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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Black Tea Versus Green Tea

Although I never considered the differences in black tea, green tea, or orange pekoe tea, I discovered that I do like black tea sometimes called breakfast tea.
Black Tea with Lemon
On one occasion when I was at breakfast, the restaurant did not have any orange pekoe tea, so I tried the black tea and discovered I could not tell a great difference between the two.
Note: Did you know that some waitresses are not aware as to whether the restaurant where they are working serves black tea which is 100% natural?
1. Antioxidants
I have often heard that black and green tea was good for you, but I never really knew why. Did you know that Green and black teas have 10 times the amount of antioxidants that fruits and vegetables have? This is according to Web M.D.
So possibly instead of having that morning cup of coffee, you might want to have a morning cup of tea. Web MD further states that both green and black tea come from the same plant called Camellia sinensis.

2. Differences Between black and green tea.
Green tea leaves are fermented and do not go through the process that black tea does, green tea leaves contain ¼ the caffeine that coffee does, black tea contains 1/3 the amount of caffeine that coffee does, and black tea is more acidic. These are a few of the differences according to times of
3. Black Tea
Black tea contributes to over 90% of the tea sold in the West, according to Among some of the health benefits of black tea are cancer prevention, skin and hair health, digestive tract function, brain and nervous system, and the immune system. I remember someone commenting to me about how clear my skin was. Although, I did not think about it at the time, that is something I may had taken for granted. I do drink tea as opposed to drinking coffee.
4. Green Tea
Green teas have basically some of the same health benefits as black tea. It has been shown that routine Green tea consumption for over 10 years is associated with decreasing osteoporosis fractures according to They further add that this may be a breakthrough for the elderly, since it has been shown that they are more prone to fractures when they fall.
Jill Corleone at mentions that Green Tea may help fight off cavities and the flu in children, but to be sure to consult your children's pediatrician before giving them green tea. They further added that the catechins in Green tea may protect your child from the flu according to a study done in 2011 by the Journal of Nutrition.
5. Fluoride Content
Black and Green Tea are good for healthy bones and teeth, but black tea gives you more fluoride per serving than Green Tea according to Sylvie further adds that fluoride hardens your teeth as well as prevents cavities. I have become a believer of black tea. I do drink it and I like it.


Which is better? I believe that would be a personal opinion as to which is better for you. You need to try them and decide. Although I know both are good for you my personal preference is the black tea. I just really like it. Also Lipton and Earl Grey have excellent black teas.
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Friday, November 10, 2017

What I Learned About the Blue Whale Challenge Update: Parents Beware

Parents Become Informed

In this digital age it is not enough that parents are bombarded with protecting your children from online pedophiles and other stranger danger; but parents also are contending with gaming apps that are not in the best interest of children.

suicidal depression

I became concerned as I listened to the news when they mentioned “Blue Whale.” Naturally the first thing that came to my mind was a big fish. Possibly someone was physically attacked by one. As I continued to listen I discovered it was a great threat to children. It was a gaming app that encourages children with 50 challenges to harm themselves and ultimately committing suicide. Parents beware.

1. Creator of the Blue Whale Suicide online gaming app

I did some research and discovered the creator of this app. I kept wondering, “Why is this app still available?” The 22-year-old creator of this death game, Phillip Budeiki, was sentenced to 3 years in jail for causing Russian youths to kill themselves. This is according to The Times of India. Budeiki further added that he was doing society a favor by getting rid of these weak children that would provide no value to society. How cynical is that? He definitely did not have the right to take matters in his own hands and determine who should die.

Meet the 22-year-oldCreator of the Blue Whale Death Game

2. Observation 

Does your child wake up at 4:20 to watch a horror or psychedelic movie, carve a whale on his hand or arm with a razor, have multiple cuts on the arm along the vein, or draw a picture of a whale. These possibly could be signs your child is playing the blue whale game challenge online and needs help. This may be serious.

3. Blue Whale Challenge in Georgia

Besides the fact that children are dealing with cyberbullying there is the new threat of a challenge to commit suicide. The Blue Whale sinister challenge was reportedly started in Russia, but now is in the United States as well as several other countries all over the world. A 16-year-old boy in Georgia may have also been involved. According to CNN news a family shared their story of how a young girl, teenager, may have also been involved in this challenge.

Nadia's family research discovered that the Blue Whale is an online challenge presented to teens starting with a request for the teen to draw a picture of a blue whale. Then demands start to increase with requests for the teen to watch horror movies, or secretly cut themselves, and some have even been instructed to jump off of a tall building. With each challenge the curator asks for a photographic picture to assure the challenge was completed. All of the challenges becoming riskier during a 50 day period and finally on the 50th day players are instructed to commit suicide. They also emphasized once the teens start playing that there is no way back because the curator threatens to come after the teen and the teen's family.

I know this is something no parent wants to believe their child would try, but it is important to watch for signs such as any postings on social media that your child may be viewing involving the “Blue Whale,” getting up at 4:20 watch scary movies, or listening to music that was sent to them from the curator of the Blue Whale.

4. Other Forms of this Game

Parents Beware. Unfortunately this banned game is now available under other names such as “A Silent House,” A Sea of Whatles, and Wake Me Up at 4:20 AM. It is the hope of Cyber security experts that Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo are more responsible and accountable. It is my prayer that they will also become more vigilant in that effort to protect children from this evil.

Unfortunately the  banned Blue Whale game is still available in various other names

5. What Can Parent's Do?

A few things that you can do to protect your child from this suicidal game is to allow internet usage in a family space, encourage outdoor activities, observe changes in your child such as mood swings or lack of communication, and monitoring online activity. This is according to
Remember you want to keep your children safe.

The Miami Police Department has created a video to explain The Blue Whale Challenge. The video shown below is quite revealing.

The Blue Whale Challenge

More Information About the Blue Whale Challenge:

Reported cases of Blue Whale Cases throughout the world including Georgia

Although states hundreds of deaths have not been proven to link to this challenge, the challenges are quite harmful. Any challenge for example that might ask teenagers to jump off a roof or to cut themselves is quite alarming and harmful.

Photo Caption: Pixabay, Geralt

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Friday, November 3, 2017

A Few Shocking Truths about Veterans

War between countries is something that affects everyone. You may have a friend or relative that you know has been to the war fighting for our country.

Herbicidal War
1. Mental Health

Did you know that 10%to 18% of OEF/OIF troops are likeley to have PTSD after they return home? That is according to the National Center for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). They further add that Some of the Veterans with mental health problems have not come in for services because of concern for being shown as weak, concerns about privacy, they don't believe treatment is effective and much more. Help is available at PTSD information Voice Mail (802) 296-6300, or

The following video was taken by the soldiers in combat. This is also on the Discovery Channel. It just gives you an idea of what our Veterans went through in Afghanistan.

Taking Fire Episode 4- Overwatch

2. Sickness

According the Department of Veterans Affair as of October 30, 2010, eligible Vietnam-era Veterans exposed to herbicides and disabled by chronic b-cell, leukemia's, Parkinson's disease, Diabetes Mellitus (Type2) or ischemic heart disease, may begin receiving disability and health care benefits on approved claims. These are just a few of the diseases resulting from being exposed to Agent Orange. Veterans may do so by applying at the Veterans Administration's Fast Track Claims Processing System.

3. Agent Orange Exposure

Herbicides were sprayed in Vietnam between 1961 and 1971. The chemical is capable of damaging genes, resulting in deformities among offspring of exposed victims. So the chemical not only damaged our Veterans, but possibly caused damaged to their unborn children.

Note: This is where my husband was stationed during the Viet Nam War. Chu Lai

Did you know that these Veterans do not need to show that they were exposed to Agent Orange to receive the disability compensation for diseases associated with Agent Orange exposure. Veterans Administration has already recognized certain cancers and other health problems that military personnel incurred while in Vietnam.

American and Vietnam plaintiff's have filed numerous lawsuits in the United States courts seeking compensation for exposure to Agent Orange. Some lawsuits have accused chemical companies of war crimes for selling Agent Orange to the military.

4. Women Veterans

Women veterans can also receive health care services. At each Veterans Administration Medical Center nationwide, a Women Veterans Program Manager is available to assist women Veterans. Health services may include mental health, sexual abuse counseling, military sexual trauma, and much more.

5. Environmental Epidemiology Services

The Environmental Epidemiology Services Conducts ongoing research studies on the health of Veterans. It keeps database and registries of Veteran's exposures and health care utilization.

6. Honoring Veterans Today

There are those that are honoring veterans. On Veterans Day veterans have the opportunity to eat FREE at numerous restaurants. Veterans are also honored with parades, flag-folding ceremonies and much more. Iraq, Afghanistan, and World War veterans are honored also. It is just great to see the camaraderie not just in Michigan, but in numerous states. Although Veterans Day is highly recognized, there are homeless organizations that are ongoing to care for the homeless veterans. According to the National Coalition for theHomeless, 47% of Vietnam veterans are homeless  

7. Disability compensation benefits

Veterans exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam may be eligible for a monthly payment, a cost-free examination with no requirement for a co-payment. Veterans can expect a face-to-face consultation to discus the results and a follow-up letter.

To Contact Veterans Administration about benefits you can call the toll-free Helpline: 1-800-749-8387 Press 3

Agent Orange Registry Health Exam: 1-877-222-8387 (Ask to speak to the Environmental Health Coordinator or Patient Care Advocate)

Compensation and Other Benefits: 1-800-827-1000

To Go In person, Just click on site listed below to find an office near you.

United States Department of Veterans Affair

Photo Caption: Commons,, Public Domain

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Bloggers Meet and Greet November, 2017. . . Our Veterans

 At today's Meet and Greet we are celebrating and remembering our Veterans. They gave their lives for our country. Please be encouraged to self-promote in the comment section below: Introduce your blog and tell us about your blog. Feel free to post your blog link. Share your about page, or your favorite blog posts. I look forward to reading them.

COP Michigan

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You may also enjoy  Does Your Emoji say I Will?


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If you believe others will enjoy this, please feel free to share with your friends and on social media. More guests are always welcome as this will provide more networking opportunities for you. Above all be sure that your blog post is family friendly.

Definitely, feel free to take advantage of this FREE networking opportunity.

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A Few Shocking Truths about
Agent Orange Effects

Herbicidal Warfare

Unfortunately many of the Vietnam Veterans were exposed to Agent Orange while in Vietnam. It contained dioxin, an extremely toxic chemical. Are you or do you know a Veteran affected by Agent Orange?

1. Agent Orange

Agent Orange is the code name for one of the herbicides and defoliants used by the U.S. military as part of it's herbicidal warfare from 1961-1971. A defoliant is any chemical sprayed or dusted on plants to cause it's leaves to fall off. It was used to destroy Vietnam's forest cover and food supply. Up to 200,000 Vietnam veterans could be eligible for disability compensation for disease now associated with Agent Orange.

2. Studies Show

According to studies have shown that veterans who served in the South during the Vietnam War have increased rates of cancer, nerve, digestion, skin and respiratory disorders, and many more illnesses and diseases, as a result of exposure to Agent Orange/dioxin. They are eligible for compensation and treatment.


The video below gave me some understanding of what soldiers went through during war and after war. Taking Fire is a series that has been shown on the Discovery Channel. It was coded with the name COP Michigan in Afghanistan,Korenagal, sometimes known as “The Valley of Death” Since I am the wife of a Veteran it helped to give me more insight about some of the Veteran's feelings and how war affects them and the entire family as well. War is not pleasant, but it has been apart of life for many. You may have relatives or friends that have been affected by the war.

Taking Fire-Flipping the Switch- Episode 3-Season 1

Photo Caption: En., Public Domain

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Health Trivia. . . . How Much Do You Know?

Have you done a health assessment to asses how healthy you are? You may have million of dollars, but if your health is failing you, you may not live long to enjoy it.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Are you aware of some of the health benefits that may be available to you? It is a given that as you age or even before you start aging, you may have health risks or health problems, but regardless to what age you are, it does not hurt to be vigilant regarding your health care.

1. Do you know  3 foods that fight against Cancer?


Broccoli, black and navy beans, and tomatoes help fight Cancer according to They further added that the lycopene in tomatoes stops Endometrial Cancer growth. I am glad to hear that, because I love tomatoes.

2. Do you know what an annual health exam for a woman might include?


A Pap smear check for cervical cancer, breast exam by mammogram screening, and a bone density test.  

3. What are some of the Free services offered at a Health Fair?


Free Blood pressure check, diabetes check, cholesterol screening, information on health care providers, information for dental health, and much more. According to,

4. Is it possible for your words to affect your health?


Yes it is possible. Did you know that when you say words aloud your subconscious listens and this affects your attitude? What you say becomes a reality, according to Dave Balch The Power ofYour Own Words.  So be mindful of what you say.

This is nothing new. Romans 4:17, “I have made thee a father of many nations, before him whom he believed, even God, who quickened the dead, and called those things which be not as though they were.”

This is something that God has always told those who believe in Him. God's word is alive. Develop the healthy habit of learning more about Jesus to help you change your eating lifestyle. Change your way of thinking.

5. Is More Better?

Answer: More is not necessarily better.

Think about eating less intentionally. I mentioned in my article:

I could not longer eat the way that I used to eat. I am now more intentional and focused in my eating. This does become a lifestyle and a pattern. I like something that my pastor has said often, “Just push yourself back from the table.” Leave a little something on your plate. You do not have to eat the last drop. Something that Dr. Oz mention that has stuck with me was to not eat everything on your plate when eating at a restaurant. Since most restaurants give you such large servings, just eat half and take the other half of your meal home to eat at another meal setting. That makes plenty of since to me.

6. Is it better to Sprint during your weight loss journey?


It is not necessarily better. Remember if you are trying to lose weight, the weight may not come off immediately. It took awhile to put the weight on and it may take a while to take it off, but the important thing is to be persistent and intentional; never failing. Be sure to keep focused. Keep your eye on your goal. If you feel bad and you want to eat, eat a carrot or celery. Instead of drinking soda, replace it with water.  Although there has been a crisis in my city of Flint, Michigan with a health emergency & disaster because of high contents of lead, presently bottled water is our only alternative for drinking water. They have, however, reported the lead testing has recently shown that it is within the guidelines, but we are still urged on a word of caution to continue the bottled water, because all the lead lines have not been replaced. That replacement may take some time also.

7. Are there healthy food replacements?


Yes there are several healthy food replacements. For example, instead of cookies what about susbstituting them with celery or strawberries? You might even go as far as to plant a strawberry patch. I recall having strawberries in our back yard. It was nice to just go out and pick fresh strawberries to eat. That was quite refreshing also.

8. Do You Know some of the Signs of Food Addiction?


Some symptoms of food addiction may include constant obsession with what to eat, binging and then purging, or associating food with rewards. These are mentioned at They further add that just like other addictions food addictions are treated the same by managing behavior and the physical cravings of the brain with possibly psychotherapy and nutritional therapy.

 Photo Caption: Commons,, Public Domain, breast cancer Pins

Friday, October 20, 2017

Fall Decor For You At It's Best

The beautiful colors of Fall are eye-catchers. It is doing this time you will see beautiful red, orange, brown and much more. There are a few sites that I have found that are quite beautiful.


Among the beautiful colors that you will see includes pink.  Did you know that  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have seen so many creative items regarding Breast Cancer Awareness. You may not have had Breast Cancer, but you may know someone that does.

Fall Decor

I found this fall wreath shown above at Walmart. It was inexpensive and I like the way it looks.

1.Autumn Wreath

I love beautiful wreaths. I found a few beautiful tips at:

Freshen Up Your Home forFall-Easy Tips

These tips are natural and inexpensive. Did you know that you can decorate your front porch, doors, or house with leaves, pine cones, or feathers? Also many will decorate their fireplace or stairwell.

2. Autumn Couch Decor

You will definitely see Autumn Couch Decor at:

  Family Room Fall Decorations.

This autumn décor is not just outside, but inside on the fireside mantel and on the couch as well. Jenn has so many awesome ideas here, you must see. I love to see fire mantels and stairwells with autumn decorations; don't you?

3. Easy Fall Decor

For those of you that are looking to really save money, you must see

100 Cheap and Easy Fall Decor DIY Ideas.

Here you will find leaf tray candles, mossy autumn candle holders, and much more. My favorite is the Pumpkin basket.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

10 Eye-Opening Breast Cancer Tips

Discoveries are made daily for Breast Cancer. Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?


We have come along way, but still have a long way to go. While Cancer may be frightening to some, there is hope in the new discoveries that are occurring daily.  You may not have had Cancer, but you may know a relative or friend that was affected by Cancer. 


A. “Did you know that 26 states have laws on the books that require mammography testing facilities to tell women that have breast cancer imaging scans if they have dense breast tissue as part of their results, according to Nancy Capello?”

This does not mean that you have breast cancer, but that it may be harder to detect.

B. Did you know that there are foods that help fight against Cancer? Fruits and vegetables are rich in Cancer fighting nutrients.

1. Taxol or Taxotere vs Abraxane

According to WebMd., Taxol when administered during chemotherapy does not dissolve in water, therefore needs to be put in solvents when administering to cancer patients which can cause several side effects. Also, patients require several medications including steroids and antihistamines before starting chemotherapy. This is something that I have witnessed when sitting with cancer patients and talking with them during chemotherapy. They further add that Abraxane can be added dissolved in water thus no more medication needed before therapy, no side effects, and shorter infusion time. In fact they state the time changes from 3 hours to about half an hour of Chemotherapy. Now for someone that has not had chemotherapy or been around someone that has had it, you may not see the significance. But I know personally from sitting with chemotherapy patients it can be time consuming.

Patient's First Chemo Treatment:

2. Sitting With Chemo Patient

If you have a relative or friend that is going to through chemo treatments, Just sitting with them during the treatment, can give them great support. Sometimes the chemo treatments may be just about 20 minutes during a session, while at other times, it may be up to 3 hours or more. Every patient’s timing and situation may vary. If you have never gone through this, you can learn a lot just sitting and talking with others that are going through this.

As I talked with a patient that had chemotherapy, he mentioned that he had trouble traveling to places that he may have been to numerous times before. Because of the chemo fog, he just cannot remember the directions. This was frustrating to him too. Unfortunately chemotherapy damages the good cells of the body as well as the cancer cells, which includes cells in the brain as well.

3. Listening

I have talked to several cancer patients that stated they went through their chemotherapy sessions alone. I was quite surprised. I always recommend if you have a friend or relative going through treatment, go with them to the chemotherapy sessions if possible. Chemotherapy can last several months and 2 to 3 hours at a time one or several days a week. I was totally ignorant of the time process involved. Now I realize how they can be so tired because the chemo not only kills the bad cancer cells it destroys the good cells in your body as well. I discovered cancer patients can bring their laptops, watch TV, or something that I did with them was to talk. I learned so much from just listening to different individuals. I was surprised to see men there with breast cancer. I learned breast Cancer can also occur in dogs.

I recall a relative of mine that found a stray dog and took her in. This tiny dog had numerous medical problems which included breast cancer. My relative took the dog to the vet continually and cared for her with all vigilance.

4. No Side Effects

According to Kristin Bien at Cancer treatment will start human trials with no side effects. She further adds that John Kanzius uses nano-technology and radio waves to treat cancer by injecting nano articles directly into the cancer cell and are heated to destroy the cancer cell. This definitely beats not having side effects such as memory loss, low blood count, constipation, hair loss, nerve damage, and much more that results from chemotherapy and radiation. I can understand when someone tells me that they are a cancer survivor. They have actually had to survive much more than cancer.

5. Reduce Cancer Returns

According to They talk about the cancer possibly having estrogen receptors that receives signals from the estrogen to promote the cancer growth. The cancer feeds off it. So cancer treatment is treated more aggressively with young women that are still menstruating. I personally have heard an oncologist say this exact same thing. I personally know from talking with cancer patients that after chemo is complete they still continue on the Tamoxifen daily tablet once a day originally for 5 years. Now that has changed to 10 years daily. It is referred to as (Oral Chemo).

Did you know that you can:

6. Knit and Crochet

Those that know how to knit and crochet can make hats to donate to the cancer
institute. Also, you can crochet or knit blankets. These hats are used by chemotherapy patients, who lose their hair during chemotherapy. The blankets are used during their chemotherapy treatments, as they may become quite cool as they sit during their treatments. I have seen some of the most beautiful blankets donated to the cancer society.

7. Take Patient's to Appointments

You can take patient's to their docotr appointments or even take them grocery shopping. Sometimes they may even need help around their house. Sometimes they may not want to ask for help, but you can offer. You may offer to help. Just ask, “Is there anything that you need me to help with around your house?”
8. Offer a Massage Service

Chemotherapy affects every aspect of a patient's body. Some of the chemotherapy patient's that I talked with complained of tired or aching muscles. Several have commented that massages are just wonderful for them. So you might give them a certificate to a body massage parlor. Some of the massage parlors are located within some cancer building.

9. Offer Money

Even though a cancer patient may have insurance, their insurance may not cover everything. So cash is a blessing for a cancer patient. Although both parents may be working, the chemotherapy treatments can range from several months to almost a year. That can become and is quite costly.

10. Offer Natural Soaps

Give the cancer patient natural soaps. These natural ingredients will be great for them. Also, the natural soaps smell so good. I just love the aroma. As I sat with a cancer patient during his treatment, another woman sitting with her loved one shared that she sold natural soaps. She had sold to many cancer patients that seem to love it. I thought, “What a great idea.”

More Breast Cancer Tips:

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