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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Does Your Emoji say I Will?

 Does Your Emoji say I Will?

Did you know that you can turn an impossibility into a possibility? You are unique and were designed for achievement.


If you could use an emoji to describe you and your only choices were “I can or I Can't, which emoji would others see you as?

1. Possibilities

Each of you possess special and yet different talents. Success is not a matter of chance, but choices; persistence in spite of adversities.

2. Problems

They give us a chance to use our creativity which comes from God. I recall a friend that was going to college and became discouraged because she failed a class that she needed for her career choice. She was about to give up. I explained that all teachers are not equal. That particular teacher might be a difficult teacher for that course. She did retake the class with a different teacher and did well. How many of you know that many licensed nurses, realtors and even lawyers did not pass their licensing exam the first time. Many will not tell you that they failed it possibly a couple of times before passing, but they were persistent and continued to try.

3. Life

It is a learning experience. Remember nothing is too hard for God. Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible.” 
Yesterday is a canceled check. Tomorrow is just a promissory note: Only today is cash on hand, so spend it like crazy, it will never occur again. You may also like to read  Your Health Your Attitude.

4. Attitude is everything.

When someone compliments you, how do you respond? Do you say, “Thank you or do you make excuses such as, “it's wasn’t that good.” Do you even put yourself down further?” Do you give an extra 2% to everything that you do?

5. Customer Service

Did you know that There is Awesome Power in the Word?  Do you work in any type of customer service? If so, do you make the customer feel valued or do you make the customer feel like a problem? Do you remember that you are representing the company and not representing yourself? Do you bring your problems to work and wear them on your face? It only takes a moment to smile and ask your customer, “How can I be of service to you?” When someone says or writes something that you do not agree with, do you immediately attack them or do you take the time to find something positive or factual in it? These are choices. Either you can, you will, or you decide I can't or I won't.

6.  Defeat

It is not failure.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Why You Need to Know About These 5 Red Flags

Have you ever met someone and even though they seemed likeable, there was something that just did not quite seem right? Possibly there were events that just did not make sense to you.

Domestic Abuse Signs
Sometimes there may be emotional abuse signs when you are dating or in a relationship. Possibly you are blind to some things that you really should look at more closely.


1.False Promises

One red flag that some may tend to ignore is when your boyfriend or spouse does hurtful things and then later tells you it will never happen again. If he or she has hit you once that is one too many times. If the hurtful things he or she says repeatedly continues, that is a pattern and is definitely too many times.

 According to the Mayo Clinic staff,  if he or she acts jealous or possessive of you, you may be in an abusive relationship. In the beginning you may think it is cute that he is jealous of you, but in time that jealously can smother you. I know from previous relationships. I recall in a previous relationship my spouse stated, “ I wish I could just put you in a cage and keep you on an island just for me.” Now how sick is that? You need to pay attention to the signs. Jealously and possessiveness is not healthy. No one should be put in an emotional prison. Do not allow this. They further add that if he or she blames you for their violent behavior that is not healthy. Possibly he or she may say, “You made me hit you, because you just will not do right.” Seemingly it is always “your fault” for the violent person's behavior.   


When someone wants to control when and where you go, this is a sign to pay attention. When someone times you and starts calling you, because you did not make it back from the grocery store in 15 or 20 minutes pay attention. When someone is calling you throughout the day wanting to know where you are and what you are doing, pay attention. It feels like your being monitored and you are   being controlled. When someone wants to tell you that you cannot be friends with a certain person, because they are a bad influence on you, even though you are an adult not a child pay attention.  You may also want to read: 

3.Name Calling

When you are in a relationship, you have a name. That name does not include derogatory remarks or name calling such as “you are so lazy, you are so fat, you are stupid, or you can't do anything right.” This is mentally and emotionally abusive. After awhile it will tear your spirit down. Pay attention. That is not something that you need in your life. Rather look for people that will build you up and that are positive.


Anyone that makes you feel that you are worthless is not good for you. Do any of the following sound familiar? “ You are so stupid, you are no earthly good, you can't make it without me, or no one will ever want you but me.” That is the lie that they want you to believe. I recall watching “Why Did I get Married” by Tyler Perry. The one woman's husband talked about her so bad and did it jokingly in front of others. He constantly put her down and talked about how big she was. She did feel worthless because of that. But when he divorced her, she found a new husband or rather should I say he found her and he treasured her. He built her up and showed that he loved her and was proud of her. He was positive and she finally had a healthy marriage.

5. Your Fault

When someone is trying to control you, the controller whether a woman or man will always want to make a situation your fault. I recall in a previous abusive marriage I was always trying to fix it, thinking everything was my fault. My co-worker once told me “Betty you could be an angel and nothing you do will ever be good enough.” A phrase that I used to hear most of the time was, “See what you made me do,” or “you need to do this or the relationship will fail.” You also might want to read:

An abusive relationship affects the entire family. Remember your children are watching and learning from you. This is emphasized in the following post:


Did you know that in the United States, an average of 20 people are physically abused by intimate partners every minute. That is according to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence. They also added that domestic violence accounts for 15% of all violent crime.

Note: Invisible Prison

Once you have left the controlling or abusive relationship, fear may possibly keep you in an invisible prison. You may be fearful if you see him sitting in his car on a corner even though you know you have a restraining order. Fear may make you question will he or she abide by these court orders. Stop living in this invisible prison. Those thoughts will imprison you emotionally and mentally. Remember even though you have done everything that you can to be safe, God can give you that perfect inner peace that will calm you when that storm and your circumstances are chaotic. I am a witness to that.


Should you come to the conclusion that you are in a controlling and abusive relationship and you want help to get out. Prepare to remove yourself from that situation and find safety. That is what I did in my previous marriage. I decided enough was enough. I had already felt like I was in prison emotionally. I was tired of that. I left. No, it is not as easy as it sounds but your motivation will be a first step. Do not be afraid of what others will say or think of you. I was surprised that my true friends and family came to my aide and family as well.

You may need a restraining order to protect yourself. Because he or she has brained wash you to thinking you cannot do anything, be sure to have a plan B in the event plan A does not succeed. Seek the support of your friends, family, and even pastor for support. Educate yourself about domestic violence. It may be difficult to admit or even talk about the fact that you were abused, but it does get easier in time. Make your mind up that you will not be part of that statistics that ends in a homicide.   There is the 24 hour hotlines known as Crisis Connection 1-80-245-4580 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233.

Photo Caption: Wikimedia Commons, File: Danger blank.svg, licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Blogger's Meet and Greet: August, 2017 The Detroit Zoo

Blogger's Meet and Greet: August, 2017 The Detroit Zoo

Have you been to the Detroit Zoo, located at 8450 W 10 Mile Road, Royal Oak, Mi 48067?
This is a great place for family, school, or church events.

Wild Animals

I have not been to the Detroit Zoo for several years. The last time that I went my daughter was a toddler. We had rented a stroller for her to sit in, but she got out of it and wanted to push it herself. (lol). This time was still a pleasant event. I was amazed at how organized the event was. There were many schools there and long lines that did not last long. The admission process was fast. I like that. Be sure to get a map when you get there. That will definitely help you navigate around the grounds.

You may also like:

1. Butterfly Room

This room was quite warm and humid.

2. Red Bird

This red bird was just walking around peering at us and seemingly not afraid at all.

wild animals

3. White Swans

Now what would the zoo be without the beautiful white swans.

Detroit Zoo
This was a memorable beautiful day. There was only a 30% chance of rain. Yes it did rain, but luckily I wore my boots and had my umbrella with me.

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You can feel free to return and post your blog here at anytime and not just on Father's Day.
If you believe others will enjoy this, please feel free to share with your friends and on social media. More guests are always welcome as this will provide more networking opportunities for you.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

What I Learned About the Blue Whale Suicide Challenge

Parents Become Informed

I became concerned as I listened to the news when they mentioned “Blue Whale.” Naturally the first thing that came to my mind was a big fish. Possibly someone was physically attacked by one. As I continued to listen I discovered it was a great threat to children. Parents beware.


Besides the fact that children are dealing with cyberbullying there is the new threat of a challenge to commit suicide. The Blue Whale sinister challenge was reportedly started in Russia, but now is in the United States as well as several other countries all over the world. A 16-year-old boy in Georgia may have also been involved. According to CNN news a family shared their story of how a young girl, teenager, may have also been involved in this challenge.  Remember to be kind to others.  You never know how much that kindness will impact their lives.  You may also want to read:

Will You Be Kind to Someone Today?

Nadia's family research discovered that the Blue Whale is an online challenge presented to teens starting with a request for the teen to draw a picture of a blue whale starting at 4:20 a.m. Then demands start to increase with requests for the teen to watch horror movies, or secretly cut themselves, and some have even been instructed to jump off of a tall building. With each challenge the curator asks for a photographic picture to assure the challenge was completed. All of the challenges becoming riskier during a 50 day period and finally on the 50th day players are instructed to commit suicide. They also emphasized once the teens start playing that there is no way back because the curator threatens to come after the teen and the teen's family.

I know this is something no parent wants to believe their child would try, but it is important to watch for signs such as any postings on social media that your child may be viewing involving the “Blue Whale,” getting up at 4:20 am. Watching scary movies, or listening to music that was sent to them from the curator of the Blue Whale.

The Miami Police Department has created a video to explain The Blue Whale Challenge. The video shown below is quite revealing.

More Information About the Blue Whale Challenge:

Although states hundreds of deaths have not been proven to link to this challenge, the challenges are quite harmful. Any challenge for example that might ask teenagers to jump off a roof or to cut themselves is quite alarming and harmful. What are your thoughts on this?

Photo Caption: Pixabay, Geralt

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

7 Breathtaking Things That I Have Learned About Cabin Adventure

Family Vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

This was an awesome trip. I am so thankful to my awesome younger daughter, because she planned this family vacation trip. Also I am thankful to my awesome next to the oldest daughter that had plenty of snacks and kept plenty of water to keep us hydrated as we traveled on this trip. A special thanks to my awesome older daughter that did the majority of the cooking while we stayed in the cabin. I have awesome children and I am so blessed by God.

 Patriot's Cabin's in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is awesome

1. Pic Bennett'sBarbecue, located on 2910 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, Tn

They have been open for many years and they were not far from our cabin. Although we ate in the cabin the majority of the time, we had a taste for barbecue. I like that this place has the barbecue pit directly in front of the restaurant. The take out was excellent. They were friendly and the awesome manager gave my husband the Veteran's discount. Now how good is that?

2. Amusement Park and Activities

Did you know there is a strip along Parkway in Pigeon Forge that has all types of amusement including family comedy entertainment, Arcades, Adventure Raceway go karts, the Escape Room and much more. This strip reminded me of the strip in Las Vegas, it was so well lit at night, but the main difference is the majority of events were very family oriented and there were many kiddie rides for the little ones.

3. Sleeping

You can sleep as late as you like or get up early. I usually got up early.  As you can see below some of us had so much fun that we needed a nap. 

Relaxing in Pigeon Forge

4. Eating in

My awesome older daughter cooked most of the meals. All I had to do was eat. How good is that? Now because I was early to rise, I did cook breakfast and those that wanted to eat early were rising and shining for breakfast.

5. Night

I discovered at night it would get pitch dark and you really needed a flashlight if outside, unless you sat on the porch using the porch light.

6. Pool Table in the Cabin

I did not realize my granddaughter had tried shooting pool, but was holding the stick the wrong way. I guess that would explain why she could not hit the ball. She was just learning, so when her and I played I instructed her how to hold the pool stick and explained it just takes a little practice. We did have fund playing though.

7.Theater Room in the Cabin


This is an area that I believe children and adults loved. This was an awesome trip and my first time in a cabin. It was most enjoyable and peaceful. What are your thoughts about staying in a cabin?  I would love to hear from you.  

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why You Need to Visit Michigan Adventure

Michigan Adventure, located in Muskegon, Michigan has so many awesome and fun activities for the entire family. This is an awesome amusement park

Water Parks in Michigan

We were not able to see all that there was to see, but I had a great time. Some of the sites you will want to see when you get there are as follows: The Lagoon, Mine Shaft, Half-Pint Paradise and much, much more. 

1. Food

I was quite impressed with the food. I ordered chicken tenders and they were nice and tender as well as seasons just right.  I usually take a picture of my food, but their food was so great that I completely forgot.

Muskegon Water Park

2. Lazy River

This is an area with small blue tubing and the water is shallow. Children just love to play on the tubing in the water. They can get out and walk in the water as well.


3. Cork Screw

This is a a roller coaster for those of you that like the fast and high rides. It can be thrilling and exciting.

Michigan Adventure

4. Cyclone Zone-Tubing

This tubing started up on top of a high hill. It is as large as the tubing at Splash Village. The children seem to enjoy it and the fact that they slid down this tubing into lots of water. 

5. Commotion Ocean  (click on this link to see more)

What I like about this is that it appears to look just like the ocean. The name of it is very befitting for it also. You actually walk into it. When you hear the buzzer, you can expect a large wave to come. There were several attendants around overseeing this. Also the water is quite shallow. It is not uncommon to see people walking around in their bathing suits at this amusement park, because there is so large a water area.

6. Swan Paddle Boat

Although I am not big for riding the rides the group that I was with convinced me to go on the White Swan Paddle Boat. That was fun and good exercise for me paddling the boat.

Note:   I checked my pedometer on my cellphone.  That day I walked about 3 miles.  So as my grandson said, "Granny you got your exercise in just walking around the park."   That I did. 

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Do You Really Know What You Would Do?

We all might say what we would do in any given situation, but do we really know what we would do? I observed an incident recently that really moved me to action.

How many times have you heard people say, “ I would never do that.” or “Why didn't she just leave that low down person?” Sometimes it is not that simple, because in any given situation you may react differently. Think about the following incidents and imagine how you would handle them.

1. Incident One


I had a disturbing situation one day. As I shopped in the store I observed two ladies. One of them was in a riding cart. I could hear the one lady talking loudly to the other. Some of the remarks she made, really alarmed me. I did not know their relationship to each other as both were older ladies. The one lady stated, “Get out of the cart and sit over there to try on the shoes, you are blocking the aisle.” The fragile tiny lady obeyed. I watched as she walked to the seat, she could barely walk. I felt so sorry for her. Then the same lady that ordered her out of the cart made more remarks. She said, “Did you pass gas?” “Yes you did, you little: f****.” I would not repeat what she said. I asked myself, “Why would she treat the elderly lady like that?"

Walking Away

So I walked away. That was hard for me to do. I know this was none of my business. I prayed silently that this abuse would stop for this elderly lady. Then I thought, I cannot sit by and do nothing. I pondered what should I do? I thought she may curse me out, but so be it. I walked back past them again; she was still talking very badly to the elderly lady. I could see and feel the distress on the elderly lady’s face.

More Conversation

So I walked up to the lady that was talking so badly. I smiled at her and asked, “Are you having a bad day?” She responded, “Yes, she is just not doing anything that I tell her to do. “ “Her family does not want her, I am just the caregiver.” “Her and her brother lives with me." I responded, “I am sorry you are having a bad day, both of you ladies are beautiful ladies, but you know everyone deserves respect. No one deserves to be mistreated. She then replied, “I don’t mistreat her, I am the only one that takes care of her, cause no one else wants her.” This lady really felt justified.

Painful Words

We had more conversation. “Words can be very painful and can kill the spirit.” I emphasized to her. I tried to keep it on a positive note and told her, “I believe that you two will work this out.” “You both seem like very nice ladies.” At this point I did not know if she was going to curse me now or what. She looked at me and smile and said, “Thank you for talking to me.” She smiled, “grasp my hand and said, “God bless you.” Now in that instance, I prayed that I had given her something to think about. This incident was so compelling to me. I did not know how the outcome of this situation would be. It could have turned much uglier. I do not know if I will ever see the individuals again.  I just prayed that this woman does not continue to be abused like this.

I thought to myself, “Could I have done more?” I hope none of you ever are in this type of situation to witness, what I witnessed that day. Like I told the lady that day no one deserves to be mistreated.

2. Incident 2

A Fight

I recall a fight that was in my former neighborhood. I heard a great commotion. When I went to the door, I saw a lady that had a man in a headlock. Now someone had already called the police. When the police approached, she still did not want to let this man go. She eventually let the man go. Now could this have been avoided before it escalated to violence? I don't know, but it is good the police were there.

3. Incident 3

The Parking Lot

Now this was an incident that I think about what I might could have done differently and possibly used as a teachable moment, but I missed it. As my grandchildren and I were in the parking lot going to our car, a lady was calling her child every curse word there was urging her into the car. The young child looked so helpless and the mother was quite frustrated. If you could have seen the looks that my grandchildren gave that woman, it was unbelievable.

These were just a few incidences that I have sited. Think about other incidences that you may have actually witnessed. Could you have done more?

Photo Caption: pixabay, Public Domain

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