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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Puffy Eyes No More

Some people suffer with eye puffiness because of sinus drainage and others may just not get enough sleep. Whatever your reason there are solutions for that problem.

Puffy Under Eyes

1. Black of Green Tea Bags

Did you know that black or green tea bags are a great way to cut that puffiness in your eyes? Just soak the tea bags in hot water and allow them to cool down and apply them over your eyelids and cover with a soft cloth. According to the tea bags are loaded with antioxidants and plenty of tannis. They shrink swelling and reduce the fluids around the eyes. During the warmer months you can put the cooked tea bags in the refrigerator and just use as needed.  Also, I personally know that Black Tea is excellent to drink for your health and it is 100% natural. I tried it and I just love it.

2. Sleep

According to the Mayo Clinic, your lifestyle can play an important part in reducing puffy eyes. They suggest getting enough sleep at night and sleeping with your head slightly raised, because this prevents fluids from accumulating around your eyes as you sleep. I often have seen some actors and show hosts on television with the bags under their eyes. I wonder are they getting enough sleep. I recall Dr. Oz and Oprah when they started getting bags under their eyes, it was just very noticeable, but when Oprah started Her Own Network, she mentioned the long hours that she worked.

3. Simple Spoon

According to HowStuffworks, placing 4 or 6 teaspoons in the refrigerator to keep cold, when needed take one or two out and place them curve side down on each eye. I believe the coldness of the utensil is the keep. It cannot get much easier than that.

4. Other Alternatives

Allaboutvision talks about some of the cause of puffy eyes which could be such as over consumption of salt, sinus problems, and dehydration. They suggest simple things to do for the puffy eyes such as drinking plenty of fluids, iced compress, and eating potassium-rich foods, such as bananas. Just as your body needs rest, so do your eyes. Keep your body well hydrated.  I discovered that I sometimes forget to drink water. Has this ever happened to you? I now have an app on my cellphone that reminds me to drink water. I really like that. What have you done for your puffy eyes? I would love to hear from you. 


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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Congratulations You are Important. . . But are you a Nice Person?

It is nice to feel important, respected, and to be well-known. Everyone might like to feel important, but is it worth it if you have to step on others in order to do so?

More Importantly

1. Heavy Weight

Have you seen those that throw around their weight and status, just because they can? In other words, they are a big bully. Have you seen those that abuse their power just because they can? It makes you wonder did they ever consider that it was unnecessary and that possibly they could have been nice and considerate to others. Granted there may be some people that you cannot be nice to. There may be some people that may attempt to run over you when you are nice to them, but think about when you weigh whether it is more nice to be important or important to be nice.

2. Details

Have you considered it might be more important to pay attention to details? When you meet someone are you attentive to what their name is, what their likes are, what it is that they do? Do you mention their names several time during the conversation? Or is the conversation all about you and what you have, what you are doing in life? Is the communication just one sided?

3. Better Than

How many have alienated family members because they felt they were better than them? Do you know of those that feel because they have more material things, they feel their other family members are less than? Do you know of those whose parents have struggled to raise them, send them to college only to find that the "spoiled brat" does not appreciate it .

4. Humor 

Have you notice that some wealthy people will talk with humor? Have you ever noticed when some people are giving talks before an audience they may open with a joke to get the audience laughing and loosened up? Even though they may be important, they know it is important to be nice and sometimes funny as well.

5. Names

Have you ever been around someone that would throw big names around in an attempt to impress you? They probably only know of the person, but want you to think they are great friends with the person. I would say this is somewhat deceitful. Again, it is nice to be important, but more important to be nice.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you know anyone like this?

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

5 of My Favorite Articles

Although you may love writing, you may observe that there are some of your articles that seemingly perform better than others. People just seemed to like those articles more. I have a few that I would like to share with you.

New Mom Bloggers

      Click Below to read more:

Sleeping with the eyes open can also be hereditary. This is quite common in babies and usually stops between ages 12-15 months. When babies sleep with their eyes open some Pediatricians believe it may be that baby is spending more time in REM sleep.  This article was important to me, because I have often wondered why children sleep with their eyes open. At first I thought maybe they did not want to miss anything so they subconsciously kept their eyes open while sleep. It was amazing for me to see this.

      Click Below to read more:

According to Carina at children that chew on their clothes or pencils are adding extra feedback to the sensory system to get to a level for them to calm down and be alert with little effort; sensory children crave physical activity. She further suggests activities such as riding a bike, running,swimming, carrying a shopping bag from the car to the house, and for older children chewing gum, preferably sugar-free. These are a few very simple techniques. I have always made sure that I took my children and my grandchildren to parks and areas where they could run, jump, and ride their bikes often. Since this is a computer age, I definitely limit the amount of computer time while encouraging outdoor time with various activities. I have observed the difference in them for the good. I did research on this because I had observed this in my family and I wanted to know how to address this. Thank goodness for googling and the internet. Answers can be easily found. Possibly some of you can relate to this.

     Click Below to read more:

Jenny Melrose and Kim Vij talks about Why You Need to Get on Google +. She discusses several points such as expanding your audience by entering a keyword to find like minded people as yourself. I also discovered Crystal Van Tassel discussing How to Grow Your Blog Traffic With Linky Parties. She suggests linking to at least 4 circles within your nitch. Of course you could do more or less depending which are best for you. She explains how her page views has grown to over 100,000 presently. They talk about “evergreen content” ( content that is always relevant no matter what). She talked about coupon blogs that are urgent and that are live and now.

I was just static when I found this site. It made everything so clear to me. Also, I realized that it really does work. I was fairly new to Pinterest and linky parties. I did not have a clue, but I did learn and I am still learning, because technology is quite fast. When I found this out, I naturally wanted to share this with my readers. It was something that I just could not keep to myself.

    Click Below to read more:

As I watched the TV series “Halt and Catch Fire” I had no idea at first what this series was about. I discovered that this one group had formed a company from their house and was promoting games with interactions from the community. As the one member went to the houses of some of the gamers because of a networking issue he discovered the mother had canceled the subscription because her child had charged too much money to her credit card by playing the games. She suggested her child had no social life. Her child on the other hand felt differently. He suggested all of his friends played and they would chat to each other while playing. So some teens tend to view devices differently than their parents especially when they are not paying for it. Parents are you aware what pictures your children are taking and putting on social media? Are you aware of the game rooms that they are playing in? Are you aware of some of the people that they are talking too? When I think about it, teens have much more to deal with now than 100 years ago. The internet opens them up to the world. That can be good, but dangerous at the same time, because there is always lurking the predators that want to prey on innocent children. Of course, children may not see it that way, because they may have tunnel vision.

     Click Below to read more:


When joining a group board, you are able to reach a larger audience and also a different audience other than your present one. Remember there is power in numbers. You are able to display your blog or website to a larger group. Remember people from all over the country are pinning on Pinterest. Your product can be seen by more people than just yourself. I am glad that I have created several group boards as well as joined several. I have observed the audience increase. So I do believe there is power in numbers. Group boards give you great exposure also.

Photo Caption: Arkadi Bojaršinov,
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Do you have favorite articles that you would like to share? Sometimes it is good just to look back and remember some of the best ones.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Does Your Child Have Allergies?

Basically there are a variety of things that children can be allergic to. Once children have been diagnosed, it is important to protect your children as much as possible. Children allergies can be quite severe if they have an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction might be swelling of the face, eyes, and head, some impaired breathing, hives, and skin itching.
allergic reaction

1. Where to Inject Epipen. . . How to Dispose of an Epipen

The epipen usually requires a written prescription from your doctor. The epipen is a small hypodermic needle with medication already in the instrument for emergency purposes.  Do you know where to inject your child with the Epipen if your child were to have a reaction? According to, it is preferable to auto-inject to the anterolateral aspect of the thigh and not to the buttocks, digit hands, or feet, because of possible medical conditions that could cause a reaction. They further suggest if you have an epipen that has not been used and the expiration date has expired you should take it to a healthcare professional or hospital facility for proper disposal.

2. Types of Allergies

For the child that has food allergies, it is important to read the labels of certain canned foods. Be careful about going out to eat. For example, a child with peanut allergies might suffer from eating Chinese food, because some of the Chinese food is cooked in peanut oil. If there is pollen, dust, and mold allergies it is vital that children take the medicine that the doctor has prescribed or suggested. During pollen season it is hard to avoid not breathing the pollen. If the medication tends to make your child drowsy, you might want to administer it at night, this will all depend on the severity of the allergy and doctor recommendations. It is definitely important to dust the house and vacuum often. Keep the floors clean and keep the bedding clean as well. I have observed that many schools have become vigilant about taking steps to note about taking precautions to not have foods that contain peanuts, especially when celebrating a child's birthday. I know of one principal that promoted celebrating children's birthdays in the the gym with physical activities as oppose to bringing cakes or cupcakes to the school. The physical activities also promote good health.

3. Communication

Talk to your children about the allergies. Do it with love. Let children know why they are not allowed to eat certain foods. Especially if they have had an allergic reaction in the past. Explain why you do not want that to happen again. Children are very perceptive. 

4. Compile or Copy a List

Keep a list of all the things that your child is allergic to and keep that list with any medication, and epipen in a container to accompany your child wherever your child may go, whether it is over a relative’s house, to church, or even to the store. 

5. School

Make sure that your child's school has a copy of the allergy list. Make sure that your child's teacher is aware of the allergies, especially food allergies. 

6. Enabling

Finally, your child may have allergies, but your child is not an invalid. Let children know you love and care for them, but do not feel sorry for them and give them special privileges that you would not give your other children that are allergy free. That will only enable your child.

What do you do to protect your child that has allergies?

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Commons,Dan4th Nicholas from Cambridge, MA,USA,
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Do You Know the Funny Things Kids Say?

Sometimes just take time to listen to kids conversation. They can be quite funny. A few of the funny things kids say are listed below.

Funny kids

1. Baby

Several parents were in the park with their children. One of the parents told another little 4-year-old girl, "Bye baby." Her 3-year-old son said the same to the 4-year-old girl, "Bye baby." The 4-year-old little girl looked at the 3-year-old boy and responded, "You are not old enough to call me baby." "She can call me baby, but you need to be older before you can call me baby."

2. Barbecue

The grandfather was barbecuing. It was not done yet. The father came to pick up his granddaughter. The granddaughter politely asked the grandfather, “Grandfather can you send me some barbecue?” “Just send it in the mail.”

3. Bible Study

The parent said aloud, “I do not feel like going to Bible Study.” The child replied, “ Then if you don't feel like going, dont't go.” The parent replied, “ I will go because I don't want to miss a word that was meant just for me.”

4. Bumps

I have bumps on my stomach, said one child to his mother. He raised his shirt and took a deep breath  showing her. She thought he was referring to his nipples, but then he touched his rib cage. His mother said, “Those are your rib bones." (out of the mouth of babes.)

5. Directions

As the father was having trouble putting together an item for the house, the 5-year-old son came over and stated, “Maybe it would help if you looked at the picture.”

6. Dreams

The mother asked her daughter, “What did you dream about last night?” The 5-year-old daughter replied, “It is still going on, I just paused it.” Referring to the dream that is.

7. Fishing

The grandmother told her 5-year-old grandson that the grandfather was fishing. The grandson then said, Pray with me that grandpa will catch some big fish for the family." He then prayed," Dear God keep grandpa safe and let him bring home some fish for us to eat."

8. Gas

One 4-year-old kept passing gas. Finally the parent asked, “Do you think you might need to use the restroom?” She replied, “Yes.” So she went to the restroom and stayed there awhile. When she returned she stated, “I have some good news and I have some bad news.” “ I tried to booboo, but it was only gas.”

9. Introduction

This grandmother was at her 6-year-old granddaughter’s school. The teacher introduced the grandmother as the student’s grandmother. The student objected and said, “That is not my grandmother that is my Granny.”

10. Naps

One child complained, “Why do I have to take naps?” The mother explained that it was for her benefit since she was a toddler. The mother also added when you are in Kindergarten I will not require you to take a nap, because kindergartens don’t take naps

11. Obstacle Course?

Have you ever heard of a toddler saying, “ Follow me I will show you my obstacle course?”

12. President

A 5-year-old told his mother, “I want to become President of the United States so I can change the laws for you.”

13. Real Food

A child told his mother, “I am hungry.” His mother replied, “Would you like an apple?” The child responded, “Do you have any real food.?”

14. Sharing

One toddler told his mother, “Granny we will share you with our mother.”
Another child wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. The parent told him, “We do not have any money for that today.” She asked, “You don’t pay your bills?”

15. Sickness

 Another child said, “My daddy is sick, but he is not sick enough to die.

16. Stomach

One 4-year-old exclaimed, “ I’m hungry.” “ So that is why my stomach was growling.”

17. Sunday School

As a mother dropped her 4-year-old at church for Sunday School, the grandmother waited for her to bring in a change of clothing for the child after church. Apparently the grandmother was not moving fast enough. The 4-year-old stated, "Grandmother can we come on, they are missing me in Sunday School."

18. Spending the Night

The grandson told his grandmother, "I enjoy spending time with you, I like staying over your house, but I have been with you 2 days now, I need to see my mother."


The mother texted her son to make sure the grandchild was ready when she came by to get him. When she picked up her grandchild the child asked, “ Grandmother were you texting and driving?” She replied,”No, I pulled over in the store parking lot to text,”

20. Thinking Cap

Another 4-year-old was told by her parent that she needed to put on her thinking cap, but she could continue playing. The 4-year-old instead went into the front room and sat on the couch. The other siblings ask, "What is wrong?" "You can still play with us." The 4-year-old replied, " I am thinking."

21. Words

A mother told her 4-year-old child, “You did a great job.” The child responded, “Yes, stupendous.” The mother replied, “Where did you hear that word?” The child said, “I just know it means “cool.”

22. Work

A mother brought her son to work. It was "Bring your child to work Day." Her child sat in front of everyone and said, "Mom is this the guy you have to suck up to everyday?" (again out of the mouths of babes)

What funny things have your kids said? Please share with us.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

What is a Daddy?

A Daddy is very important to the family, just as the mother is. Many young girls are looking at their father to discover the type of man they want to marry.

My Daddy

The Daddy is important to the daughter and to the son. How many times have you heard a young man say, “My daddy was not there for me or I did not know who my daddy was.” Some may call their daddy dad, pops, or father.  Then others may have had a daddy, but had no relationship with their daddy.

Moral Compass

I recall my husband, who is a Viet Nam Veteran sharing with me that he was a Points Man in the army. He explained the Points Man would go ahead of his battalion to scout out any enemies or disasters that may be ahead of them. Someone has said that the father is like a Points Man or a moral compass for his family. He is always looking out for his family's well-being. He is a protector or a fixer. God has designed him that way. I recall one Father's Day my Pastor asked several men to come before the congregation and share about their fathers. Unfortunately, there was one that stated he honestly did not have any fond memories of his father, only negative ones. That was so sad to hear.


According to Dr. Gail Gross, girls tend to look for men that have characters like their fathers and boys tend to emulate their fathers. I have seen those that have said, “ I am nothing like my father or I do not want to be like that man.” In reality though there may be some characteristics where they are just like their father whether they like it or not. I recall that we did not have a car when I lived with my father and grandmother, but I remember catching the bus with him to go to the Carnival. I loved to go to the carnival. My father worked as a Porter at the train station in Gary, Indiana. I always loved to ride the train, it had a distinct smell that I really cannot describe.


Although my father nor my grandmother attended church, I discovered that my neighbors went to church every Sunday. My father allowed me to go with them. I wanted to know about God and what church was about. I started praying and asking God for what I wanted at a very young age. My father was kind and soft spoken, I had never heard him raise his voice, even when my mother would fuss at him often. Even when he punished me with a small tap on my legs, he always sat me down and explained why beforehand. He always let me know there was a consequence for my action.


A Daddy may be a mentor or not necessarily the biological father. While a mother is important, it is equally important for the father to take time with his daughters and his sons. I recall a young man telling me how much he respected his father and made it a point to not curse in front of his father out of respect. He pointed out that he was from a large family and that his father took time with him and his brothers to take them fishing and teach them to hunt. He proudly said that because of that he was an expert shooter.

Think about your father. Can you find any pleasant memories about him?

Happy Father's Day to Fathers  and to the single mothers that have been father and mother to their children.


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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

If you are Happy Clap Your Hands

Hand clapping started long ago. Hand clapping may be common for some, but have you ever really thought about some of the reasons people clap their hands? What are some of the reasons that children clap their hands?



Applause, was a sign of acclamation in the Ancient world. By applauding a performer we are giving that performer a pat on the back. Did you know that clapping in the Western Culture was in the theater. Also, politicians gauged their standing with the people by the applauds they received when they entered the arena. Do politicians today gauge from the applauds they get when giving a speech? What about when you hear a good sermon, do you clap your hands to let the minister no that you appreciate it? Everyone likes to be appreciated. Hand clapping is one way to do this.

Hand Clapping in Church

Psalm 47:1, “Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph! The bible talks about clapping your hands and shouting to God. When I look back over my life, the first church I attended was a Methodist Church. There was no hand clapping in that church. Nor very little in the second church I attended which was a Baptist church. When I first started attending my present church, I was not used to clapping during the praise and worship. In fact, there was so much clapping and praising I asked my daughter are you sure this is a Baptist church and not sanctified? I have observed that more Baptist churches are clapping and praising and as of today it is just natural for me to clap during the praise and worship. I am clapping and praising God, not anyone else.

I have visited several churches including my daughter’s church in the south. I was so comfortable at her church, it was almost like being at my own. The clapping and praise was awesome. I noticed a few just sitting around and just looking, but that is their right to do so. What about you? Do you clap your hands during your morning worship at church?


You can also clap your hands to get someone's attention.

The Song “Clap Your Hands”

I have seen many children sing this song, “If your Happy and you know it, clap your hands.” When you think about the lyrics, it makes sense, you are clapping to signify that you are happy. I have observed that it is a real catchy tune that children really seem to like. I have also observed that adults like it as well.
Some hand clapping issues revolve around cultures. The Western world does hand clapping because of appreciation, whereas the non-western parts hand clapping is more of a cultural rhythm. I believe this does help the soloist and let the soloist know that the effort is appreciated.

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