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Friday, June 15, 2018

Would You Allow Your Child to be Micro-chipped? (Update)

There are those that already have the microchip Implants which is about the size of a grain of rice.  Are you surprised the microchip implants are not only in dogs, but are in humans too? Humans are using microchips in a variety of ways.

micro-chip implant 

You may be surprised at the various ways that microchip implants are used. Some argue that the implants can invade a person's privacy. There are those that suggest that you may even see babies being micro-chipped for identity purposed when they are born instead of using the id tags that are presently used. With the expansion of technology who is to say that this will not occur? It may occur sooner that we think.

1. Monitoring

Yes the thought of micro-chipping a baby sounds scary, but according to humanhealth.com European babies born from Dec. 2016 will be micro-chipped. They further add that information from their cells can be sent to tablets so doctors and parents can monitor their children in real time. With this new age of technology. There have been those that have suggested a micro-chipped baby could not be kidnapped as easily.

2. Alerts to the Parent

According to the Washingtonian, the day may come that micro-chipping a baby can alert a parent of their child's every move ranging from babies temperature, heart rate, and much more. Again, it may sound scary, but it may become part of the future and possibly even mandatory. Parents may not have a choice as to whether they want the baby implant or not.

3. Pros and Cons of micro-chipping

According to richardvanhooijdonk.com some of the advantages of a microchip are no worry of losing your wallet, medical history easily accessible, automatic control of many of your devices, and the cons are that it could pose a threat to your health, it could make you a prime target for bad people, and it may not be beneficial to you and your circumstances. 

4. RIGID Implants

RIFID Implants (Radio-Frequency Identification chips) is basically a small computer chip connected to an antennae according to Tom Burgdhardt. He further adds although it does not require a battery, the reading range is less than an inch to about twenty or thirty feet, but a self-powered implant has a much longer range going directly to a computer system involving inventory control or surveillance. Now I know that there are those who are arguing and asking when does it go past surveillance and possibly become a controlled situation?

5.  Micro-chipping Company

According to USA today a company has already started micro-chipping employees. They further state it is not required by employees; it can be used to scan into the building, purchase food at work, and the company assures that there is no gps (global positioning tracking), but I wonder about that. Will your company be next?

6. Dr. Oz. Weighs in

According to Dr. Oz. 10,000 already have microchips embed in their bodies. He further adds that a chip can function as a drivers license, passport, and the government with just a swipe can see your entire medical history. This is just a further invasion of our privacy. So is it okay or is it the "mark of the beast?"


There are dogs that currently have microchip implants that are useful for tracking dogs. My daughter found a stray dog that really needed medical attention. This was a very small dog. After taking her to the vet, they discovered she did have a chip in her and they were able to locate the owner. I would have never imagined that the dog had a chip. There are those that have talked about the possibility of tracking device usage in humans.

7. Memory Restoration

Were you aware that according to Cnn.com, there are reports that 80,000 people have chip implants in their brain to help with short-term memory lost? There are a variety of usages for microchips in humans. I do not know what the future will bring, however, I do know that time and technology waits for no one. Could this be a possibility for Alzheimer patients? Even though microchips are in our credit cards, and chips are in our dogs, when we start putting chips in humans for government purposes it is questionable?

What are your thoughts on this concept of micro-chipping in humans.?

Photo Caption:

Wikimedia.org, lightwarrior2, Public Domain

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

8 Must Haves For Your Next Field Trip

When your kindergartner goes on that first field trip, you want to be prepared. Also, if you are going along definitely look at this checklist below to help you be prepared.


1. Change of Clothing and Boots

In the event your kindergarten might have an accident or were to get wet a change of clothing might be a good idea. Also, depending on where the field trip is you and your kindergartener might want to wear boots. For example if the trip is to a farm or a camp, boots might be perfect especially in Michigan weather. So often I have gone with children to these type of events and parents are dressing their children really cute, but not preparing them for rain or mud.

2. Mosquito Repellant

Often if it has been raining a lot, there will be mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will be attracted to a large group of children. Also, a backpack should hold most of your items. Thank God for the invention of backpacks. They are so convenient.

3. Bottled Water and Camera

Bring plenty of bottled water so as not to become dehydrated. Most cellphones have cameras on them. So take plenty of pictures for this memorable moment.

4. Snacks/backpack

Remember to bring plenty of snacks in your backpack. Backpacks are so convenient, because you can carry them on your back.

5. Sharpie Pen

Remember to bring a black marker. I really like the Sharpie Pens. You may need to mark lunches with your child's name, etc.

6. Rain

Yes you pray it will be nice and sunny, but you may want to bring an umbrella just in case. I recall a field trip. There was 30% of rain. When we arrived at our destination it was just beautiful weather. Guess what? The weather changed It did rain and it poured. Many were soaked. I came prepared with my umbrella. Thank you Jesus.

7. Sunglasses

Sometimes the sun can be fierce. You always want to protect your eyes from those UV rays. Eyesight is so precious.

8. Blanket

If you are traveling on a bus to your field trip, sometimes the air condition on the bus is very cold. Just in case be prepared with a blanket to keep you warm until you arrive.


Definitely remember the bus number that you ride on. There may be several other buses there from other schools. I recall a field trip at one particular school. The teacher forgot the bus number and was leading the children on the wrong bus. So have a great time and enjoy your kindergartener.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Are You Addicted to Your Cellphone? . . . Cellphone Addiction

Are you a slave to your cellphone? Do you find every time it rings or every time you receive a text, you are compelled to answer it immediately? Is it possible you are addicted to your cellphone?

Addiction Statistics

Do you have a phone addiction? Nearly everywhere I go, I see someone talking on their cellphone. It does not matter whether they are walking or driving it is just commonplace to see. Just the other day I saw this old woman walking with a cane very slowly. As she walked I observed she had her cane in one hand and her cellphone in the other hand as she walked and talked.  So it is the young and old that may have cellphone addictions. 

1. Withdrawal Symptoms

If you do not have your cellphone with you, do you start having withdrawal symptoms? Or Perhaps you have noticed increase usage on your part. These are several ways that psychologytoday.com suggests may be an indication that you are addicted to your cellphone.

2. Do You Sleep With Your Cellphone?

Did you know that sleeping with your cellphone could be dangerous to your health because the the LED light (blue light) can inhibit the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and emit wavelengths similar to daylight which makes the body think that it is daytime. That is according to Abcnews.go.com. They further suggest putting the laptop and phone in another room while you slumber. I recently had a conversation with an acquaintance that complained she was having trouble sleeping. She admitted during the conversation that she slept with her cellphone. I asked, “Why would you do that?” She explained, “I do not want to miss a call, someone might call me.” I explained the harmful effects of sleeping with your phone. I then thought, “ If you miss the call, can't they leave a voice mail or call back.” I also, thought, “Was she expecting a booty call or what?” I surely hope not.

3. Admitting You Have this problem

You may first need to admit you have a cellphone addiction problem. A few questions you might ask yourself according to komonews.com might include are you on the phone during social situations or family events? Do you go to sleep and awake listening for your cellphone? I have been to some events where I observed other people talking or texting on the cellphones the entire time. I thought to myself, “Why bother to attend the event then?” Where is the line drawn where you say? “This is enough.” I also can relate to several businesses that have signs stating to end cellphone conversation before coming to the counter. It is quite rude to continue talking on the cellphone while you are attempting to handle business with someone else.

4. Risk Taking

Do you talk on your cellphone at risk? Let me explain. I have been in the hospital and doctor's office. I often see signs requesting no cellphone usage beyond this point. After talking with a few people, they informed me it is possible that cellphones can interfere with the equipment in use. Now if you are there to have a test performed, you would not want a cellphone interfering and causing more problems. An alternative would be to go outside or to another area if you just have to use your cellphone.

At one point, I thought it was just women that sometimes were on their cellphones obsessively, but I have observed men are doing the same things.


I must admit, there have been times that I forgot my cellphone when leaving the house. It is a weird feeling. I felt naked. I would reach for my cellphone and it was not there.

5. Landline vs cellphones

I had a discussion with my grandchildren. They told me they had this discussion in school as they all are instructed no cellphone usage during class. They explained 2 children had their phones taken away, because of not adhering to this rule. During the discussion they shared there were some children that did not know what a landline (a main phone attached to the house with wires) phone was. I also shared when I was a child we did not have cellphones, so someone would have to call back. Since cellphones have the ability to take messages, why not let the cellphone take a message for you? That is provided it is not work related which is a different circumstance. Why be hostage to a cellphone?

6. Turn Your Cellphone off

Are there instances when you could turn your cellphone off? I recall a few of my grandchildren were coming to breakfast with their cellphones. They were on them the entire time. I requested that they turn them off during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I will not name him or her, since I have several, but my one grandchild almost became ill.; Suddently needing to take a nap.  That was unthinkable. My grandchild was lost without the cellphone. I (LOL) laughed out loud, but in reality this is not a laughing matter. I have observed several adults bringing their cellphones to the table also.  So some children are doing what they have seen their parents do. 

7. Statistics

In a study of over 1600 Managers and Professionals according to WebMD., 70% said they checked their phones within an hour of getting up. It was further added if you discover you are addicted try weaning yourself from your phone by 15 minutes, then 30, and finally 60 minutes.
Now if you have answered yes to any of the questions asked in this article, you might want to admit that you have a cellphone addiction. Although, I really like my cellphone and I have felt naked if for some reason I left home without it, I do believe I can honestly say I am not addicted to mine.

Photo Caption:  Wikimedia, by Picture Youth, Licensed by Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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Bloggers Meet & Greet June 2018. . . Father's Day

Hi everyone. This bloggers Meet and Greet we will talk about Father's Day. Father's day is June 17, 2018. Honor your father. Ephesians 6:1-3 1. Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. 2. Honor they father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise') 3. That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.


* * *You can feel free to return and post your blog here at anytime in the comment area below and not just in March.

* * *If you believe others will enjoy this, please feel free to share with your friends and on social media.

More guests are always welcome as this will provide more networking opportunities for you. Above all be sure that your blog post is family friendly.

Definitely, feel free to take advantage of this FREE networking opportunity.

Father's Day
Father's Day is June 17, 2018. Why not honor your father from the past or in the present. Did You Know that although the Catholic Churches celebrated fatherhood dating back to the Middle-Ages, it was established as a holiday on June 10, 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd according to En.Wikipedia.org? She originally suggested June 5 her father's birthday, but the pastors did not have enough time to prepare their sermons, so the celebration was deferred to the third Sunday in June.

Memories of My Father 

1. Hair

My father always kept his hair cut short. He would allow me to brush his hair. When I wasn’t doing that. I was trying to straighten my dolls hair with a real hot comb. I would put the hot comb on our stove, which was in the middle of our front room.

2. Stray Cat

I remember I always cared about animals. I found a black kitten. The kitten's eyes were all matted together. I asked my father could I keep it and nurse it back to help. I did just that. I recall always showing and instructing my father how to take care of the cat's eyes.

3. Boxing

I recall watching boxing on television with my father. He would sit and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and smoke a big fat cigar. Sometimes he smoked a pipe. The tobacco from the pipe would have a sweet aroma tobacco, but the cigar just stank.

What Memories do you have of your father?

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Friday, May 25, 2018

What is Funeral Etiquette? . . . 10 Important Things

I attended a funeral of a close friend. I discovered that she was doing the eulogy of her son's funeral. That was the first time I saw that. She also did a great job. So many times, I  assumed that the minister would do it.

Memorial Service

Wikipedia. Org defines eulogy as "as a speech or writing in praise of a person or thing."

Now for a long time I thought that only ministers did the eulogy at a home going ceremony. I discovered that is not always the case. Others are giving eulogy speeches.

1. Don't fight at a funeral.

This is just the wrong thing to do. When you fight, what type of example are you setting for your children? Tempers and emotions may be extremely sensitive at this time. This should be a time to not think about yourself, but to think about the family of the deceased. I recall as I drove past a funeral home, there were several police cars there and family members were arguing.

2. Don't play inappropriate music for the funeral

Music can be played during family hour or during the viewing at the funeral home. I went to a funeral where they were playing a rhythm and blues song that was talking about "bumping and grinding and making love. " This was quite inappropriate. There were small children there too. Maybe the deceased loved that song, but the funeral was not the appropriate place to play it, especially with small children present. I have heard many rhythm and blues songs that would have been much more appropriate.

3. Don't say anything, if you cannot think of something positive to say.

4. Do bring laughter to the family.

Laughter is so important during this time. In the article 

I emphasize how laughter helps you. The family is already grieving, so laughter can just help ease the grieving process. During remarks try to think of good times that you had with the deceased individual and share this. Do make positive and truthful remarks about the deceased.

5. Do Give a Hug

Sometimes you may not have the words to comfort your love one, but do give a hug. A hug says it all. I talk about the importance of hugging in the article:

 6.  Do Think Clearly

Do think of ways that you can help the family during this time. Usually immediate family members may not be thinking clearly. If this is the first loved one that they have lost, they may be at a lost as to what should be done. Usually the funeral homes are fairly helpful when planning the funeral.

7. Do Make an Offer

Do offer to help with a collage (pictures) of family members. This may be on display before the funeral. Also, CD's can be made to play during the family hour. This can be quite comforting and reassuring to view the pictures of family members and friends. If you have technical skills that might be helpful, offer them to the family.

I recall when my mother-in-law passed away. I assisted my brother-in-law with editing the pictures for the CD. We are a large family. There were many pictures, some of which I did not even know who the family members were, but that they were in the family. During the funeral many of the members could point out and tell me who that family member was.

8. Do View the Body

Do go by the funeral home to view the body, especially if you will not be able to attend the funeral. Plan to attend the family hour. This is a time to console the family. This is a time to let them know that they are not alone. Sometimes you do not have to say anything, maybe give them a hug as I mentioned earlier.  Also,  a smile definitely may help.   Let them know that you are there for them. Your kind words can mean so much to them.

9. Do write a poem, If you are good at doing that.

10. Do Show Respect

Do be respectful of others and offer money to the family. There is no need for rudeness or disrespect. Funerals are expensive. All families may not have insurance for the cost of the burial.


There was a time that black clothing was always worn to a funeral. Now I have seen different colors and several times "all white." The white to represent the deceased home-going to the Lord. In fact I recall a funeral where all the immediate family wore all white. It was a lovely site to see.

Photo Caption:

Pixabay, CCO Creative Commons 

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Friday, May 18, 2018

How Would You Rate Your Mental Health?

How good is your mental health? Are there issues that you may need to address? Do you take the time to just relax and meditate from time to time?


Your mental health may be more important that you think. Balance is the so very important in maintaining good mental, physical and spiritual health.

1. Positive Impact 

According to helpguide.org doing things to positively help others will build your self-esteem. I see it as a win/win situation, because both you and others will benefit. What do you think? They further emphasize connecting with others by spending time daily with people that you like. I have found that that is so important. My husband and I  took a trip previously and met with my sister and brother-in-law at a resort. Although, we live in different states and do not see each other often, it was quite pleasurable to enjoy each others company and share this time together. We reminisced about childhood days and future goals. This was quite refreshing. It was only for a couple of days, but it was well worth the time. You may also like:

I find that talking to others about themselves or their families causes good connections. Who does not want to talk and brag about their families? Just letting others know that you care and that you are concerned is good, because you never know what others may be experiencing at that time.

2. Throwing a Ball

Do you constantly ask questions and observe your surroundings. Have you ever observed young children? I have noticed all the questions that they ask. Their brains are like sponges soaking in all the information they receive. You want to exercise your brain by doing the same. Also throwing a ball improves your hand-eye coordination and keeps them sharp well into old age. Again, observe children, they seem to love to play ball. I recall as a child that there were many children in my neighborhood. We would all gather to play kickball. Children were even coming from other neighborhoods just to play with us. I loved that game.

3. Read a Book and Reduce Your Stress
Did you know that there has been new research that suggests reading a book can increase your intelligence according to realsimple.com. They further add that reading may reduce stress up to 68 %.  Also,   Mayo Clinic suggests that reading a book before bedtime may help you wind down. I know that is right. I have definitely found that to be true for myself. Do you recall reading a novel and actually feeling many of the sensations or events that you were reading about? I have experienced that. I was reading a novel about a girl that had been mistreated during childhood. As I read, it was as though I could feel those awful feelings that she was feeling.

4. Quiet Your Mind

According to the University of Michigan meditating and prayer can improve Your state of mind. I have also found that deep breathing is very beneficial to me. Sometimes we
do not think about our breathing as we go through our daily tasks. It is important to be aware that our emotions may affect our breathing. For example for those of you that like scary movies, your breathing may change rapidly in that instant. Your heart rate may speed up. It is important not to stay in a “flight or fight” mode all of the time, because the body needs to rest at some point in time.


Remember you are never too old to learn. Learning new experiences, attempting new endeavors, and reading are just a few things that can keep your brain alert.

Photo Caption: Pixabay

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Friday, May 11, 2018

5 of My New Favorite Things (OMG)

When I learn about something that really helps me out, I want to share it with you. Besides the fact that these things help me, I really like them. I just had to let you know about them.


I really love my favorite things. I wish I new about them sooner.

These can be found at a variety of places such as Meijer, Walmart, and Office Depo. They are fairly inexpensive ranging from $30.00 and up. I have purchased Dash Cams in the past from Walmart and Meijer and had great success with them. They instantly can be mounted inside your vehicle on your front window. They come with single footage or rear and front footage. You would be surprised at how helpful they may be to you. The disc for recording is usually sold separate.

My dash cam was useful during an incident when a teen-age girl was assaulted. She and the 2 teens that assaulted her ran directly in front of my car as she attempted to get away. I was thankful that I did not hit them with my car. When the police came, I was able to assist by giving the police the disc from my dash cam that recorded it all. The pictures were very clear and distinct. God had me at the right place at the right time. Maybe you can think of an incident that occurred with your vehicle. Possibly a dash camcorder would have captured and recorded everything.

Now the ingredients are Lavender and Chamomile. I remember bathing my babies in this. I thought if it is good for babies maybe it is good for me. I tried it in the shower. It is amazing. I see how it relaxes a baby. If you have ever taken a muscle relaxer, then you have an idea how well this baby bath works on adults. It is so relaxing. I sleep well, but the sleep after using this product is even better.

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Do You Know About Poo Spray?

I purchased mine at Walmart. It was very inexpensive. It was one of the best things that I could do. I have had mine for some time now. The newer ones are wireless also and you just lay your cellphone on top of it to recharge. Even though you may keep your cellphone charged, there may be instances where you discover it needs a charge. If you are out and about, this cellphone instant charger may be just what you need.  You can use it anywhere.   Just plug it into your cellphone and it will charge your phone in a matter of minutes. No electrical outlet is needed. How awesome is that?

These also are inexpensive. I have purchased them 4 for $1.00 or even as low as 8 for $1.00 I like them because they are not messy like the old paste. They come in handy for envelopes or odd papers. The sticks slides the glue on easily without any mess. Easy for children to use too.

These are Also, only $1.00. Now you can also find word-finds on the internet, but I prefer the actual book. That is my preference. My favorite word-finds, are chicken soup for the soul, Bible word-finds, and Jumbo Print.  Word-finds are good for keeping the brain active. 

Photo Caption:  Wilicommons

What are some of your favorite things?

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