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Saturday, June 22, 2019

4 of My Additional Linky Party Picks for 2019

* * * An Ah ha Moment* * *

What Is a Linky Party

I have joined several linky parties. I have discovered that there are a few of them that I tend to like more than others even though all of them are good for great exposure. I am listing my top 4 linky parties that I really enjoy. Let me tell you why.

1. Weekend Blog Hop at Flagstaff Home

I have only been blogging at this blog party since April 2019, but I am sure it will have a long life. Jennifer maintains this blog party and does a wonderful job. You will see over 40 blog posts here. You will see posts about gardening, scripture, scrapbooking and much more.

2. Inspire Me Monday Linky Party

The owner of this site is Janice Wald. I really like this linky party because of the vast amount of information found here. Besides the party here I can always find a post here from Janice for several days of the week. After subscribing to her I can always expect numerous blogging tips in my email. In fact I really look forward to them. Also, I discovered at this linky party 18 facebook groups where I can post my blog articles.

3. Inspire Me Monday Create With Joy

What can I say about this linky party? I have been posting at this party now for several years. I like that this party unlike a few other parties always is open to new postings on Monday’s as they state. Here you will find over 200 posts. I always find something of interest here at this site. Here you will find post regarding health and running, great food recipes, baby shower ideas, remarkable places to travel and much more.

4. Blog Share on Facebook

This is a private group on Facebook and you must join to post on it. I have been posting there for several years. Although it is on Facebook I like that it is well organized. I have found interesting posts on this site. Brian and Felecia are moderators for this site. They are dong a very good job with maintaining this site. Again, I find several interesting posts here too. Generally for every post that you post you need to share another’s post. I do not think that it too much to ask.

What are your favorite linky parties? I would love to hear from you.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

(Ouch) Premenstrual Cramps are Real

There are several options available for relief of menstrual cramps. I sure wish I knew about them when I was a teenager I would be miserable with cramps.

Menstrual Cramp Relief

It was no joke; I vomited, passed out, and was almost bed ridden because of Menstrual Cramps. When the doctor gave me medication, I was so relieved. I had suffered with menstrual cramps for many years. After I had my first baby, I no longer needed the medication the cramps were gone. Yea!!!

1. Diet

According to too much sugar and too many carbs at once are a strong inducer of inflammation. They further add that eating fiber and vegetables are helpful. Now that I think about it that was my downfall. The week before my menstrual I would crave sugar and sweets. I discovered that chocolate milk or cow’s milk was a big offender for me during my menstrual cycle. I recall so many years of pain and misery.

2. Cause of Menstrual Cramps

According to menstrual cramps may be caused by too many prostaglandins (a chemical that causes the uterus to contract), fibroid, low thyroids, and ovarian cysts. That is why it is so important to get a doctor’s diagnosis. There could be one or numerous things causing the cramping.

I remember sometimes when I had the cramping; it felt like someone was literally hitting me in the stomach with their fist. It would actually cause me to double over in pain.

3. Possible Alternatives

Webmd mentions to rest when needed, avoid foods that contain caffeine and salt, no usage of tobacco or drinking alcohol, and making exercise a part of your weekly routine. Possibly you have done all of this and the menstrual cramps continue. It is ultimately important to see a doctor if menstrual cramps persist or are severe, like mine were.

4. More Alternatives suggests soaking in a hot bath, or applying heating pad to the lower abdomen, chamomile tea, vitamin d, and taking vitamin D to help with reducing menstrual cramps.

What do you do for menstrual cramps?

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

4 of the Best Benefits of Black and Green Tea

When I think about black tea vs. green tea, or orange pekoe tea, I discovered that I do like black tea sometimes called breakfast tea.

black tea versus green tea

There are numerous health benefits to drinking black tea. On one occasion when I was at breakfast, the restaurant did not have any orange pekoe tea, so I tried the black tea and discovered I could not tell a great difference between the two.
1. Black and Green tea statistics
I have often heard that black and green tea was good for you, but I never really knew why. Did you know that Green and black teas have 10 times the amount of antioxidants that fruits and vegetables have? That is according to I have family members that just love green tea.
So possibly instead of having that morning cup of coffee, you might want to have a morning cup of tea. Also, both green and black tea come from the same plant called Camellia semisis.
2. Black tea (Did you know?)
Black tea contributes to over 90% of the tea sold in the West, according to Among some of the health benefits of black tea are cancer prevention, skin and hair health, digestive tract function, brain and nervous system, and the immune system. I remember someone commenting to me about how clear my skin was. Although, I did not think about it at the time, that is something I may have taken for granted. I do drink tea as opposed to drinking coffee. That is just my preference.
3. Antioxidants
Green teas have basically some of the same health benefits as black tea. It has been shown that the antioxidant in green tea is 100 times more effective than Vitamin C and 25 times better than Vitamin E. According to
4. Polyphenols
Green tea contains anti-oxidants called polyphenols which help fight against aging and promote longevity. Do you have trouble with arthritis? Green tea reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis by protecting the cartilage and clocking enzymes that that destroy cartilage. In addition, are you worried about Alzheimer’s? Green tea will help boost your memory. It slows the process of reduced acetylcholine in the brain, which leads to Alzheimer’s. So the next time that you drink tea, think about all the benefits.
I have found that green tea makes me really gassy. I just love black tea and I have no problems drinking it. . . . I have observed that some of the waitresses at various restaurants are not aware of what black tea is or if some of their various brands of tea are 100% natural. What is your favorite tea?
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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Bloggers Meet & Greet June 2019. . . Father's Day

Hi everyone. This bloggers Meet and Greet we will talk about Father's Day. Father's day is June 16, 2019. Honor your father. Ephesians 6:1-3 1. Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. 2. Honor they father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise') 3. That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

My Daddy


* * *You can feel free to return and post your blog here at anytime in the comment area below and not just in June.  

* * *If you believe others will enjoy this, please feel free to share with your friends and on social media.

More guests are always welcome as this will provide more networking opportunities for you. Above all be sure that your blog post is family friendly.

Definitely, feel free to take advantage of this FREE networking opportunity.

Father's Day is June 16, 2018. Why not honor your father from the past or in the present. Did You Know that although the Catholic Churches celebrated fatherhood dating back to the Middle-Ages, it was established as a holiday on June 10, 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd? She originally suggested June 5 her father's birthday, but the pastors did not have enough time to prepare their sermons, so the celebration was deferred to the third Sunday in June.


Memories of My Father's

1. Hair

My father always kept his hair cut short. He would allow me to brush his hair. When I wasn’t doing that. I was trying to straighten my dolls hair with a real hot comb. I would put the hot comb on our stove, which was in the middle of our front room.

2. Stray Cat

I remember I always cared about animals. I found a black kitten. The kitten's eyes were all matted together. I asked my father could I keep it and nurse it back to help. I did just that. I recall always showing and instructing my father how to take care of the cat's eyes.

3. Boxing

I recall watching boxing on television with my father. He would sit and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and smoke a big fat cigar. Sometimes he smoked a pipe. The tobacco from the pipe would have a sweet aroma tobacco, but the cigar just stank.

4. Birthplace

My father was from Dundee, Mississippi. He had a very strong southern accent. He used to tell me how he picked cotton in the cotton fields as a child. As an adult he became a Porter for a train station. I remember riding on the train with him. The station had a distinct business smell.

5. Soft-Spoken

 My father was soft-spoken but he said what he meant and meant what he said. He was adamant about that.

6. Transportation

 Although we never had a car, we would walk or ride the bus wherever we wanted to go. I do not remember wanting for anything.

7. Good Cook

My father knew how to cook and I loved when he cooked greens, but I hated hot water cornbread. I never have liked hot watered cornbread to this day. 

 8. Reading

I started reading at age 3. I was hungry for knowledge. There were no other books in the house but the Bible. I knew nothing about a library. My father would sit patiently with me as I asked what was this word, what was that word? I was so fascinated with the bible, especially with God creating the world and creating Adam and Eve.   

What Memories do you have of your father?

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Friday, May 31, 2019

(OMG) What is Mom Shaming?

Have you been mom shamed? Or better yet have you been mom shaming? Exactly what is mom shaming? Are you mom shaming and your not aware of it? Learn more at

Shaming Moms

What is good for your family may not be good for another. Mom shaming is judging others from your own mom experience, voicing it openly or on social media, and possibly making the other feel less than. It is a type of bullying. Have you seen those that mom shame your children while they act as though their children are perfect angels.

1. Examples of Mom Shaming

These are only a few of mom shaming examples. How many can you think of?

A. If you are not a stay at home mom you are harming your children

B. I would never let a nanny raise my children

C. Single mother- Why aren’t you married

D. Snacks should be gluten free

2. Your parental choice

I was at an event where the children required helmets on their head for protection. There were about 50-60 children. I observed that they were not wiping the helmets down before the children put them on. I asked the attendant why? She responded, “ Oh we wipe the helmets down before the event.” I would not let my child participate and told the attendant not wiping them down after each child put on that same helmet was unsanitary and there were lice problems in several schools. Now another parent standing behind me said, “ Oh I don’t care my child can wear the same helmet, kids get lice, mine have had them before, no big deal.” Now that is the choice she made for her child, but I did not need to hear that. Eventually the attendant found me later and showed me she had spray and towel to wipe down helmet for my child. I was elated and glad I stuck to my decision.

3. Mom Shamed by a Stranger or So-called friend

Have you ever had a stranger come up to you and tell you what you should be doing with your children? For example, “I would never let my children run around in the store like that.” Maybe that person forgot your children are not her children.

 Not all times but sometimes solicited advice can be helpful. For example my first baby as a little one would cry a lot and was fidgety in church. I did not realize babies are babies. All babies will not be quite in church their only way to communicate to you is to cry and holler. Anyway, I was at my wit’s end. The first lady at my previous church asked to hold my baby. She took my 5 month old and sat her in her lap upright with her arms snug around her. My baby immediately started falling to sleep in her arms. That was a welcome relief.  She did not judge me verbally, but assisted me at the right time. 

4. Judgmental family

Thank goodness for my sister-in-law. When my daughter was about 10 months I struggled to get her to take a nap. She thought she might miss something. When we were visiting my sister-in-law she did not say a judgmental word but instead said, “ I'm taking my niece upstairs and we are going to take a nap.” Sure enough my daughter would go right to sleep with her. I learned something new. Taking a nap together.  She could have been verbally judgmental, but instead stepped in at the right time when I needed it.  

Remember what is right for your family may not be right for another.

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What to Know Before Leaving for College

A Few College Tips. . . . .

Now that you are preparing to leave home for college, have you done the things that you need to do before you leave? Did you know there are various things that are critical for you to know before leaving?

Best College Tips

You will have a lot to contend with after you leave for college. You want to ensure that you have done many of the things that will help to assure you have the tools to deal with some of the stumbling blocks that you might encounter.

1. Prayer

Hopefully prayer has been a part of your life on a daily basis. In the event it has not it is not too late to start now. It will not hurt to make sure you and your family pray for God’s guidance to keep and protect you while you are away from home.

You will be living in a dorm with someone that may have different values. You pray that you will be able to live together peacefully and that you will remember what your parent's have taught you. I recall my one daughter that left for college was miserable the first couple of months, because there was one student that would borrow nearly everything that everyone had without asking. Her and the other 2 roommates were locking all of their things up because of this. Eventually that student was thrown out of the dorm. She then said life for her and her other 2 dorm roommates was more bearable.

2. Registration

When staying in the dorm, you will need several things.Almost like furnishing a new apartment.  There are some stores that now allow you to have a student registry before leaving for college. Yes the register is similar to a baby or wedding registry. So you and your parents sit down and access some of the things that may be needed, for example, towels, fans, outlet plugs, etc.

3. Orientation

Now this orientation should prove interesting. I remember attending orientation with my daughter for college out of town. I was surprised to learn that the dorm she was staying in was co-ed. They explained that they treat these young adults as adults, even though the parents may be still thinking of them as their "babies." They give you policies and procedures for the school and dorms.

Depending on the size of the college, you should come prepared to do a lot of walking. I recall when it came time for my daughter to register; the registration office now says they are missing several important papers required for my daughter’s registration. The strange thing was I called before we left and the college assured us they had everything they needed. We had traveled many miles like about 9-10 hours. Now they had suddenly disappeared. Naturally, since they seemingly were lost, they were willing to give me a loan for the financial aide information that was also missing now. Next, according to the registrar’s office I cannot enroll my daughter without the missing information. Even my work verification, they seemingly lost. So thank God, I had copies of everything they needed at home and my other daughter faxed everything we needed. My place of employment was very helpful and faxed that information too. I never could have imagined something like this happening. So you always need to have a plan B.

In addition to that, it was about 90 degrees and it felt more like 100 degrees. I hope none of you ever experience anything like this. That was definitely a learning experience for me.

3. Morning or Night Person

By this time you should know your body rhythm. Some people are morning people and others function better in the afternoon.    If you know hat you  hate getting up early in the morning, then consider registering for classes that are later in the day if that is possible. I remember one of my children that always preferred getting up late so she planned her college classes accordingly.

4. Credit Cards

Have a talk with your parents regarding credit cards. There will be companies that are readily willing to offer you credit cards. In fact you may find yourself bombarded with credit card offers.    Always remember that credit card debt can mount up and will need to be paid back. Proverbs: 22:7, The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

5. Nearest Urgent Care Center

Your Young adult needs to know where the nearest urgent care center is in the event of a medical emergency.

These are just a few things for your young adult to keep in mind. What other things would you suggest for a student to know before leaving for college?

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Choose Your Weight Loss Journey

* * * 4 Things You Should Know * * *

Have you been struggling with how to lose weight? Possibly weight gain has been a problem for you most of your life. Do you feel hopeless when it comes to your weight?

weight loss tips

Possibly changing your attitude about losing weight may be a key factor to help you. Have you ever considered starting a weight loss journey? It may be that you can view losing weight as a journey rather than a chore or a job. View this journey as a cross-country and not a sprint.

1. Journal

Have you tried journaling? Journals can be used in nearly everything. Why not journal regarding your weight and the goals that you have for losing your weight. I am a firm believer that it becomes more viable when you write something down and when you visualize it as well. When you journal you have a visual record of what is really going on with yourself. It makes it easier to make adjustments where needed.

Sometimes you may want to question why or when you are overeating. As a young girl growing up I had a friend that was on the heavy side. I on the other hand was always thin. I was always trying to gain weight throughout school, until one day I just accepted to be happy with the way that God made me. How many of you know that sometimes we want to look like someone else or be like someone else? Or possibly you wish you had something that the other person has? One day I asked my friend about her eating habits. She told me when she felt bad she would turn to food for comfort, but afterward she would feel bad. I on the other hand was just the opposite when I felt bad I would not eat. Food did not taste the same. There would be this bad taste in my mouth. It was as though we both ate and did not eat for the same reasons only she was heavy and I was very thin. Although I cannot identify with being heavy I can identify with being thin and not liking it at the time.

2. Journey

Sometimes a journey does not occur immediately. Sometimes it may take days, months, or years. It is important to be observant of yourself and your surroundings while on the journey. I am so amazed when I see people testifying about the 100 pounds that they loss. I am even more amazed when they show before and after pictures. This is definitely a tell all. I recall a co-worker showing me a picture of her weighing many pounds. I was surprised, because I never knew that until she showed me the picture. To look at her now, who would have guessed?

Acts 1:7

And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.” Things happen in God’s time not yours. There may be times we want to rush God.  Does this sound familiar?   You may think this weight loss is taking to long. Possibly you feel exhausted and want to give up. Don’t give up, but persevere.


Have you asked yourself, “How is your attitude?” Besides diet, exercise, and lifestyle, attitude is everything while on your weight loss journey. According to Mayo Clinic staff you should be positive and focus on how good you’ll feel when you weigh less. They further add to picture yourself celebrating every success about this journey. I could not agree more.

4. Gratitude

I am a firm believer that practicing gratitude can definitely affect your well-being for the better. There are so many things that you can find to be grateful for, just look around you. Gratitude is a practice. If at first it feels strange just continue practicing it. It does get better.  Gratitude can become a lifestyle.  What are you grateful for?

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