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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Bloggers Meet and Greet - Adjustments to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hi. The Caronavirus has been around now for numerous months. Some have said that it was here since last year. People are flexible and eventually adjust their lives in order to survive. There have been major adjustments for young and old.





At this October meet and greet I will talk about just a few of the adjustments that people all over the world have made because of the Caronavirus.

1. Church

Who would have thought that church services would have been impacted the way that it has. There were some good things and there were some not so good things. Church goers are used to traditionally going to a building to worship and dressing in their fancy clothes, but when the Pandemic occurred that changed. There are have been many deaths for church goers and non church goers as well. The not so good thing is that it has been difficult to assemble in the physical building especially with large number of people over 50 or more. The good thing is that church goers realize they are the church. You can worship and pray in the comfort of your homes. You can wear what you like in the comfort of your own home. Also during church service you may have only reach those within the walls of your church. Now since the Caronavirus you are reaching people all over the country spreading the Good News about Jesus. Now you are reaching an entire new group of people all over the world. The internet has made that possible. You are now watching other church services online not just your own services.

2. Hugging

Now hugging is something that has been emphasized as important for human development. Hugging to some degree has been limited to our immediate family. Now when you are out and about you may be more cautious about hugging because there is still so much that is not known about the transmission of this deadly virus. Now you may just want to fist-bump or elbow bump that friend or acquaintance that you see on the street.

3. Front line Workers

Those that have continued to work on the front lines have had to mask up and take precautions while helping others. They have been risking their lives to save others. Nurses and doctors are working 12 hour shifts during this Pandemic. Some are opting not to come home to their families, but rather staying in RV’s as to not take the chance of bringing this deadly virus home to their families. Unfortunately some states are in worse shape than others.

4. Masking and distancing

As history tends to repeat itself, there seems to have been some type of Pandemic every 100 years or earlier. I have observed something that has been prevalent in most of them and that was the distancing and the mask wearing. There is something about distancing ourselves at least 6 feet apart to prevent the spread of the virus.

5. Washing Hands

There has also been emphasis on handing washing at least 20 seconds under running water. Now I recall in a public bathroom there were times that women would use the bathroom and leave not washing their hands. This is so dangerous. I had to laugh as I left a public bathroom. A woman told me, “You did not wash your hands for 20 seconds.” Really. I did wash my hands. She was counting how many seconds I took when washing my hands. I am so thankful to have water. It only takes several seconds to wash your hands.

6. Funerals

There have been so many deaths because of this virus. Because of the internet many funerals can be viewed in real time online. They are still limiting the family to 50 people or less at a funeral. Most families have more than 50 people in their families. This is another adjustment families have had to make because of the Pandemic.

7. Tempers

People and their emotions have been flaring up and they have been feeling a host of different emotions. According to CNN.Com a security guard at Family Dollar in Flint, Michigan was just following executive orders from the state to enforce that anyone entering the store needed  to wear a mask. Unfortunately he was murdered. Now not only was his family affected, but the person that murdered him, his family will be affected as well. Some are not adjusting to the Pandemic.

8. Hospital

When the state of Michigan experience the shutdown from the virus in March 2020, there was a type of devastation. If your love one experience Covid-19 and was having breathing problems you were not allowed to go to the hospital with them. There have been many deaths in the hospital and the patients died without their families being present. I recently talk to a woman. I could hear the despair and pain in her voice. She stated her mother had other medical complications, but because of Covid she was not allowed to see her mother and her mother died alone. This is so sad and heart breaking to hear.

9. Schools

I told my grandchildren that they are living history and will be able to tell their children they were out of school several months because of the Pandemic. They did not seem to mind. They said they liked having online learning as when this occurred their school was already set up with Chrome tablets for student so it was a matter of transitioning. Learning online is not the same as having a teacher present, but it is an alternative.

Did you know that according to since November 2019 there has been driverless trucks being driven on the Florida turnpike? There has been million of dollars put into this technology. You ask me, “What does this have to do with the Pandemic?” Nothing. Think about it. We have real time with our maps (GPS). Imagine if million of dollars could be put into investing Face-to Face online teaching with students during this Pandemic. The teachers could teach in a safe environment during real time and the students could learn in the safety of their homes. This could be a win/win situation.

The teachers are scared in the classrooms now that the decision has been made by some to open schools back up. Everyone is trying to adjust, but some schools are being opened only to be closed again because of Covid-19 outbreak. Some schools are having hundred and hundred of teachers calling in sick because they do not feel safe with schools reopening. I do not think that I would want to be a school teacher during this Pandemic. Children are dying as well as adults.

Finally it is not easy, but some people are trying to be as flexible as possible, while others refuse to wear masks or even do social distancing.

What are your thoughts?

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