Dream It; Believe It; A-Line Dress

Dream It; Believe It; A-Line Dress
Dream It; Believe It; A-Line Dress

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Are We Alone?

We Live in a vast universe, several galaxies, and numerous planets. Have you ever asked the question, “Are We Alone?” Who is behind the UFO’s ?   (Unidentified flying objects).  

Skin Walker Ranch

***Good News***

It has been said by many that there has been visitation to earth from other planets for millions of years and that there has been paranormal activities in various places.

1. Galaxies

Have you ever stopped to think how many galaxies are in the Universe? According to bigthink.com there is an estimated 170 Billion galaxies in the Universe. Britannica.com further adds that a galaxy is any of the systems of stars and interstellar matter that make up the universe; The 7 known galaxies are listed below.

a. Andomeda Galaxy

b. Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy

c. Cygnus A

d. Maffei I and II

e. Magellanic Clouds

f. Milky Way Galaxy

G. Virgo A

2. Planets

Of course you know that there are other planets in our solar system. The 9 known planets that exist are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars which are terrestrial planets, followed by gas giants Jupiter, and Saturn, and the ice giants Uranus and Neptune according to nine planets.org., You ask, “What are Terrestrial planets? Solarsystem.nasa.gov. Defines Terrestrial Planets as having a compact, rocky surface like Earth’s Terra firma and they are namely Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

3. What Is the Hype About Mars?

I recall going to the Sloan Museum in my city many years ago. There were exhibits with small units on Mars. It showed several McDonald’s and other buildings which looked similar to our present cities. It also showed several explorer’s traveling to Mars. Was this display there to give us a glimpse of the expectations for the future?  According to  interestingengineeging.com NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) scientist states there were past environments on Mars that could have harbored life and they further add they believe it is possible to inhabit Mars.  In fact NASA has sent robots to Mars already. 

4. UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects)

Did you know that Ryan Graves, a retired navy pilot , saw UFO’s   (Unidentified Flying Objects every day for at least a couple years) according to an interview he had with 60 minutes. Former Navy Lieutenant Commander Alex Dietrich also added during this 60 minutes interview that she encountered a “little white Tic-Tac-looking object about the size of their fighter jet which had no predictable movement and no predictable trajectory, which left her feeling vulnerable to attack.

5. (UFO) Sightings Near Nuclear Facilities

Why have there been so many UFO(Unidentified Flying Object) sightings near Nuclear Facilities? Is someone trying to tell us something? There have been objects being tracked on radar performing at speeds that no object on earth can perform according to history.com. They further add that in the late 1948 green fireballs were reported in the skies near atomic laboratories in Los Alamos and Sandia, New Mexico, in 1950 a declassified FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) document mentions flying saucers measuring almost 50 feet in diameter near the Los Alamox labs.

6. UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) Capabilities

According to Washington Post Live (UFO’s) Unidentified Flying Objects have hoovered over our nuclear plants and taken them offline to interfere with our nuclear capabilities and in other countries they have put them online to launch. So from a National Security prospective there is concern. Also note that America is not the only country affected. This is a global issue around the world.

7. Alien Abductions

Numerous people around the world have complained about Alien abductions, but the first reported abduction was Betty and Barney Hill whom were put under hypnosis to discover this gruesome happening. Under hypnosis they described being taken aboard a spaceship and being examined and feeling powerless to resist the Aliens.

8. Alien Implants?

According to Utube an Alaskan Man had an Alien implant removed that had been in his body about 20 years. The doctor that removed it stated the (RIFID) Radio-frequency identification readings from the implant was very high, but after removal the reading in this man’s body was very low. This makes you wonder. We use (RIFID) Radio-frequency identification for many things, but was this man’s abduction and implant part of a plan for Alien’s to track his behavior for the last 20 years. We track other animals, but never thought that possibly we are being tracked as well.

RFID(Radio-frequency identification) technology can be found in transport tracing, inventories and warehouses, identification of animals, surgeries, passports, supermarkets of the future, libraries and museums, and many more places as stated by traceid.com.

9. Sweden

Did you know that thousands of Swedes have had microchips inserted into their hands to speed up daily routines such as accessing their homes, offices and gyms with just a sweep of their hands against a digital reader. Npr.org., also adds that the procedure costs is about $180 and more than 4,000 Swedes have adopted the technology with one company, Biohax International, dominating the market.

10. Skin Walker Ranch

According to the History Channel there have been mysterious crop circles, UFO’s (Unidentified flying objects), mutilation of cattle, shape-shifting characters (the ability of a person to change itself into a different shape or form) and much more. Skinwalker ranch is in it’s 3rd season on the History Channel  and it is further added that this Ranch seems to be a Hotbed for paranormal activity.

So do you believe you are alone on this earth?


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Donna Reidland said...

I suppose anything is possible but I believe the only extra-terrestrials are angelic beings, both good and evil.

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