colleges tuition free until the late 1960’s. They further added that in countries in Europe and elsewhere they offer free college education to this day.

2. What Happened to Tuition Free?

What happened to change this tuition free atmosphere for college. Well in the 1960’s the WWII, the GI Bill for soldiers the demand continued to soar and outweigh the supply (amount of colleges) resulting in for-profit universities started to form. Uopeople.edu further adds that after President Nixon brought into existence Sallie Mae student loans it ended up increasing the cost of education.

3. What Countries Offer Free College?

What countries offer free college? This is a great debt option. Yes there are some countries that do offer this and they are as follows?

1. Germany

2. Iceland

3. Poland

Lending tree.com discusses this.

4. Why Should College Be Free?

When College is free it helps improve society, it can widened the workforce, boost the economy, increase equality, and students can focus better on their studies when they are not worried about money according to uopeople.edu. I can identify with the boosting of the economy because my children and I had student debt after graduating from college. It felt like a heavy load. Even though one of my children received a 4-year scholarship because this particular college catered classes to Seniors she was unable to get the classes she needed in her Senior year and ended up still having to acquire a loan for the last year. Many of the colleges have changed that attitude and students are able to get the classes that they need upon graduation.

Also, keep in mind there are parents that can afford to pay their children’s way through college, but what about the those that cannot? What about the students that are struggling? Everyone is not fortunate enough to have money to pay for college. A student that does not have to focus on repaying a student loan debt can concentrate on being more productive in society. Unless you have experienced student debt you also may have no concept as to how burdensome it can become.

5. Who Benefits Most

Low- income families, first-Generation College students, and returning adults and Lifelong Learners would benefit most from free colleges according to learn.org.

How many times have you heard someone say that they were the first to graduate college from their family? That is a honor and a blessing as well. This is a great debt help, because no student loan debt would occur. It sets an example to the rest of the family that “if they can see it they can be it.” It is encouragement to those that thought it was impossible. They can now see that it is possible when looking at their loved one that showed them the way.

6. College is Not for Everyone

Not everyone will go to college. There is nothing wrong with that because you can still acquire a skill and become quite successful with that. I recall a beautician that I really liked because every time I came to get my hair done she always wore an amazing style. She shared with me that as a teenager she would do her friends hair. She loved doing what she does. I also remember a friend telling me if you are able to do people’s hair you always have something to fall back on if another job does not work out. Indeed.com suggests setting achievable career goals, finding career opportunities that do not require a college degree, consider a professional certification or trade, take an online course, assess your career aptitude, learn and apply new skills, learn from a mentor, get on-the-job training, work in an internship, volunteering in an organization related to your career interests, build a professional network, deepen your business knowledge, study entrepreneurship, invest and save your earnings, and going into a business with a partner.

7. Six-Figure Jobs Without a Degree

Yes there are six-figure jobs that do exist. They are as follows:

1. Data Scientist

2. Data Engineer

3. Business Analysts

4. Software Engineer

5. Engineering Manager

6. Test Engineer

7. Cybersecurity Engineer

8. Technical Program Manager

9. Product Manager

10. User Experience Engineering

11. Web Developer

12. Mobile Developer

These are all talked about at multiverse. They further add that a Real Estate Agent, Air Traffic Controller, and Medical and Health Service Manager do not require college degrees. You do need to pass an exam to get a license from the state that you practice in. Also the Air Traffic Controller requires applicants to hold a NATCA Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative Certificate and you must pass the Federal Aviation Administration Air-Traffic Controller Selection Test. So if you have skills in any of these areas it may be well worth it for you to pursue if you feel college is not for you. Everyone must always remember to do what is best for you.

7. Fastest Trade jobs

Accordidng to classet.org., some of the fastest trade jobs include, handyman/craftsman, Pest Control, Electrician, Plumber, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioner Technician, Welder, and Carpenter. They also add that fast construction jobs include construction laborer, heavy equipment operator, Mason, Painter, and Roofer. Think about it someone has to to do these jobs why not you?


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Friday, November 17, 2023

The Power of Prayer

  1. Do you pray regularly? Can you remember the last time that you prayed? Did you pray for something you needed or wanted? Did you pray to give thanks? There may come a time in your life if you have never prayed you may start praying.


1. Power

According to Christianity.com the power of prayer isn’t in the words you utter, but is defined as talking to God. They further add that it is an act of worship that glorifies God and Reinforces our need for Him; It is our fiercest weapon against the enemy. Do you talk to God? The great thing about prayer is that you can talk to God at anytime. He is available 24/7. No appointment is needed. That is great to have that availability 24/7. I recall talking to God at a very young age.

I recall we did not have many books in my father’s house as probably some of you do today. Some of you may have a Den full of books. We only had 1 book in our house the Bible. Although my father did not attend church I was aware that we had the Bible. I started reading the Bible at age 3. There was so much to learn. I was intrigued by it and very curious. I was miscalling many words as I asked my father what is this word what is that word. I was a very talkative child as well.

2. Change

I have often told others and often even told myself you cannot change others, but you can ask God to change the hearts of others.   There may be times when things are out of your control, this is the time to rely heavily on God and the power of prayer. I recall a relative asking his child what he liked about being away at college. His reply, “He felt free.” To me sounded like he felt he could now make many decisions on his own that he previously could not while at home with his parents. I believe a child may feel they have no control over their life because they disagree with their parents decisions.

I recall feeling I could not wait until I became an adult so that I could make my own decisions, but even so there is always a higher power to answer too. Even though I became an adult I still needed to obey the laws of the land. Prayer is free and the good thing about decisions is God also gives us free-will. We make choices and decisions. Someone might ask, “ Where does prayer come in?” Well when you make choices and decisions hopefully you have prayed about it and not do like some that say, “Well we have tried everything else I guess we should pray about it.” That is backwards. Prayer should come first. Pray that you make the right decisions and that you use wisdom in making those decisions.

3. Weapon

Did you know that prayer is a powerful weapon? According to brunswicknews.com  a consistent life of prayer will set a spiritual fire around you. Ephesians 6:11-12. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

 Although the world has fought several physical fights, spiritual warfare is very real. There have been supernatural happenings that medicine cannot explain. Will you take a minute to think of an incident that may have happened against all odds. You may have even called it a miracle. I can think of babies that were born and medicine said they should not have survived, but instead the babies lived long full lives. I would not call that luck. There have been those that have said they believe in Satan, demons, and the devil. They believe they are real. Also, there are those including myself that believe that God is real and that God is love.

4. Benefits of Prayer

There are several benefits of prayer including helping you develop a relationship with God, helping you find direction in your life, and prayer can work miracles. Have you experience a miracle in your life? Often I think about when I might have been late for an event or even took a different route to work to later discover had I gone that route I possibly would have been in a bad accident. I do not believe that was just luck, but I was at the right place at the right time. The churchofjesuschrist.org. Talks about Daniel in the the Old Testament. Even though Daniel was thrown into a lions den he continue to pray to God and he was not harmed by the lions.

5. Different forms of Prayer

Did you know that there is a way to pray? It does not have to be fancy, but there are forms of prayer. Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to Go. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heats and your minds in Christ Jesus. In other word do not always pray immediately asking for something. Have you known relatives that only show up when they want something from you? Well I can imagine God does not only want to hear from you when you want something, but rather would appreciate hearing, “thank you.”

6. Reshaping the Brain

According to npr.org., a SPECT scan (single-photon emission computerized tomography) showed which parts of Scott McDermott’s brain lit up and which went dark while he prayer. It was noted some areas of increased activity in the frontal lobes, but also added more volunteers would be needed before coming to any conclusions. They further added that in a study done of employees at a high-tech firm whom meditated a few minutes a day over a few weeks, produced dramatic results that showed changes in both the brain as well as the immune system in more positive directions. An example they gave was that more antibodies were developed to a flu virus than did their colleagues who did not meditate.

Do do you believe in prayer? Do you pray daily? I would love to hear from you.


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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

You Have Decided to Be a Traveling Nurse

Possibly you have been thinking about becoming a Traveling Nurse. There may be a few things that you need to know before doing so.


Certified Professional

***Good News***

1. 1970’s

Stkate.edu talks about the traveling nurse emerging in the 1970’s. They talk of persistent nursing shortages in warmer southern states, such as Florida, drew nurses from northern states over the winter. They further added that at that time nurses had no special contracts and did not provide housing or extra wages, but that has drastically changed since then. Since the course of the Pandemic the demand for traveling nurses has accelerated. 


2. Travel Nurse Requirements

The travel nurse must be registered nurses (Rn's), which means completing a nurse training program, passing the NCLEX-RN exam,, and applying for license, in addition, most nurse staffing agencies require a minimum amount of clinical experience, so typically, you can not become a travel nurse right out of college. Also the  nursingworld.org., states you should expect to spend at least two years working as an RN before you start applying for travel nursing positions.

3. Changes during 2023

According to managementregistry.com even though the pandemic has slowed somewhat there are still nursing shortages all across the country. They further added that Nursing Schools turned away 91,938 qualified nursing applications in part due to the faculty shortage and pay will still be excellent for traveling nurses. So know that there is still a demand for traveling nurses.

4. The Demand

Did you know that as of February 2023, the average weekly rate for travel nurses is approximately $3,200? Healthcareers.com further adds that Rural Communities have the greatest need for traveling nurses.

5. Robots and Nursing

Someone might ask the question will robots take nursing or traveling nurses jobs?

Technology is taking over tasks, not jobs, technology is already everywhere in healthcare, virtual nursing helps nurses instead of replacing them, technology helps improve your work/life balance, technology helps make patients safer and happier, healthcare and AI need a human touch to work, and you can embrace technology, don’t fear it. This is all mentioned at careerstaff.com

6. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Nursing Education

Egu.edu/blog talks about how Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the nursing profession and has the potential for patient charting, medication administration, wound care, and much more.

7. Best and Worst States for travel nurses

Vivian Health, a jobs marketplace for healthcare professionals ranked all 50 states as to the best and the worse states for travel nurses according to benefitnews.com. Below are listed just a few for the best and the worse states for traveling nurses. South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas, Alaska, and Arkansas are listed as the best states while the worst are California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

8. Job Outlook for Traveling Nurses

The projected traveling nurse job growth rate is 6% from 2018-2028, about 195, traveling nurs salaries have increased 10% in the last 5 years, there are over 1,733,502 traveling nurses currently employed in the United States, and there are 585,515 active traveling nurse job openings in the United States.  Zippia.com mentions this. 

9. Travel Nurse Housing

Most experienced travel nurses will recommend spending a maximum of one-quarter of your monthly income (aka one paycheck) on your short-term rental. This allows you to allocate three-quarters of your income towards savings, expenses back home, or fun according to thegypsynurse.com/blog. They further added that you can plug the city into the Housing Stipend Calculator to denote if your preferred amenities, the pay rates for the area, and average housing costs line up.

10. Pros and Cons of Being a Travel Nurse

Travel nurses get paid far higher wages than staff nurses, there are 3 million registered nurses working in the United States, job growth for travel nurses was 35% between 2019 and 2021; 40% growth is predicted in the future, the median annual wage for travel nurses is $84,000 with bonuses up to $12K, the cons, however, include as a contract employee your compensation is a combination of taxable and nontaxable income, nurses must be knowledgeable about taxes, some agencies offer health care, nurses may have to be proactive about setting up retirement accounts, you may have a lack of a support system; experience burnout and compassion fatigue, you may experience homesickness, and because a travel nurse is not a full-time tenured staff nurse a travel nurse may miss out on some of the career development opportunities offered by the hospitals you are assigned to. Online.arbor.edu talks about all of this.

You will need to decided what is best for you. If you like to travel this may be excellent for you, but you need to take into consideration the cons of a traveling nurse.

I recall being at an event and as I talked with this lady, she shared that she was a traveling nurse. She said she loved her work, but discovered in certain states it was not safe living there. She cited in one particular state their was a lot of car hijacking occurring and that was a major concern of hers. So it is very crucial to be aware of where you decide to live while traveling. I had never heard of a traveling nurse until talking with this young woman. I learned a lot. I never even considered being a nurse even though I have been a care giver in my family for most of my life, but I congratulate those that have decided to become nurses, especially those that survived during the covid-19 pandemic.

Do you know any traveling nurses? Do you want to become a traveling nurse.


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Monday, October 30, 2023

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Are you aware that sleep is beneficial to your well-being? Do you get enough sleep? Did you know that everyone’s sleep needs may vary?

Best Sleeping Tips

***Good News ***

Do you treat your body like a (lean-green working machine)? Do you take time to rest? Do you make the choice to get enough sleep?

1. Coronasomnia

Have you heard of Coronasomnia? According to columbiapsychiatry.org., the increase in insomnia and related sleep problems related to stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have been labeled Caronasomnia. They further added that spending more time at home and changes to daily routine can also impact sleep patterns by limiting light-based cues for wakefulness that help keep your circadian rhythm on schedule. I remember during the pandemic with just my husband and myself in our household I wonder how did we make it, but by the grace of God we had no problems. I know I mentioned to him we saved a lot of money because we were not going anywhere during the first month of the lockdown. We definitely saved on gas for the car. We both were busy on our cellphones and computer. We were stocked up on food for that month. We had no sleep problems, but I did, however, become more comfortable with online ordering.

2. Sleep Deprivation

What is sleep deprivation? Do you need a sleep aide? Nhibi.nih.gov describes sleep deprivation as sleeping at the wrong time of day, not sleeping well or getting all the different types of sleep your body needs, or possibly you have a sleep disorder that prevents you from getting enough sleep or causes poor-quality. They further add that nearly 40% of adults report falling asleep during the day without meaning to at least once a month and that an estimated 50 to 70 million Americans have chronic, or ongoing, sleep disorders.

3. 5 Stages of Sleep Deprivation

Are you aware of the 5 stages of Sleep Deprivation?

Stage 1: 

After 24 hours it may not cause major health problems, but you might expect to feel tired off and on.

Stage 2:

After 36 hours you may experience an overwhelming urge to sleep and experience symptoms such as impaired memory, behavioral changes, slow reaction time and extreme fatigue.

Stage 3:

After 48 hours it is even harder to stay awake and you may hallucinate. You may experience extreme fatigue and anxiety.

Stage 4:

After 72 hours (3 days) without sleep you may experience longer micro-sleeps, your hallucinations may become more extreme and disorder thinking.

Stage 5:

After 96 hours (4 days) without sleep your perception of reality will be severely distorted and you may be unable to interpret reality. You can however possibly recover within days or weeks after getting 7-8 hours of sleep. This is all outlined at healthline.com.

4. Body Repair

Did you know that your body repairs itself while you are sleeping? This is a natural sleep aide. That is another reason that sleep is vital to you. Urbannatural.com talks about your body repairing muscle and bone tissue while asleep. They further add that when you are asleep your immune system is hard at work fighting infection.

5. Best Sleeping Tips

According to Mayoclinc.org., you can stick to a sleep schedule, pay attention to what you eat and drink, create a restful environment, limit daytime naps, include physical activity in your daily routine, and manage your worries for better sleep. I learned the hard way about the importance of watching what you eat or drink before going to sleep. I recall several people at work were drinking Mountain Dew most of the day. One evening I came home from work and decided to try a Mountain Dew drink. It was about 5 pm in the evening. I was not able to go to sleep until around 6 am. the next morning and that was about time for me to get up for work. I did not do that again. I then look up the ingredients of Mountain Dew and discovered that it has about 54 milligrams of Caffeine in it.

So often I hear of those complaining they have trouble sleep through the night. There are a few more things that you can do to help you sleep through the night.

6. Cellphone

I love my cellphone and it is so convenient when at home or when away from home. Your cellphone can prevent you from sleeping well. Did you know that the blue light emitted by your cell phone screen restrains the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle (aka circadian rhythm)?  This makes it even more difficult to fall asleep and wake up the next day. Intermountainhealcare.org talks about this.

7. Exercise

Exercise is a natural sleep aide and is so beneficial for better sleep. I cannot emphasize this enough. Exercise raises your body temperature and after about 30-90 minutes the core body temperature starts to fall. The decline helps to facilitate sleepiness according to hopkinsmedicine.org.

8. Deep-Breathing

I have discovered that taking at least 10 deep breaths before bedtime also helps to relax the muscles in your body and can aide in better sleep. Deep breathing is important because in your day to day routines you may not even realize there may be times that you are rushing. There may be times you are watching television and you become so excited while watching your pictures that you just do not breath properly.

9. The Food You Eat

I love oatmeal before bedtime. This is one whole-grain food that is excellent for sleep. When I eat oatmeal it seemingly relaxes every bone in my body. Sleepdoctor.com talks about the fact that oatmeal contains Melatonin a sleep-inducing hormone, they are high in fiber, B- vitamins, and contain lots of minerals.

So what tips do you have for better sleep?


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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Will You Encourage Someone Today?

Did you know that everyone needs encouragement at some time during their lifetime? Encouragement helps you to feel good.


                                              Building Self-Esteem 

When was the last time that you encouraged anyone? You may never know that a person is down or not feeling their best just by observing, because some people keep their feelings bottled-up inside of them.


1. Listening

Listening can be a great way to encourage someone, because when you actively listen you may be able to discern if something is bothering them. From there you can decide how to encourage a person.  It could be something as little as telling the person that you see their great potential to becoming whatever it is that you see for that person. As I watched a television program the other day even though this young man just got out of jail, had been in a fight, and broke up with the love of his life, another woman told him she saw potential in him. Even though their paths crossed because her car accidentally hit him while he was on his bike it was inevitable for them to meet. He thanked her and said no one had ever told him that. He even was saying negative things about himself.   She would turn it around and speak the positive that she saw.

2. Edify

I learned a bout edification during bible study. My pastor spoke constantly about edifying (uplifting morally, intellectually, and spiritually) each other. This is so important. There are so many ways to edify another just look closely, because we all have something that this world needs. God made us all unique and different with great qualities.

3. Whom Do You Edify?

I love listening to Victoria Olsteen. She once stated, “You may encourage a co-worker, but what about those closest to you like your family member?” Family members needs encouragement also. Your spouses, children, sisters, and brothers all need encouragement.

4. Believing

I remember telling my daughter that she was beautiful. Her response to me was, “You have to say that because you are my mother.” She did not believe me. She told me when she looked in the mirror she saw a big nose of herself. She did not see that she was more than her nose. It is so important to continually encourage your children until they believe it. Give them honest encouragement, because you can find something good and honest in everyone just look hard and long enough.

Letting someone know that you believe in them can be very encouraging, because there are those that do not believe in themselves. Just knowing that someone else believes in you can make all the difference in the world.

5. Little Things

I have often heard therapists encouraging their patients for the slightest improvement. It does not take a lot.

6. Thank You

When someone does something for you, be sure to show your gratitude by saying “thank you.” That attitude of thankfulness can take you a long way. Ladies if a gentleman holds the door open for you be sure to say “thank you,” even if you do not know him. It is just the right thing to do. It also let’s him know that you are appreciative of his efforts. I observed this very much in the south. Men will open the door for you often.

7. Smiling

Smiling at another can be a way to encourage. Sometimes you may not have the words, but a smile can do wonders for another. Have you observed when you smile at a baby how they will return that smile? Sometimes you can even give a thumbs up.

8. Encourage Yourself

There are times that you have to encourage yourself. Instead of beating yourself up lift yourself up. Say what God says about you such as:

A. Matthew 5:14

 You are the Light of the world, a town  built on a hill cannot be hidden.

B. Matthew 5:15-16

Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

C. Proverbs 18:21

Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.  I choose life. 

D. Matthew 17:20

If you have Faith as a grain of mustard seed, you can move a mountain and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

How many of you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am beautiful.?” Try it you will start believing it.

9. Practice and more practice

Practice using encouraging words such as:

A. awesome (this is my favorite)

B. Great

C. Good job or good catch

D. I believe in you

E. I am proud of you

I recall an event when a lady was sitting next to another lady. She was being very difficult by invading the other ladies space. The attendant explained to the lady that she was invading her space, but this lady just did not get it. I told the other lady I was so proud of her, because she could have took matters into her own hands and started fighting, which is something she might have done in the past, but she sat calmly and allowed the attendant to handle the matter. I had to encourage her, because her new behavior was so much more becoming. Yes you can change your behavior just practice. Sometimes it takes longer for others.

10. Encouragement Benefits

According to ienergize.com there are benefits of encouragement which include giving us energy to accomplish our objective, it gives us hope, helps to restore confidence, helps to make people succeed, it is a motivator, and it helps to build self-esteem. Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt hopeless? It is not a good feeling to receive encouragement. Encouragement during that time can be a life saver.

Encouragement is a choice. Who will you decide to encourage today?

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Matthew 5:14


The Benefits of Encouragement



Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Do Circumstances Steal Your Joy?

Do you allow your circumstances to steal your joy? Did you know that as long as you live you will have circumstances and problems? How will you choose to deal with these issues?

The Art of Happiness:


1. Joy

I recall when I previously worked in a hospital, working with a lady that was always so cheerful and Joyful. She was a Joy to be around. I told her when I have a baby I will name her Joy, because she was so cheerful. When I had my baby I named her Joy, but she did not act too joyful in the beginning like my other children had. She was stubborn and cried an awful lot. Even when I carried her in my womb she would always lay on my left hip. When I moved her over she would flop right back on my left hip. This was painful and she was an 8 pound baby. I was a very petite woman. My other children would often ask, “Mama are you sure they gave you the right baby.” I just assumed because I named her Joy that she would be joyful. I did not realize that even though Joy is a gift from God, you must make a choice to receive it. Today this child became a beautiful woman and is a Joy.

2. Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23: gentleness and self-control. You must make a choice as to whether you want to accept joy into your life. Think about how often people give you gifts and possibly you do not like the gift. You may never use it or you might re-gift it and give it to someone else. You make the choice to receive it.

3. Circumstances

Circumstances or problems in life will continue as long as you are living, but how will you act or react to them. I recall coming into work and I was met by a young lady with her hands cross. She blurted to me, “ Betty you didn’t pray because our machines are down.” I replied, “ I did pray, but God did not say everything would be perfect.” Even though the machines were down, we worked together as a team and made it through the day. Would I have liked to have a better day? I sure would have, but I decided to deal with that day and make it the best day that I was given.

4. Emotions

Have you felt any of the following emotions during your lifetime: Joy, disgust, fear or sadness? These were choices that you possibly made. No one wants to be sad or have a pity party all the time. Sometimes the emotions just named above may be the results of your circumstances. If a circumstance steals your joy it is because you allow it. You have been through various bitter circumstances and some of you more than others. I never would have thought I would see a pandemic. I have read about them in History books, but to actually live through one was something. Even though it was bitter, there was still joy in knowing the internet and cellphones were available to contact loved ones and friends. There was joy in seeing most people becoming creative and doing things to make others laugh and feel good even though we were living through a storm of sickness and death.

5. The Internet

Do you remember when the internet was created? Many of the new generation have no idea what it was like before the internet. According to usg.edu January 1, 1983 is considered the official birthday of the Internet. Now there are numerous negative aspects that people have devised using the internet, but there are several positive aspects. Several families and friends have been united because of the internet and cellphones. Although Facet-Time is not the same as being physically there with a person, it is awfully close to it. You can find joy in being able to see your grandbabies, aunts, uncles, mothers and fathers almost 24/7.

6. How Many Circumstances?

Your circumstances may be numerous or they may be few. Some of the circumstances you may face may be out of your control? This does happen. I know that it has happened to me. How will you deal with the circumstance? Even though it is horrible circumstances will you find Joy within and be thankful that it was not worse.

7. Matthew 6:26

Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns: yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? How many of you worry to no avail? Worrying serves no purpose. Although as I watched a Robin that usually builds her nest in our awning every year, I was quite concerned, because when she was not around a very small bird would come and steal part of the nest. This went on for some time. I often tried to scare the smaller bird away. Eventually the Robin did get the nest built and had her babies. It took a little longer, but she did it. I was really happy when this happened. I probably was more happy than the bird was. It was a joy to see her overcome this smaller bird constantly stealing from her nest.

8. Spirit

It is my believe that even though the body gets weak and dies the spirit lives on and never ages. I recall talking with my grandson when he was younger. He told me, “Granny you have a young spirit.” I had never given this much thought until I heard him say it. I recall a girlfriend that could take seemingly anything and turn it into something. I will never forget her telling me, “When I feel bad, I will fix myself up anyway.” I thought about it. Just because you feel bad does not mean you need to look bad. You can change your way of thinking. Fix yourself up and look at yourself in the mirror. Then choose Joy.

What circumstances have you had and decided to choose Joy?  Choose Joy today.


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