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Sunday, July 23, 2017

7 Breathtaking Things That I Have Learned About Cabin Adventure

Family Vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

This was an awesome trip. I am so thankful to my awesome younger daughter, because she planned this family vacation trip. Also I am thankful to my awesome next to the oldest daughter that had plenty of snacks and kept plenty of water to keep us hydrated as we traveled on this trip. A special thanks to my awesome older daughter that did the majority of the cooking while we stayed in the cabin. I have awesome children and I am so blessed by God.

 Patriot's Cabin's in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is awesome

1. Pic Bennett'sBarbecue, located on 2910 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, Tn

They have been open for many years and they were not far from our cabin. Although we ate in the cabin the majority of the time, we had a taste for barbecue. I like that this place has the barbecue pit directly in front of the restaurant. The take out was excellent. They were friendly and the awesome manager gave my husband the Veteran's discount. Now how good is that?

2. Amusement Park and Activities

Did you know there is a strip along Parkway in Pigeon Forge that has all types of amusement including family comedy entertainment, Arcades, Adventure Raceway go karts, the Escape Room and much more. This strip reminded me of the strip in Las Vegas, it was so well lit at night, but the main difference is the majority of events were very family oriented and there were many kiddie rides for the little ones.

3. Sleeping

You can sleep as late as you like or get up early. I usually got up early.  As you can see below some of us had so much fun that we needed a nap. 

Relaxing in Pigeon Forge

4. Eating in

My awesome older daughter cooked most of the meals. All I had to do was eat. How good is that? Now because I was early to rise, I did cook breakfast and those that wanted to eat early were rising and shining for breakfast.

5. Night

I discovered at night it would get pitch dark and you really needed a flashlight if outside, unless you sat on the porch using the porch light.

6. Pool Table in the Cabin

I did not realize my granddaughter had tried shooting pool, but was holding the stick the wrong way. I guess that would explain why she could not hit the ball. She was just learning, so when her and I played I instructed her how to hold the pool stick and explained it just takes a little practice. We did have fun playing though.

7.Theater Room in the Cabin


This is an area that I believe children and adults loved. This was an awesome trip and my first time in a cabin. It was most enjoyable and peaceful. What are your thoughts about staying in a cabin?  I would love to hear from you.  

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  1. That sounds a very interesting and adventurous vacation. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This sounds exciting...Wow would love to have one experience


  3. Sounds like fun! We visited Nashville a few years ago and I was hoping to squeeze in a side trip to Pigeon Forge. I went once years and years ago when I was a kid and have such fond memories of that trip.

  4. I believe that these types of trips really foster family connection.

  5. I love making memories with family vacations - thank you for sharing yours with us!

  6. Sounds so much fun loving and Amazing adventureous trip. Staying in cabin sounds fun and different experience. Wonderful pictures of cabin. Thanks for sharing these. #WriterWednesday

  7. I spent a week in Pigeon Forge last fall. It will be one of my most memorial trips. I'll have to check out these cabins. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.