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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why You Need to Visit Michigan Adventure

Michigan Adventure, located in Muskegon, Michigan has so many awesome and fun activities for the entire family. This is an awesome amusement park

Water Parks in Michigan

We were not able to see all that there was to see, but I had a great time. Some of the sites you will want to see when you get there are as follows: The Lagoon, Mine Shaft, Half-Pint Paradise and much, much more. 

1. Food

I was quite impressed with the food. I ordered chicken tenders and they were nice and tender as well as seasons just right.  I usually take a picture of my food, but their food was so great that I completely forgot.

Muskegon Water Park

2. Lazy River

This is an area with small blue tubing and the water is shallow. Children just love to play on the tubing in the water. They can get out and walk in the water as well.


3. Cork Screw

This is a a roller coaster for those of you that like the fast and high rides. It can be thrilling and exciting.

Michigan Adventure

4. Cyclone Zone-Tubing

This tubing started up on top of a high hill. It is as large as the tubing at Splash Village. The children seem to enjoy it and the fact that they slid down this tubing into lots of water. 

5. Commotion Ocean  (click on this link to see more)

What I like about this is that it appears to look just like the ocean. The name of it is very befitting for it also. You actually walk into it. When you hear the buzzer, you can expect a large wave to come. There were several attendants around overseeing this. Also the water is quite shallow. It is not uncommon to see people walking around in their bathing suits at this amusement park, because there is so large a water area.

6. Swan Paddle Boat

Although I am not big for riding the rides the group that I was with convinced me to go on the White Swan Paddle Boat. That was fun and good exercise for me paddling the boat.

Note:   I checked my pedometer on my cellphone.  That day I walked about 3 miles.  So as my grandson said, "Granny you got your exercise in just walking around the park."   That I did. 

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  2. It certainly looks like a fun place to be. At the moment I am a bit tired so Lazy River sounds delightful.

  3. Wow all pictures seems very interesting and this place looks so fun loving. I like the word lazy river. Sounds interesting. Seems a cool place for outing. #WriterWednesday