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Friday, April 21, 2017

How to Ask Open-Ended Questions to your Children

How good are your communication skills?  You always want to keep the line of communication open with your children, but sometimes as children start reaching adolescent and teenage years, it may become somewhat more difficult. Have you asked yourself if you are asking the right questions?

verbal and nonverbal communication

Communication is an art form. There is a reason for open-ended questions.   This communication is to gain a better understanding and comprehension. Have you ever talked to your children and observed after asking a question the answer was just “yes” or “no.” Possibly you wanted to hear more than that. Maybe if you ask the right questions, you will hear more.

1. “Tell Me About”

This open-ended question can open up an entire field of communication. They love the empowerment of knowing something that you might not know. They may be more than willing to tell you their perspective. This is not only a good question for your children, but for adults as well. Example, you might ask your child, “”Tell me about the class that you said you really liked.”

2. Feelings

When a child tells you something good or bad, you might ask, “How does that make you feel?” I like that question because there are times children may not be aware of their feelings at the time. It does not hurt to discuss whether they are feeling angry, anxious, sad, or good.

3. Different

Another good question is, “What would you have done differently?” That is a question that I even sometimes ask myself. This question starts your child to thinking. We all know there may be several options or alternatives to problems. Sometimes it is great to just explore those alternatives.

4. Favorite

“What is your favorite class?” This question will start your children to thinking what subject they like or dislike most of all. In fact many of these open-end questions are good for adults as well.

What open-ended questions do you ask your children?

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

5 of My Favorite Articles

Although you may love writing, you may observe that there are some of your articles that seemingly perform better than others. People just seemed to like those articles more. I have a few that I would like to share with you.

New Mom Bloggers

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Sleeping with the eyes open can also be hereditary. This is quite common in babies and usually stops between ages 12-15 months. When babies sleep with their eyes open some Pediatricians believe it may be that baby is spending more time in REM sleep.  This article was important to me, because I have often wondered why children sleep with their eyes open. At first I thought maybe they did not want to miss anything so they subconsciously kept their eyes open while sleep. It was amazing for me to see this.

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According to Carina at children that chew on their clothes or pencils are adding extra feedback to the sensory system to get to a level for them to calm down and be alert with little effort; sensory children crave physical activity. She further suggests activities such as riding a bike, running,swimming, carrying a shopping bag from the car to the house, and for older children chewing gum, preferably sugar-free. These are a few very simple techniques. I have always made sure that I took my children and my grandchildren to parks and areas where they could run, jump, and ride their bikes often. Since this is a computer age, I definitely limit the amount of computer time while encouraging outdoor time with various activities. I have observed the difference in them for the good. I did research on this because I had observed this in my family and I wanted to know how to address this. Thank goodness for googling and the internet. Answers can be easily found. Possibly some of you can relate to this.

     Click Below to read more:

Jenny Melrose and Kim Vij talks about Why You Need to Get on Google +. She discusses several points such as expanding your audience by entering a keyword to find like minded people as yourself. I also discovered Crystal Van Tassel discussing How to Grow Your Blog Traffic With Linky Parties. She suggests linking to at least 4 circles within your nitch. Of course you could do more or less depending which are best for you. She explains how her page views has grown to over 100,000 presently. They talk about “evergreen content” ( content that is always relevant no matter what). She talked about coupon blogs that are urgent and that are live and now.

I was just ecstatic when I found this site. It made everything so clear to me. Also, I realized that it really does work. I was fairly new to Pinterest and linky parties. I did not have a clue, but I did learn and I am still learning, because technology is quite fast. When I found this out, I naturally wanted to share this with my readers. It was something that I just could not keep to myself.

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As I watched the TV series “Halt and Catch Fire” I had no idea at first what this series was about. I discovered that this one group had formed a company from their house and was promoting games with interactions from the community. As the one member went to the houses of some of the gamers because of a networking issue he discovered the mother had canceled the subscription because her child had charged too much money to her credit card by playing the games. She suggested her child had no social life. Her child on the other hand felt differently. He suggested all of his friends played and they would chat to each other while playing. So some teens tend to view devices differently than their parents especially when they are not paying for it. Parents are you aware what pictures your children are taking and putting on social media? Are you aware of the game rooms that they are playing in? Are you aware of some of the people that they are talking too? When I think about it, teens have much more to deal with now than 100 years ago. The internet opens them up to the world. That can be good, but dangerous at the same time, because there is always lurking the predators that want to prey on innocent children. Of course, children may not see it that way, because they may have tunnel vision.

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When joining a group board, you are able to reach a larger audience and also a different audience other than your present one. Remember there is power in numbers. You are able to display your blog or website to a larger group. Remember people from all over the country are pinning on Pinterest. Your product can be seen by more people than just yourself. I am glad that I have created several group boards as well as joined several. I have observed the audience increase. So I do believe there is power in numbers. Group boards give you great exposure also.

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Do you have favorite articles that you would like to share? Sometimes it is good just to look back and remember some of the best ones.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

3 of My Favorite Bloggers

All of you may have those that have made a difference in your lives, I have 3 bloggers that I consider my favorite bloggers. I would like to share them with you today.

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My first blogger that really influenced me was Lisa Irby. I just happened to see one of her utube videos.

1. Lisa Irby

She talked about leaving her full-time job to start blogging. She was very encouraging and inspirational. Lisa has chat forums and also offers online courses. At the time I would not show my picture on my blog. I asked her, "Why should I show my picture?"  I was not comfortable in the beginning showing my picture. She explained that there are so many people that want to know who they are reading about. Your picture makes it more personable. Lisa also talked about learning what your niche is and the importance of it. She stressed that blogging is not a quick fix answer to make money. I would listen to her videos often.

2. Melanie Redd

I met Melanie Redd several years ago. I started reading many of her blog posts. Here again is another very inspiring and motivational speaker. I asked her to guest post at my blog. I thought she would turn me down, but to my surprise, she told me, “ I would be honored.” I was not expecting that, but I am so glad that I met her. Not long after she did a guest post at my blog she then asked me would I write an article for her in a series where she collaborated with sever other bloggers. I did that and I was honored to be able to do it. Then after that she did another series that I was blessed to be a part of

This again was a very emotional experience for me to have even cross paths with Melanie. I am also a part of several Pinterest group blogs of Melanie that have blessed me. Blogs Encouraging Blogs and Blogging Tips and Helps are just a few of her group blogs that you will find on Pinterest.

3. Janice Wald

I was really amazed at the many resources that Janice opened up for me. After reading several of her articles I subscribed to her. Her articles always contain a vast amount of resources. I am really inspire by her linky party site Inspire Me Monday linky Party.

It was here at Mostly that I also discovered 18 Facebook GroupsYou Need to join.
Janice constantly gives you valuable tips regarding blogging. Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why I Like 4 Particular Linky Parties

I have joined several linky parties. I have discovered that there are a few of them that I tend to like more than others even though all of them are good for great exposure. I am listing my top 4 linky parties that I really enjoy. Let me tell you why.

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I just recently found out about this one and it is a joy to attend this party. I definitely like the logo because it is bright, colorful, and right on time. They sometimes have over 130+ posts at their linky parties. Also, I have been featured here and this is great for exposure to my blog.

The owner of this site is Janice Wald. I really like this linky party because of the vast amount of information found here. Besides the party here I can always find a post here from Janice for several days of the week. After subscribing to her I can always expect numerous blogging tips in my email. In fact I really look forward to them. Also, I discovered at this linky party 18 facebook groups where I can post my blog articles. 

3. Paula's No Rules Weekend

Paula is the owner of this Linky Party.  Although I have never been featured here, this blog party will have at least 182+ posts. I like that there are a variety of posts there to read. I have also discovered other blog parties here as well. New blogging parties are starting daily at a variety of sites.

This one is my favorite of all 4 that I listed above.   I have become health conscious and I find so many awesome tips here at this blog. I also have been featured here more than once.  Deborah is the owner of this Party. I am so glad that I found this party. I like this party because it emphasizes health.Here you will find exercise tips, eco-friendly products, and much more.  Here you may find recipes that have no harmful additives. At this party I have met like-minded people. I have met new bloggers and learned from them. I do not believe there has been a time that I have been at the party and did not find something that was of great interest to me. Deborah always has great giveaways as well.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

6 Encouraging Words

Words are powerful and important. They can either give you life or give you death. What you continue to say about yourself eventually becomes a reality.


Do you choose your words carefully or do you have (diarrhea of the mouth)? There are those that say things and wonder about the consequences later. That is somewhat backwards. Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. I choose life.

Some Encouraging words are as follows:

1. Awesome

Awesome is my favorite word this year. Someone recently told me that awesome seemed like my favorite word. I thought about it. Yes it is one of my favorite words. When someone tells you that you are awesome or that you did an awesome deed that is a very good feeling.

2. Excellent

When I hear that someone did an excellent job, I think of the greatest. I do not think that they did a fair job or just a good job.  Have you noticed when completing some restaurant surveys, if you mark good or fair that they may ask you why was it just good? They may ask, “Did you have a problem today?” One of the reasons they ask is because they were hoping you would answer excellent. If they can correct the problem, then future responses may be excellent. 

 3. Great

When you hear, “That is great,” what comes to mind? Certainly good things as oppose to bad things. “You were great.” This is an encouraging word to give to another. Possibly you are not used to saying encouraging words. This is an excellent time to start practicing.

In my article Are You a Spiritual Being, I emphasized the importance of feeding yourself with the word of God. Words are important and it is important to renew yourself daily with God's word. Remember practice makes perfect. God's words will encourage you.   If you find yourself saying something negative or not encouraging, rephrase it and correct it at the time. Eventually speaking encouraging words will become commonplace for you.   

4. Marvelous

Psalm 118: 23-24

This is the Lord's doing; It is marvellous in our eyes. This is the day which the Lord hath made: we will rejoice and be glad in it. This word marvelous is found in bible scripture and it is indeed very encouraging to me.

5. Precious

When I hear someone say, “She is so precious” I immediately think of a small baby. Babies appear so innocent and delicate as well.  Maybe you have heard the expression, "precious stone."

These are just a few of encouraging words that come to mind. Will you make an effort to encourage someone today with your words? You can do this freely and it does not cost you.

6. Thank You

When someone does something for you, be sure to show your gratitude by saying “thank you.” That attitude of thankfulness can take you a long way. Ladies if a gentleman holds the door open for you be sure to say “thank you,” even if you do not know him. It is just the right thing to do

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Theresa May. . . Donald Trump

Monday, March 27, 2017

What type of Parent are You?

Do you spend quality time with your children or is your physical body just there? There are those that allow video games to baby-sit their children. Do you even know the video games that your child likes or is playing?

Parenting Advice

Sure you want to have fun and enjoy your children. Parenting is not just about having fun. There are those times that you may have to make a judgment call and your children might not like it, but you know that it is the best for them.

Sleep Patterns

Are you the parent that wants to be a buddy to your 9-year-old? Are you allowing your 9-year- old to stay up late until 2 and 3 am in the morning during the summer time or on the weekends? Possibly you go to sleep and allow them to stay up late with no supervision. Is this really fair to your child? You got your sleep, but what about your child? While you are sleeping you are not aware of what your child is doing. Remember you now have a child to parent. It is not all about you unfortunately. Are you a Parent or a Buddy? Did you know that you could be harming your child?
According to the National Sleep Foundation children between the ages of 6-13 need at least 9-11 hours of sleep.

Granted 9-year-olds should know to bathe and keep themselves clean, but do you just allow your children to get up, put on their clothes, and never observe are they bathing and brushing their teeth? Possibly it is not important to them whether they bathe themselves or not. So are you a parent or a buddy, leaving it up to the child? What are your feelings about this?

Video Games

Do you play video games with your children? This would possibly give you an idea of what games your children likes and the games that they are playing? Also, you are doing this together. How much is too much video games?  Every child is different. That is something that you will decide for your children.


Does your child display a lot of anger or is your child basically a compliant obedient child? Complaint and obedient is fine, but you hope that all your children learn to think and show creativity for themselves. What happens when your children get angry? Are they throwing things at the wall or at you? I am not referring to two-year-old children and tantrums either. Are they cursing you? Are you a parent or a buddy? What are you allowing? Are you using this moment as a teachable moment for your child to learn how to deal with anger issues. These are a few things to ask yourself.

Everyone gets angry about something during their lifetime, but how do you handle it? Do you explain to your child this is definitely not acceptable behavior or do you just throw up your hands and say, “That is just the way my child is.” I recently was in a retail store where I witnessed what appeared to be a 4 or 5-year-old telling a nearby lady to shut up as she was having a conversation with his parent. The parent did not address it but instead said, “Oh he is just bad.” This could have been a teachable moment. There was another instance where I was waiting in line and a child told her parent, “ I want this.” The parent replied, “ Let's wait until Christmas.” The child responded, “ I do not want to wait until Christmas, I want it now.” How many of you know we all tend to want it now. The child crossed her arms in front of her and was huffing and puffing. Again, another teachable moment that was not taken. The lady in front of me turned to me and said, “These young people now a day, I would have never allowed my children to do that.”

In a Hurry

Are you enjoying your children or are you waiting impatiently for their first baby steps of walking, or when they get out of diapers, when they start school, when they graduate, or when they are out of the house? This list could go on and on. Why not take a pause and enjoy them and savor the moments you are together?

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