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Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Positive Challenge

With so much negativity in the world today, you can always use positive words to uplift, motivate, and encourage others. Positive thoughts and positive quotes are very uplifting to the spirit. My challenge for you today is to comment below this post with a positive word beginning with the first letter of your name.

                                          positive thoughts

                                           ***Good News***

Positive Phrases are just as important as positive Words.

1. I Can

Often I recall my children saying, “I can't.” I would tell them that is a phrase that is not allowed. Instead I would suggest them to replace it with “I can.” I would remind them there is nothing to hard for God no matter what a situation may look or feel like. My Pastor often says, “I am who God says I am.” That is so true. People may want to label us and put limits on us, but there are no limits with God. 2Nd Corinthians 5:21 tells me that I am the righteousness of God. I recall a Principal talking to third and 4th graders. Something she said that really stuck in my mind was that employers are looking for what people can do for them. I agree. They do not want to hear what you cannot do, but what you can do.

2. What Praise Does

Did you know that praise will edify (buildup) your children and also help your children to feel good about themselves. According to Gwen Dewar,Ph.D. at it is important to be sincere when praising kids, because they may feel that you are feeling sorry for them. Possibly you have not been praising your children, because you never received praise as a child. Well you know what? It is never too late to start doing so. Praise from a parent to a child is so important, because your child really wants your approval. That parent child bond can be so important.

3. Encourage Yourself

It is good when others says positive and encouraging things to you, but it is even better when you can encourage yourself; That self talk that you give to yourself. According to What you think in your minds will eventually become what you believe. This is nothing new because in Proverbs 23:7 it states, "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he." So changing your way of thinking is quite important and beneficial to you.

4. Choose Life

Thank God that He gives us choices. We can decide some things for ourselves. You choose what you say and how you say it. Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. How many times have you injured someone with your negative words? Words are very powerful. Some of your most cunning thieves, liars and murderers have skills in using their words to get what it is they want. There are those that master their words for evil.

5. Reduce Stress

According to by getting into the habit of using empowering and positive words this type of vocabulary will empower you to feel good. Just think about it when you compliment someone with a positive word it is a win/win situation. You and the other person feel good about it. Positive word usage is very empowering. It is important to make it a habit. I remember long ago when I started intentionally using positive words. It felt strange and almost like Greek to me. I discovered the more and more that I did it, it became natural for me. Now I have no problems using positive words and giving compliments to others. I recall my Pastor taught about edification. He emphasized the importance of building others up. I will never forget that lesson.

6. Happier

I believe that everyone wants to be happy. Many are even searching for happiness in all the wrong places. According to the brain’s reaction is heightened when it hears positive words. Have you observed people’s expression when you say something positive about them? A type of calmness appears on their face.   Try looking in front of a mirror and say positive things about yourself. The body is made to react to kindness. Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made: your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” There is a time and place for everything. Just because you think about something negative doesn’t mean that you need to say it. There are those that may have diarrhea of the mouth, but it does not have to be that way. Remember you always have a choice.

7. Joy

I recall my daughter asking me why I decided to name her Joy. I explained she was named after a co-worker that I worked with. This lady was always joyful and bubbly. I thought to myself when I have another child I will name her Joy. Although my daughter was not always joyful as a baby she cried a lot. My other children would ask me, “ Mama did you bring the right baby home?” I assured them I did because I was awake during delivery, but I almost did not. As the nurse proceeded to put the label on me and my baby she addressed me as Mrs. Johnson. I told her. “I am not Mrs. Johnson.” She hurriedly took the labels off and found the correct ones, which I verified right then on the delivery table. I feel sorry for those in delivery that are not awake until after their delivery, but each delivery is different.

Finally again this is just a reminder to leave a positive word in the comment area starting with the first letter of your name. This should prove interesting.


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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Brown-eyed Blue-eyed Exercise

Prejudice is something that has existed for a long time all over the world and discrimination is not pleasant to feel. To experience discrimination is a feeling of being violated. There was an exercise that was performed in schools, prisons, and even on the Oprah Show to examine prejudice.


                                             ***Good News***

 1. What Is Prejudice?

According to the dictionary prejudice is a preconceived opinion or feeling, possibly hostile nature regarding an ethnic, racial, social, or religious group.

2. Is Prejudice inherited?

Have you really thought about it? Babies are born innocent. They learn about prejudice in various different ways. Prejudice is taught. According to you may think of yourself as a person striving to be unprejudiced, but in reality you can’t control split-second reactions that may show negative words and Black faces are paired, which may suggest racially biased messages from the culture around you which have shaped your wiring of your brain.

3. Exercise

I first saw this exercise when I was in college. This exercise was used as a basis to help children understand about prejudices and how they exist. Several years later the same group of children were brought together as adults to discuss the experiment that was done. They discussed how it affected them and how it gave them perspectives as adults.

The same experiment was done in a prison with adults. It was amazing to see that there were only a few prisoners that actually stood up and said, “That is a bunch of crap.” Then there were those that were actually believing and agreeing that brown-eyed people were better and more smarter than brown-eyed people by offering excuses to support their statements.

One thing that I took away from Jane Elliott is that she said, “God created the races, but humans created racism.”

4. Black Lives Matter

There are those that are saying, “All Lives Matter.” The only problem with that is that if all lives mattered there would not be the innocent killing of blacks at the hands of law enforcement. Law enforcement should protect all not just some. Even though laws are in place the law itself seemingly is only enforced sometimes not all times and on some law breakers not all law breakers. There is a double standard in America. People are tired of the oppression that has gone on for years. The legal system is grossly misused at times. Blacks receive harsher sentences in comparison to whites that may commit harsher crimes. In other words it is a different type of slavery, but it is slavery.

5. My First Experience with Racism

I recall at age 15 traveling south to a National Baptist Convention with a deacon and his wife from our church. I needed to use the restroom. The deacon stopped at a small gas station. The owner came out and met us with a shotgun. The deacon asked where the restroom was. The owner replied, “Someone just stole the key and ran away up in those mountains.” We politely left.

6. How You are Treated

I recall a conversation my daughter and her best friend had. My daughter is very light skinned while her friend was very dark. My daughter shared an experience she had with someone judging her by the color of her skin. My daughter’s best friend replied, “I get judged all the time by the color of my skin.” “You are just finding out what it feels like.” I guess I had really sheltered by children a good portion of their life and attempted to raise them not to judge others by the color of their skin, but I neglected to prepare them that there would be many that will judge them by their color.

7. Working

I used to have a co-worker and her name was Betty.  Her cubicle was right next to mine.  We were good friends and I considered her a just and fair person. Clients would get us mixed up by having the same first name. We would have a running joke that we were salt and pepper. At her funeral her children shared that she would always stand up for injustice. That was who she was. They shared a young black boy needed to use the restroom and the attendant at a train station kept ignoring the boy. They told me Betty grab the boy’s hand and went up to the attendant and demanded to know where the restroom was. She then took him there.

8. Prejudice within Your Own Race

There has even been prejudice within our own race. I have seen light-skinned relatives call darker relatives black. That did indeed initiate a conversation at the time. There was no time for me to wait until later. Address the issue then. There is a difference between preference and stereo-typing. I have known friends that prefer dark-skinned men over light-skin black men and visa versa. I have known friends that prefer tall men as oppose to short men. Myself included. I have been guilty. It is important to not stereo-type but learn to know people before assuming things because of their color or height. There are those that stereo-type large or skinny people. I once had a large man dance with me and tell me, “ You need some meat on your bones.” He then asked me for a second dance and I replied, “ No thank you I need some meat on my bones. (lol)

9. Different types of Prejudices

According to prejudices can be based on Racism, sexism, ageism, classism (your social class status), Homophobia (feelings toward lesbian, gays, or transgender), Nationalism, religious prejudice, or xenophobia (dislike of people from other countries). They further add that you can reduce prejudice by gaining public support and awareness for anti-prejudice social norms and making people aware of the inconsistencies in their own beliefs.

10. The Leader

When a leader does not address a major issue that tells you something about that leader. When a leader does not address the systemic racism in the country that tells you something about the leader. I do not agree with the violence, but it seems the leader is more concerned with the looting and violence rather than the root cause of it. Addressing the root of a problem is so essential. People are angry because they feel the leader does not care. When a person shows you who they are, believe them.

Finally, being prejudiced is a problem that exists and should be continually opened for discussion.

Photo Caption: Commons,, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license



The Psychology of How We Learn Prejudice: Are We Natural-Born Racists?


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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Bloggers Meet And Greet September 2020- Are You Happy Now?

Hi. At today’s Meet and Greet I will be talking about happiness. Are you happy now? Possibly you are waiting for some big event to feel happy. Maybe you are thinking when my baby starts walking then I will be happy. Why not be happy now?


Great Feel Good


Would you want 100 days of happiness? Although feeling happy is an emotion you can choose happiness regardless of what state you are in. I remember as a child wishing I could feel happy all the time. I never wanted to feel pain, sorrow, or sadness.

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More guests are always welcome as this will provide more networking opportunities for you. Above all be sure that your blog post is family friendly.

Definitely, feel free to take advantage of this FREE networking opportunity.

1. Look Great feel good

I recall a friend and I were talking. As we talked about feelings I had complimented her on an outfit that she was wearing. She shared with me that no matter how bad she felt she always made it a point to fix herself up and to look her best regardless to how she felt. I thought about it. That is something that I try to do now, because someone has said you may have some good days and you may have some bad days.

2. Labor Day

Although Labor Day is fast approaching on September 7th, it is a day of celebration for more than one way for me. My oldest daughter was born on Labor Day. I went into labor that morning and I wanted some barbecue so bad, but from the classes I had taken it was emphasized not to eat once you start into labor. Anyway when I got to the hospital she was born within 20 minutes. It happened so fast. I had no idea of how painful it would feel when they checked for the baby. I believe them checking me was more painful that actually pushing the baby out. In fact when they came to check I told them, “You don’t need to check the baby is coming.” Th nurses replied, “That is all the more reason for me to check.” Sure enough I was right. They barely got me to the delivery room. Yes I was happy seeing my newborn baby. It was a very good feeling after the Labor pains.

3. Sharing with Others

Giving to others works in more ways than one. You can choose to feel good when you are helping others. There are so many different ways to help others. What about your friends and your neighbors? Do you have an extra supply of anything that you give to your neighbors are friends? What about fishing? To those fishermen out there do you share your fish with others? If you have an abundance of anything, do you share it.

4. Water

Since Flint, Michigan residents were poisoned because of the lead in their water, there have been so many that came to our aide by supplying bottled water as well as food. Even though this is a detrimental situation we can be happy for those that have reached out to help us. Not only people within our state but from all over the states. Just to know that we are not alone on this journey which is far from complete.

5. Bible (God’s instruction)

Change Your way of thinking.  I have found that even while in the midst of many storms and turmoils, I can feel happiness in God’s word. My faith gives me hope. Even on days when I may not feel my best I can read God’s word and it will have a calming effect on me. Let’s face it if you live long enough you will face problems. There may be days you find yourself feeling lousy. Again, this is a feeling. It is your choice to continue feeling that way or to do something about it. It has been said that our bodies are made for movement. So get your body moving. Move what you can while you can.

6. Something New

Try something new. What about learning a new language? What about learning an arts and craft? What about gardening? There is something about gardening and working with your hands that can be quite therapeutic.

7. Laughter

Find something to laugh about. I find that while watching comedies I sometime will laugh endlessly. I have also observed that some action films have a lot of scenes that cause laughter. Laughter is just good medicine for the bone. Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones. This is oh so true. Have you ever been mad at someone and they kept doing things to make you laugh so eventually you forgot that you were mad at them?

8. Happy When

Have you found yourself saying, “I will will happy when my baby takes his first steps?” I will be happy, “When my baby starts walking?” I will be happy when, “My child starts school.” I will be happy when,”My child graduates.” I will be happy when, “My child goes to college.” Do you know of those that are always waiting for an event to occur then they will be happy? Why not live in the present and choose to be happy now? Tomorrow is not guaranteed so enjoy your children now. Be present in their lives by listening to them. Do things together.

9. Is Happiness Important

I would say yes happiness is important. According to compares happiness and pleasure as happiness to be a more stable state whereas pleasure can come and go in second. They further suggested that feeling healthy was related to happiness not meaning.

10. Smell the Roses

I recall when my grandson and I were at an event. He told me, “Granny I am so happy right now, I am afraid something may change this.” I replied, “Think positive and enjoy this day.” So when you are feeling happy, seize that moment and really enjoy it. Be thankful for the moment.

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Friday, August 21, 2020

Choose to Take Care of Your Feet

 Have you ever tried to wear high heels and your feet were just aching? When your feet hurt, it is not a good feeling. Foot pain is serious. I recall many times taking my heels off in the choir stand just to get relief from my hurting feet. Oh what a relief it was to take the heels off, even if it was only for a moment.

                                            Foot Check Diabetes

I was not the only one that took my heels off in the choir stand, because sometimes when the pastor asked us to go into the audience many choir members were scrambling to get back into their heels. Foot care is definitely important. I am now more picky about what shoes or heels that I wear. One of my new improvements is that I now wear my shoes for comfort more than for styles or fads.

                                   ***Good New***

Style Shoes or Comfort Shoes?

1. Wearing Flip Flops

Did you know that when using a public shower like the gym you should wear flip-flops or shower shoes? Doing this can protect your feet from possible foot fungus such as athlete's foot and nail fungus. Also, according to culture you definitely should wear flip-flops when showering in a college dorm. Personally I love to wear flip flops. When I am wearing them my feet feel really free. I also love to go bare foot that is in the house.

2. Self Feet Care

According to it is important to wash your feet often and to dry them thoroughly especially between the toes because this is where bacteria and fungi infections can develop. Now I recall as a child being told to always dry in between the toes but I was never told why. It is so important to explain to your children the why of what you are telling them.

3. Toenails Harden

Did you know that toenails thicken as you grow older? Yes according to They further add that your feet are under constant stress from walking and poorly fitted shoes. I also recall my grandmother being taken to a foot doctor to get her toenails trimmed. I did not understand at the time why she needed to go to the foot doctor, but unfortunately he removed an ingrown nail and it would not heal properly. Eventually it was discovered my grandmother had diabetes and gangrene had occurred. First her toe was removed then her leg was removed. That was horrifying for me. I could not imagine having a limb removed. I was very young, but I remember this vividly. So taking care of your feet is very important.

4. Healthy Feet

According to you can be kind to your feet by giving yourself a foot massage, rolling a tennis ball under your feet, or soothing irritation with a vinegar foot soak. They also add that it is ok to wear socks to bed providing they are not overly tight and constricting. That is something that I tried in the winter-time. For some reason the sheets in the bed always felt cold and my feet always felt very cold. So wearing socks eliminated the cold feet. I am sure my husband appreciated it too, because my cold feet were always on him to get me warm. It is never too late to give your feet (TLC) tender loving care. Remember your feet deserve it.

5. Working on Your Feet recommend wearing the correct shoe; shoes that give good arch support. I also have heard a few nurses praising sketcher shoes. Although I am not on my feet a lot I decided to buy a pair. I love Sketchers. Since I walk several times a week I find that Sketchers really feel good on my feet. I am so glad that I tried them.

6. Corns and Callouses

Do you suffer with corns and callouses? According to Webmd., corns and calluses are thick, hard patches of skin on your feet and may be painful when walking. They further suggest things you can do are to wear thick socks to protect your skin, rub your callus with a pumice stone while in the bath or shower, use corn pads, or wear prescription foot orthotics. I haven’t had calluses, but I have had corns in the past from wearing heels that were too tight. That was a learning experience for me. When your feet hurt, it is just a terrible feeling.

7. Diabetic Foot Care

If you are a diabetic foot care is very important for you. According to about half the people with diabetes have some type of nerve damage which can affect your blood sugar levels, being overweight, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. They further add you should never go barefoot, never trim your toenails straight across but at an angle, and to get your feet checked at every health care visit. I have observed that the doctor checking a diabetic’s foot will lightly swipe across the bottom of the diabetic’s feet and ask if the diabetic feels it.

Always remember your feet are an important part of your body just as your other body parts are important.


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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Do You Skip Breakfast?

Do you feel you do not have time for breakfast? Possibly you just do not like to eat breakfast? Maybe you do not see the benefits of eating breakfast. There are great benefits to eating breakfast though.

                                    ***What Matters***

1. Skipping Breakfast

That is your choice to skip breakfast. Some may skip it once in a while, but to never eat breakfast is a different story. You do not know what you are missing.

2. Why I Like Breakfast

When you know better, you do better. There was a time that I did not eat breakfast because I did not take the time nor did I see the benefits of breakfast. Now that I have started eating breakfast I just love it. I learned that there are so many different things that I can eat for breakfast. I no longer am bound to just eating the traditional breakfast. I am sure there are those that dislike the traditional meat, eggs, and toast. Things have changed now. Restaurants and Fast foods have learned the importance of breakfast. Many restaurants offer a variety of menu options. Some restaurants even offer healthy options. Not only that there is takeout options for breakfast if you prefer to not sit down in a restaurant to eat. Centuries ago our ancestors probably could not have imagined what we have now.

3. What Breakfast Can Do For You

Did you know that breakfast replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness? Yes that is according to the Better Health Channel. They further add that tit provides other essential nutrients required for good health. I am a witness to that. Eating breakfast compared to the years that I did not eat breakfast I can now see the difference as well as the benefits. I feel totally different. Have you heard the expression, “I did not know I could feel this good.” “I feel good,” as James Brown has once said. Depending on how many hours of sleep that you get each night; possibly 6-9 hours or more. This period of time is almost like fasting for the night. So just think your body has gone many hours through the night without food. Once you get up in the morning if you skip breakfast then you have added possibly another 6 or 8 hours without food added to that.

4. Breakfast and Weight Control

According to the Mayo Clinic eating breakfast can reduce hunger, get you on track for healthy food, and choices, and replenish glycogen which supplies your muscles with immediate energy. How wonderful is that.

5. Traditional Breakfast

The traditional breakfast may consist of bacon/sausage, eggs scrambled, poached, boiled, and toast. There may be those that include more with it such as fruit etc.

6. Cereal Breakfast

Possibly the traditional breakfast is not for you. Is cereal for breakfast healthy? Well it depends. According to cereal is only healthy if you choose wisely. They further add that ready-to-eat cereals are usually fortified with vitamins and minerals, including B Vitamins and iron. This type of breakfast can be quick and healthy for you as well. I always say read the labels. Labels are so important now to know or at least have an idea of what you are really getting. You always want to get the “best bang for your buck.”

7. Oatmeal Breakfast

I know for a fact oatmeal breakfast is awesome because it provides you with lots of fiber. The great thing about oatmeal is that it can be what I call “doctored up.” Some people use brown sugar as oppose to white sugar because it is said to have slightly more minerals and it taste good too Have you ever tried bananas, strawberries, or blue berries in your oatmeal? This is a delightful change.

8. Different Kinds of breakfast

I have seen people eat steak and eggs, fish and eggs, pizza, breakfast sausage and even chicken tenders and fries for breakfast. I love blueberry pancakes they are so good. Some might have bagels or yogurt. There is no hard and fast rule that says you have to eat the traditional breakfast. Eating chosen meats that you love for breakfast may make you want to think twice about starting or even trying to eat breakfast. I remember as a teenager my aunt would fix large a breakfast which included chicken and gravy with biscuits from scratch. She said she was from a large family and was so used to cooking large meals.

9. Breakfast Sausage

All you sausage lovers might ask, “What about breakfast sausage?” Well according to Italian sausages contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that are part of maintaining healthy diet. They further add that with no sugar or carbohydrates they are a good choice if you have Diabetes or other healthy restrictions and should be eaten in moderation. I say moderation because anything taken to extremes can be lethal to your body and your health.

10. Keto Breakfast

According to simple and delicious Keto breakfast might include deviled eggs with bagel spices, keto bread made with almond flour instead of wheat flour, Keto pancakes made with cream cheese, eggs, almond, coconut flour and baking powder, or low-carb veggie and hash with zucchini, cauliflower, radishes, or brocoli rabe. Note I have read that zucchini is loaded with water which is definitely good for you.

11. Vegan Breakfasts

Possibly you want to go Vegan. Some awesome Vegan breakfasts might include Jumbo Chickpea pancakes full of protein and fiber, Blueberry Oatmeal Waffles, Jelly Filled Muffins, Whole some Banana Bread, baked blueberry donuts, stacked strawberry shortcakes, french toast which is one of my favorites with maple syrup, Tofu Breakfast Tacos, and lemon pancakes according to

Finally for those that have been skipping breakfast, maybe you will think again and decide on a breakfast regimen that fits you. Hopefully you will learn the benefits of breakfast like I did.

Do any of you have a favorite breakfast that you like?

Photo Caption: Public Domains Pictures



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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Therapy Dogs and Much More

 To all the dog lovers know that your emotional support dog serves many purposes in society today. Dogs have been known for support, emotional, and many other services.

                     ***Good News***

I can’t count the number of times that I have gone into a retail store and see someone with an emotional support dog. I even saw a lady in the store that had her emotional support dogs in a baby stroller.

Therapy dogs can help people with loneliness. This is definitely a pet therapy benefit. A dog seemingly offers "unconditional love." Some dogs are just very social and they make good therapy dogs. A dog's temperament and behavior should be taken into consideration to be considered for dog therapy. There is something therapeutic about hugging or stroking a dog. That physical contact can be very soothing and pleasurable.

1. Hospital

Therapy dogs are used in the hospital and nursing homes. According to the Mayo Clinic there are many suffering from anxiety and depression that are assisted in the hospital with animal therapy. They further add Children having dental procedures, cancer patients, people with cardiovascular disease and many more benefit from this program.

Dogs are used in many different capacities.

2. Dogs in the K9 Units

Did you know that the earliest K-9 training facility started in Ghent, Belgium in 1899 according to law enforcement They further add that a handler in Spotsylvania County (VA) Sheriff’s Department started training canine breeds including Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, Belgian malinois, and bloodhounds in 1976. As you can see they used a variety of dogs. Canine dogs have been very helpful to the Police Department and the community.

I recall not too long ago that the Police and canines were swarming my neighborhood looking for someone.

3. Dogs during wartime

According to stars and dogs were trained to sniff out minefields during war in Afghanistan. They further add that dogs have a powerful sense of smell that allows dogs to detect the fumes of a mine. How awesome is that?

4. Family

Therapy dogs do become part of the family. Many think of their dogs as part of their family. Dogs are sensitive and understand what you say to them. I recall visiting a family member. She needed to go to work that day, but her dog needed to go to the vet. She asked me to drive her dog to another relative not too far away and she would take the dog to the vet. She politely told the dog to follow her and get in the car. Her dog hopped into my car and sat in the front seat. He sat up looking out the window. In fact he sat up in the car the entire 20 minute ride.

Then there was the time my aunt was keeping her employer’s dog while he was out of town. My boyfriend came over as we sat on the couch this large French poodle came and squeezed in between us. He did not like my boyfriend and did not like him to sit directly besides me. This poodle was very territorial.

I definitely will not forget the time that I delivered my baby the same time that our German Shepherd had her litter. I did not realize it at the time but soon found out how territorial our dog was. She was very good with my other children they could pick up and pet her litter. No problems with her around my newborn. Visitors came over and as I proceeded to take them to see my newborn our dog would not allow them to go pass. She started growling. So I needed to put her in another closed door room. I realized she was protective over my newborn as well as her new litter. That was a learning lesson for me.

5. Cancer

Did you know that dogs can smell cancer? Yes according to the National Foundation for Cancer Research canines smell up to 1,000 times more accurately than humans.

6. Walking your dog

You can walk your dog which is great exercise for both you and your dog. I recall when I had a Doberman she really loved to run and she could run very fast. I would take her to a secluded area where she could run. Now they have dog parks specifically for dogs. That is so nice.

7. Qualifications

So if you do not already have a dog and are thinking about getting a therapy dog you may think to yourself how do I quality? According to usservice A therapy dog must be well-tempered, not shed excessively, social, and adapting. They further add that the process includes adopting, training, and registering.

8. Get My Dog Certified

How do you get your dog to be a certified Therapy Dog? According to the dogs must be well mannered and under control of their handler at all times, friendly, at least one year old, have a tester/observer test you and your dog, and after completion of tester/observer during 3 visits with residents of medical facilities you may submit your application or paperwork for you and your dog to become a Therapy Team.

9. College Campus

Before the Caronovirus Pandemic according to NBC25 news, the University of Michigan-Flint was allowing students to meet at the library campus and Student Veterans center to pet the therapy dogs. This is beneficial in helping with stress during final exams. This was just another way that therapy dogs were benefiting the community. Because this is not the first Pandemic that we have endured eventually in time we will become more creative in surviving and overcoming this invisible enemy Covid-19.

Photo Caption: Commons Wikipedia., This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.


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Bloggers Meet and Greet August 2020- Drive-By Baby Showers

 Hi. At today’s Meet and Greet we will be talking about Baby Gender Reveal and Drive-By Baby Showers.


So you are having a baby. Do you want to know the gender of your baby? There are those today that are not only opting to know the gender, but are throwing gender reveal parties.

                                        ***Good News***

1. Drive- By Baby Showers

Since we now are living in this Coronavirus Pandemic people are becoming more creative. This type of shower has sometimes been called a baby parade. According to they suggest giving a date and window of 30 minutes to one hour for guests to drive by, play your favorite song, be sure to video-tape it, guests can drop off their gifts, and above all remember to wear masks and social distance.

2. Zoom Baby Shower

Have you considered a virtual baby shower? I am on Zoom and it is free for 40 minutes and up to 100 people. More than 40 minutes you may need a Zoom subscription. Again, since we are in the Caronavirus Pandemic this is another alternative type of baby shower while keeping mother-to-be and baby safe. The great thing about this is that you can download virtual baby background so during the zoom party your background is baby designs. The instructions are very clear and once you have been on zoom you will eventually become quite comfortable with it.

3. How to Host Your Virtual Baby Shower on Zoom

The following utube is a great video to explain hosting your virtual Baby Shower on Zoom. These are great tips. How to Host Your Virtual Baby Shower on Zoom

a.This mom suggests creating a Facebook event at-least 4 weeks in advance to allow for shipping and dropping gifts to you.

b. Be sure to list your zoom information on the cover page

c. Consistently post so that your friends will remember up until the event.

d. Create the d├ęcor that you want to use

e. Plan out your games such as price is right, bingo, etc.

These are just a few of the things she talks about in her video.

Have you been to a gender reveal party? Possibly you have had a gender reveal party. There are various types of gender reveal parties that have been happening.

4. Gender Reveal Pinata

This gender reveal involves smashing a pinata and serving tacos.

5. Gender Reveal Candles

The amazing thing about this party is that as the candle burns down, it eventually shows the hidden color at the center of it.

Now when I had my babies, I just hoped for a healthy baby. I anticipated and waited to see the gender. So many babies are born not healthy or with an entire host of medical problems. So a healthy baby sounded so good to me. I remember that none of my babies cried when born. I had previously thought all babies cry. In fact I had one baby that was so alert she just looked around as if she knew everything that you said. She was observing all of her surroundings.

6. Balloons

Athough I have never been to a gender reveal party. I believe a gender reveal balloon party would be awesome. Just the thought of filling a giant box with pink or blue balloons and having the parent-to-be to open it revealing the secret gender of their baby could be quite intriguing.

7. Gender Reveal’s Gone Wrong

Although gender reveals are a joyous time, they need to be done with caution. An Iowa woman was struck in the head and killed during a gender reveal. The different types of materials had inadvertently been created into a pipe bomb.

8. Gender Reveal or Baby Shower

Posssibly you have been thinking about having a gender reveal party, but undecided whether to do that or a baby shower. You know it is really your choice. Some people like to party. Having 2 separate parties can be fun and interesting. Or you may decide to combine the 2. According to most people combine the 2 parties. They also added that gender reveal parties are the newest and trendiest idea for parents in 2018-2019. Now baby showers used to be just for the women, but more and more are combining men and women. After all the father did have something to do with creating the baby why not share the party with him as well.

9. Baby Shower History

Did you know that the Baby Shower celebration dates back as far as Ancient Egypt and took place after the mother gave birth that is according to They further add that baby showers today in the baby boom era showers the mothers with gifts and family and friends usually attend. I recall a friend of mine that had a co-ed baby shower. Her father would not attend. He felt the showers should be for women only. I know that she really wanted him there too.

10. Gender Reveal History

Did you know that the woman who says she invented gender reveal parties, Jenna Myers Karvunidis has mixed feeling about them today? According to Jenna wrote a blog post in 2008 telling how she baked a cake filled with pink icing to celebrate the arrival of her daughter. They further add that since then the ideas has been copied by many others. Also as you can see cakes are not the only way to do gender reveals . People are becoming more and more daring. They want to try new things.

11. Sip and See Party

Have you ever heard of a Sip and See Party? This is new to me. A Sip and See party is a fun way for loved ones to get together to sip a light drink and see you and your new baby according to They further add that Sip and See parties originated in the South and is gaining popularity, especially for parents who cannot have a baby shower for various reasons. In this way friends and family get to party and see the baby.


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