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Monday, March 27, 2017

What type of Parent are You?

Do you spend quality time with your children or is your physical body just there? There are those that allow video games to baby-sit their children. Do you even know the video games that your child likes or is playing?

Parenting Advice

Sure you want to have fun and enjoy your children. Parenting is not just about having fun. There are those times that you may have to make a judgment call and your children might not like it, but you know that it is the best for them.

Sleep Patterns

Are you the parent that wants to be a buddy to your 9-year-old? Are you allowing your 9-year- old to stay up late until 2 and 3 am in the morning during the summer time or on the weekends? Possibly you go to sleep and allow them to stay up late with no supervision. Is this really fair to your child? You got your sleep, but what about your child? While you are sleeping you are not aware of what your child is doing. Remember you now have a child to parent. It is not all about you unfortunately. Are you a Parent or a Buddy? Did you know that you could be harming your child?
According to the National Sleep Foundation children between the ages of 6-13 need at least 9-11 hours of sleep.

Granted 9-year-olds should know to bathe and keep themselves clean, but do you just allow your children to get up, put on their clothes, and never observe are they bathing and brushing their teeth? Possibly it is not important to them whether they bathe themselves or not. So are you a parent or a buddy, leaving it up to the child? What are your feelings about this?

Video Games

Do you play video games with your children? This would possibly give you an idea of what games your children likes and the games that they are playing? Also, you are doing this together. How much is too much video games?  Every child is different. That is something that you will decide for your children.


Does your child display a lot of anger or is your child basically a compliant obedient child? Complaint and obedient is fine, but you hope that all your children learn to think and show creativity for themselves. What happens when your children get angry? Are they throwing things at the wall or at you? I am not referring to two-year-old children and tantrums either. Are they cursing you? Are you a parent or a buddy? What are you allowing? Are you using this moment as a teachable moment for your child to learn how to deal with anger issues. These are a few things to ask yourself.

Everyone gets angry about something during their lifetime, but how do you handle it? Do you explain to your child this is definitely not acceptable behavior or do you just throw up your hands and say, “That is just the way my child is.” I recently was in a retail store where I witnessed what appeared to be a 4 or 5-year-old telling a nearby lady to shut up as she was having a conversation with his parent. The parent did not address it but instead said, “Oh he is just bad.” This could have been a teachable moment. There was another instance where I was waiting in line and a child told her parent, “ I want this.” The parent replied, “ Let's wait until Christmas.” The child responded, “ I do not want to wait until Christmas, I want it now.” How many of you know we all tend to want it now. The child crossed her arms in front of her and was huffing and puffing. Again, another teachable moment that was not taken. The lady in front of me turned to me and said, “These young people now a day, I would have never allowed my children to do that.”

In a Hurry

Are you enjoying your children or are you waiting impatiently for their first baby steps of walking, or when they get out of diapers, when they start school, when they graduate, or when they are out of the house? This list could go on and on. Why not take a pause and enjoy them and savor the moments you are together?

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What Will You Do to be Lean in 2017?

Possibly you have resolved to loose weight this year. Maybe you have decided to exercise more. Whatever your resolve is, make sure it helps you to be lean.

Old Roller Skates 

I have done cardio, Zumba, and rollerskating. I really like both of them, but I really like walking. Be sure to stretch your muscles before walking.

A. Benefits of Walking:

1. Walking is free. You can walk in your neighborhood, the park, or even in the mall.
In the neighborhood or park you get to smell the fresh air.

2. You can walk alone or with others

3. You can set your own pace.

 I really like this one, because there have been others that have said I  walk too slow for them.

4. A doctor once told me walking gets the heart to pumping and that is good.

Rollerskating is one of the other ways I will stay lean. Although I do not skate as often as I would like, I enjoy the times that I do. I started skating in elementary school. I would skate every week after school. At that time they had skates that would hook on to your regular shoes as shown in the picture above. I hated those. Eventually I skated well and requested shoe skates one Christmas. They were so much better.

According to FitnessMagazine, depending on your size a 150 pound person can burns 482 calories per hour skating. So just imagine when you skate several hours how many calories you are burning.

B. Benefits of Skating:

1. Rollerskating does burn calories.

2. A good form of exercise

3. Listening to the music is good therapy while rollerskating

4. It provides hand, body, movement and coordination

C. Benefits of Changing Eating Habits

1. Eat less not more. This is something that I am doing and it has become a lifestyle.

2. Eat to live instead of living to eat. It is so important for me to eat intentionally.
 Just because the  event I attend has cookies, donuts, and other good sugary stuff, does not mean I need to indulge in it.

3. Don't beat myself up. There may be days that I fall off the wagon and eat more than I should.


I will not beat myself up about it. I will remember to stay focused and look towards my goals.

What will you do to stay lean in 2017? I would love to hear from you.

Photo Caption:

Commons, wikimedia.org., The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Creative Common Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

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Friday, March 17, 2017

6 Secrets to be Pain Free

It is a blessing to be pain free. I have several friends that have complained about being in pain most of the time. I could not imagine. There may be a few things that you can do to ease your pain.

Pain Management

I did some research regarding pain. There are a few things that you can do to manage pain. I once had a friend tell me, “Arthur is acting up today.” I did not have a clue as to what she was talking about. She then asked, “You have not heard about Arthur?” I replied, “No.” She explained that she was talking about “arthritis.”

I then had an acquaintance state that she did not want to live to be 80 or 90 years old. I asked her, “Why?” She then went on to tell me of all of her ailments and added things were not getting any better. I then replied, “Yes, but you are here and not dead and gone.” It did cause me to think about how important quality of life really is because  I am a spiritual being.  I renew my spirit daily with the word of God. Your physical body may deteriorate daily, but you do everything that you can to maintain your spiritual body just as you do your physical body. What can you do for the physical pain that you may be experiencing?

1.  Back Pain

According to Web Md, simple exercise such as walking may be the best medicine for back pain. They further add to do this in moderation.

2.  Neck/Shoulder Pain

Did you know that stretches can help ease neck and shoulder pain? Yes Dr. Peter F. Ullrich Jr. talks about how a stiff neck sometimes accompanies back pain. He further adds that by flexing and gently bringing the chin to the chest can aide in easing the pain. I wish that I knew about this earlier in my life. I recall myself and coworkers in the office often complaining of shoulder and neck pain while on the telephone at the computer. I would go home and have my children line up and give me shoulder and neck massages to ease the muscle tension and pain. Now massages are nice that is something to not be ruled out. Plus there is so much power in that physical touch.

3.  Shoulder Rotation

I personally have found that when I sometimes have been setting at the computer just a little too long, rotating my shoulders forward, upwards, and backwards does wonders for shoulder pain.

Have you observed in the hospital or doctor's office that the nurse will sometimes ask you, “On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate your pain?"    I am glad that they do that, because everyone's tolerance of pain is different.

4.  Deep Breathing

I have found that deep breathing is an excellent way to release muscle tension. Sometimes you may become anxious without even being aware of it. Just take about 10 deep breathes and slowly blow out. It has a calming effect on your entire system. So it is good for the mind also. I have learned also that this is so important for mothers during delivery of their babies. I recall how deep breathing was so helpful for me in delivering my babies.

5.  Sore Throat

Have you ever had a sore throat? I used to get them all of the time. I recall my neck hurting and being so stiff it was almost unbearable. It did require medical attention, so do not hesitate if you have the stiff neck with a sore throat. You could have strep throat. Do not try and self-diagnose, but rather go to the doctor and be sure to gt it checked out. If medication is needed, be sure to take all of it.

6.  Heat

Editors for Consumer Guides suggest using heat such as wet towels, hot water bottle, or a hot shower to relax those tense muscles. I have even found that a heating pad just works wonders for those sore muscles. They further suggest practicing good posture. I know this to be true, because many times I find myself slouching at the computer. So I remind myself to use good posture.  What do you do for pain relief?

Photo Caption: Wiki commons Wikimedia.org., Robert Weis,  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.


America Asks About Back Pain, By Carolyn Sayre

Stretching for Back Pain Relief,by Peter F. Ullrich,Jr.,MD Orthopedic Surgeon (retired)

15 Home Remedies for Neck Pain, by Editors of Consumer Guide

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Why I Like Fishing for Crappie (AKA) Specks

Fishing is fun, relaxing, a great sport and quite enjoyable. I started fishing at a very young age. So I acquired a joy for it at that time.

Crappie Fishing

When I first started fishing, I was afraid to put a worm on my hook. My aunt and uncle made it clear to me if I wanted to continue fishing with them I needed to learn to bait my hook. I was a fast learner.

1. Hustle and Bustle

Depending on where you fish, you can find it to be very calming and rewarding. It is nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I even recall fishing when I was 7 months pregnant. I talked with my doctor and he told me if that is what I like to do, then go for it but make sure I was not far from a hospital.

A Good Fishing Day at Houghton Lake, Michigan

2. Boat Fishing

When fishing in a boat, you will be looking for the fish nest and/or a slightly weeded areas in the waters. The fish generally lay their eggs and the nests can be visible in about April or May. You will want to fish these areas. Note: The male specks generally guard the nest. They are usually large in size about bigger than your hands or two hands together and they are quite aggressive. So they will hit your line and usually make an attempt to take the bait quite swiftly. They will pull your line like they are a gigantic fish. In fact, I love when they pull on the line. Reeling a fish in is very exciting. Although my husband and I basically fish for Specks, I also like Walleye, Bass, and other fish should they decide to bite. We fish with a variety of fishing baits including minnows, wax worms, and leaf worms.   Remember to make sure you catch the fish in season, because certain times during the year, you can receive a fine for catching a fish out of season.

3. Hat and Days

The sun can become quite hot, if you are not in a shaded area, so be sure to wear a hat. You would not want to have a sunstroke. You can go online and check out when will be the best fishing days also. It will give you an idea about the best time of the day when the fish should be biting. This site is based on the phase of the moon.  The sight is shown below:

Farmers Almanac Calendar Fishing

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Prescription for Love

Do you know of those that are looking for love in all the wrong places? Everyone wants to be loved, but are you ignoring what real love is? Do you know what real love is? What is your definition of love?


If your are looking for love, God's got it. Do you know of those that act like everyone owes them something?

I recall a friend that acknowledged he came from a loving and supportive family, but he chose to go down the path of using drugs. Now when he became drug free he was compelled to show his friends there was a better way of life because so many had followed him down that narrow path. He also shared with me it was not enough to tell people, but to show them by his actions. Also, know that my friend had accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. God is waiting on you. Hebrew 13:5 He will never leave you, nor forsake you. The prescription for love is in the Bible.

1 Corinthian 13 Chapter. This Chapter has often been called the Love Chapter

Verse 4: Love suffers long and is kind, love does not envy; love does not parade itself, love is not puffed up. Do you know people that are kind to others? Do you take the time to show kindness to others.? How many times have you said to yourself, “If I only had more money or if I only had a big house like Mary?” I have been guilty of this and not realizing God has given me everything that I need.  If I cannot make it with a little, how will I handle more?  I recall a conversation I had as I stood in line at the store. I saw an acquaintance that I had not seen in a long time. This person said to me, “ I do not live in that part of town anymore.” Then asked me,”Where are you staying now.” My reply was, “ I stay in that part of town.” I say that to say that sometimes we can get so puffed up, that we forget where we came from. We can forget that there was a time we did not have a car nor even a house.

Verse 5 

Does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; I can think of times when I have behaved rudely and I know so well that it is not becoming. Can you count the number of times that you have proclaimed this will be a good day and before you know it you think an evil thought about someone or something?

Verse 6

Does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth. Sometimes the truth may be painful to hear.

Verse 7

Bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. This prescription for love continues in 1st Corinthians down through chapter 13.

Verse 13

And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. Think about it. 1 Peter 4:8 And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins. ” Do you have this love?

Photo Caption: en.wikipedia.org. Louise Docker from sydney, Australia, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Are You A Spiritual Being?

Are You A Spiritual Being?

Are you a spirit living in a body (tabernacle)? Do You believe in God? Do You believe in a higher power? Do You believe you can do it all by yourself? Do you believe in anything? I am a spiritual being.

holy bible photo: holy bible
Spiritual Growth

How is your spiritual health? Have there been times that there may not have been anything physically wrong with you that you were aware of, but you just felt emotionally bad or possibly drained?

1. Peace of Mind

I realize that when I am feeling emotionally drained I can be fed by reading and studying the word of God. God's word gives me that inner peace that the world cannot give to me. How often have you heard people say that they felt empty or that something was missing. Did they ever think possibly they were missing the word of God? Romans 8:6 For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

2. Feeding

Speaking of feeding. You know that if you don't eat your physical body will die. Some may eat more or less than others. Some just love to eat. Others may over eat. Your spiritual body needs to be fed. If you are not full of God's word, there is nothing in your spirit to give to others. In other words you are like a cup that is empty. Romans 12: 2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove that is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Is your bible up on the shelf until Sunday? If you go to church is Sunday the only time you read your bible? Your mind needs to be renewed daily in order to stay full of God's word. Someone once said, you cannot give what you do not have. I thought about it and that is so true.

3. Storms

There may be storms and difficult circumstances all around you. That may be a given in life, because no one said life would be easy or even fair, because bad things happen to good people. You can rest assured that God can give you that inner peace that will calm you and put you at peace. I am a spiritual being.

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5 Tips to Stay Warm in the Winter

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Monday, February 20, 2017

7 of My Favorite Dollar Tree Products that Will Make Your Day Awesome

With the change in the economy, everyone is making cost savings changes. One of my changes is shopping at the dollar stores. This has become my family dollar store. There are a few products that I find there and they have worked just great.

discount store

An online dollar tree store order is so convenient. For those of you that like to buy in bulk. There is no shipping fee. I can request the order to be shipped to my nearest dollar tree and pick it up there. I just need to be sure to have my confirmation number and a picture ID. This is almost like calling in a pizza or restaurant order. They also accept PayPal when ordering. Note that the order must be in bulk. You must order at least a case. For those that prefer not to order in bulk, you can always shop at your nearest Dollar Tree in person.

1. Power House Furniture Polish Lemon

I truly love and enjoy this furniture polish. It smells good too. The lemon smell is very refreshing. It cleans while it conditions the furniture.

2. Shower &Body; Bath Absorbent Body Powder with Lavender

The smell of this body powder will definitely awaken your senses. It is oh so nice. I use this on
my carpet before vacuuming. It leaves my carpet smelling nice and sweet. It does neutralize
odors. This is one of the greatest out of all the dollar items.

3. Face and Body Soap

Although there are a variety of soaps that they sell. I really like the dial antibacterial deodorant soap with spring water and the Irish spring. Although the bars are slightly smaller they come in a pack of 2 which is fine for me.

4. 40-count Makeup Remover Wipes

They are alcohol free and Hypoallergenic. For those that have sensitive skin, this may be the ideal product for you. I just love the 40 pre-moistened cloths. I usually keep them in the refrigerator. The refrigerator keeps them moist and the coolness helps with eye puffiness. I like the way that it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. As you can see from my profile picture I have no blemishes. This great product contains Aloe Vera, vitamin E , and B5.

5. April Bath &Body; Shower Hydrating Mask

This is enriched with green tea extract. It is another product that I like the way it makes my skin feel. It's color is light green. I just leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then removed it with warm water about 2 times a week.

6. April Bath &Body; Shower Eye Gel

I just put this on under my eyes in a tapping motion. It is enriched with vitamin E & Vitamin B-5. I can leave this on under my makeup. This also is a good aide for puffy eyes.

7. Fisher-Price Flash Cards

These flash cards are for children age 2-5. There are 36 cards with different colors and shapes. Children love playing with these cards. The cards are very good in teaching colors and shapes. All of the 7 products above that I have just shared with you were purchased for only $1.00 each. That was and is a great deal for me. What are your special dollar store products?

Photo Caption:  Commons, Wikimedia.org., Creative Common Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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