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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Do You Really Know What You Would Do?

We all might say what we would do in any given situation, but do we really know what we would do? I observed an incident recently that really moved me to action.

How many times have you heard people say, “ I would never do that.” or “Why didn't she just leave that low down person?” Sometimes it is not that simple, because in any given situation you may react differently. Think about the following incidents and imagine how you would handle them.

1. Incident One


I had a disturbing situation one day. As I shopped in the store I observed two ladies. One of them was in a riding cart. I could hear the one lady talking loudly to the other. Some of the remarks she made, really alarmed me. I did not know their relationship to each other as both were older ladies. The one lady stated, “Get out of the cart and sit over there to try on the shoes, you are blocking the aisle.” The fragile tiny lady obeyed. I watched as she walked to the seat, she could barely walk. I felt so sorry for her. Then the same lady that ordered her out of the cart made more remarks. She said, “Did you pass gas?” “Yes you did, you little: f****.” I would not repeat what she said. I asked myself, “Why would she treat the elderly lady like that?"

Walking Away

So I walked away. That was hard for me to do. I know this was none of my business. I prayed silently that this abuse would stop for this elderly lady. Then I thought, I cannot sit by and do nothing. I pondered what should I do? I thought she may curse me out, but so be it. I walked back past them again; she was still talking very badly to the elderly lady. I could see and feel the distress on the elderly lady’s face.

More Conversation

So I walked up to the lady that was talking so badly. I smiled at her and asked, “Are you having a bad day?” She responded, “Yes, she is just not doing anything that I tell her to do. “ “Her family does not want her, I am just the caregiver.” “Her and her brother lives with me." I responded, “I am sorry you are having a bad day, both of you ladies are beautiful ladies, but you know everyone deserves respect. No one deserves to be mistreated. She then replied, “I don’t mistreat her, I am the only one that takes care of her, cause no one else wants her.” This lady really felt justified.

Painful Words

We had more conversation. “Words can be very painful and can kill the spirit.” I emphasized to her. I tried to keep it on a positive note and told her, “I believe that you two will work this out.” “You both seem like very nice ladies.” At this point I did not know if she was going to curse me now or what. She looked at me and smile and said, “Thank you for talking to me.” She smiled, “grasp my hand and said, “God bless you.” Now in that instance, I prayed that I had given her something to think about. This incident was so compelling to me. I did not know how the outcome of this situation would be. It could have turned much uglier. I do not know if I will ever see the individuals again.  I just prayed that this woman does not continue to be abused like this.

I thought to myself, “Could I have done more?” I hope none of you ever are in this type of situation to witness, what I witnessed that day. Like I told the lady that day no one deserves to be mistreated.

2. Incident 2

A Fight

I recall a fight that was in my former neighborhood. I heard a great commotion. When I went to the door, I saw a lady that had a man in a headlock. Now someone had already called the police. When the police approached, she still did not want to let this man go. She eventually let the man go. Now could this have been avoided before it escalated to violence? I don't know, but it is good the police were there.

3. Incident 3

The Parking Lot

Now this was an incident that I think about what I might could have done differently and possibly used as a teachable moment, but I missed it. As my grandchildren and I were in the parking lot going to our car, a lady was calling her child every curse word there was urging her into the car. The young child looked so helpless and the mother was quite frustrated. If you could have seen the looks that my grandchildren gave that woman, it was unbelievable.

These were just a few incidences that I have sited. Think about other incidences that you may have actually witnessed. Could you have done more?

Photo Caption: pixabay, Public Domain

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