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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Possible AI Problems

Are you aware that AI has slowly been introduced to every facets of our lives? Are you aware that even though some believe AI to be a good thing, there is still a down side to this?

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1. My headphone

As I laid in bed one morning with my husband, I heard a voice saying, “I cannot find the phone?” I thought I was hearing things, but my husband on the other side of me said, “Is that your headphone?” I replied, “Yes.” Even though my cellphone was charging in another room that night I laid my headphone on the dresser next to me. I remember turning my headphone off. Apparently it had come back on on its own. This is very concerning to me. I have purchased another set of headphones that hang on your ear. It apparently turns itself on periodically without my permission. This is concerning to me as well.

2. A Few Challenges

Did you know that some of the challenges of AI (Artificial Intelligence) include, ethical issues, bias in Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Integration, computing power, data privacy and security, legal issues with Artificial Intelligence, transparency, and limited knowledge of Artificial Intelligence? This is according to  Speaking of limited knowledge there are numerous Artificial Intelligent chat rooms that are being used to help the Artificial Intelligence in making better decisions. It is almost like teaching a baby to talk and understand. While doing a google search the Artificial Intelligence came out of nowhere and asked me if my daughter’s name was a thing or a person. When you are on hold on your telephone your choice options may be limited, because Artificial Intelligence is only programmed for a certain amount of interactions. If you ask the wrong question the reply might be, “I don’t understand.” Or it might ignore your question and state something else.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Your Voicemail

Do you have transcript with your voicemail? I have it. The other day my daughter left me a voicemail. Before I listened to it I read it. It started like this,

Hey man.” “You so mean.” When I listened to it my daughter actually said, “Hey mom.” “This is, and then she said her name. If this was an emergency this could be time consuming. Or this could be misinterpreted by another.

4. Cybersecurity Threat

According to,  Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in identifying and mitigating security risks.

5. Cyber Attack in Michigan Ascension Hospitals

Did you know that as of Wednesday, May 8, 2024 hackers broke into the patient health records and other systems at the Ascension Hospital chain according to They further added that on Thursday, patients arriving at Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital were rerouted under a diversion protocol. I also know first hand that they were rerouting patients from Ascension Hospital in Grand Blanc, Mi. They are further advising patients to have medications and symptoms written down. Artificial Intelligence in healthcare may be helpful, but there are also dangers involved.

I remember when doctors and hospitals were informed all of their patient information needed to be inputted on the computer. So if you have been to the doctor your information is in the computer. I notice that some doctors carry their Ipads around inputting information as they are seeing their patients.

In fact, it is always wise to have your medication and symptoms written down when going to the hospital and to be sure a close relative has a copy in the event you are unable to speak or you are not conscious.  

I recall a billing statement I received. I contacted my doctor which is a previous doctor I informed them it was incorrect. They were billing me for a procedure that did not occur. I was working on the date they stated. They insisted this was from their billing in another area and that they were right. So I call my insurance company and got them all on a 3-way conversation. My insurance company informed them they had the wrong billing code. This is what I went through to get this corrected unfortunately.

So even though Artificial Intelligence is here, there are still major concerns. If you have not seen the movie “Hacker.” You definitely need to see it. In this movie Hackers hacked into a woman’s data and changed all her information, “Stating she was on drugs and was a criminal.” The police busted her door down and she said none of that was true. The police replied, “That is not what is stated on the computer.” The Hackers then laughed about it thinking this was so funny, because of the fact they had the power to do this and ruin another’s life. That is one of the dangers.

6. Children and Artificial Intelligence

Because Artificial Intelligence is here, children have already been introduced to it.  According to this includes hands-on activities, attending workshops and camps, introducing them to coding, finding Artificial examples in everyday life, and encouraging creativity.

Also, many of the children’s books are now produced by Artificial Intelligence. What has happened to a human’s creativity of creating a book? What has or is happening to a child’s creativity?   There is no end to God’s creativity that has been given to you.  That creativity is infinite. How do you feel when creating something new? It can be a very good feeling. So when reading a book to yourself or to your children it is important to know the author of the book. That will tell you a lot. So Artificial intelligence is now influencing young children through books. A human being has the capacity to reason, but Artificial Intelligence is limited to it’s interactions right now. What does that say about the future?


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Jennifer Wise said...

Yes, I am not a fan of AI. Scary information about the Michigan hackers. I think this is very common, unfortunately. Thanks for sharing this post with us at the Will Blog for Comments #41 linkup. We hope to see you again sharing more posts, old or new, at #42, which opens Monday morning. Happy Independence Day!

anointedtoday said...

Thanks for stopping by Jennifer.

PaulaShort said...

Betty, I did hear about Cyber Attack in Michigan Ascension Hospitals. If memory serves me correctly I got a letter in the mail about it. I remember thinking how odd it was because I don't live in Michigan nor have I used any of their facilities. But I guessed it was just to inform. One thing that scare me with AI is lonely teenagers talking to an AI bot, which can generate any type of conversation. I'm half and half with AI like any technology it can be used for good, and in the wrong or evil hands bad.
Thanks' so much for sharing this informative article with Sweet Tea & friend's June link-up.

Lydia C. Lee said...

I'm not a fan of AI. I'm old so I get I'm missing some of the plusses it brings but....#HappyNow

anointedtoday said...

Paula AI has been around for awhile now, but it is growing faster daily in every part of people's lives. People need to realize AI is exactly what it says "Artificial Intelligence." Nothing can take the place of human touch and that is what AI does not have even with all of it's knowledge.

anointedtoday said...

Lydia AI has it's benefits and it's downfalls like anything else. A machine is good, but not better than it's maker. Because AI is Artificial being human will always trump even though the creator's of AI are promoting it so heavily. AI is still learning through chat boxes and unfortunately does not have common sense with all of it
's knowledge, but that is where technology is at the present and it is growing in leaps and bounds. Thanks for stopping by.