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Friday, November 18, 2016

Stress Management

How do you manage stress? Or better yet, does stress manage you? There may be some days that you feel stressed. Regardless, there are a few things you can do to manage.

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1. Alarm System

According to the Mayo Clinic,your brain is hard-wired with an alarm system to protect you. They further state that it signals your body by sending out a burst of hormones to help your response, but sometimes that signal does not turn off. The body can then become stressed. That is not good.

2. Physical Activity

I find that physical activity helps me to relieve stress. I love walking. I love that walking is free. I can walk as long or as little as I like. I also find myself feeling so much better after a long walk.

3. Laughter

I cannot say enough about laughter. You might say or think you have nothing to laugh about, but have you noticed small children? They can laugh about almost anything. I find that when I watch a good comedy on television, I find myself laughing, sometimes hysterically. There are other times just being around funny family members will keep you laughing.  My big sister always keeps me laughing. She is the first lady of her church, but there is still that side of her that just naturally makes you laugh.  In my article  Eye Opening Ways to Manage Stress, I discuss even more ways to relieve stress.

4. Don't Worry; Be Happy

This is a popular song that makes a lot of since. You probably say, easier said than done. When you think about it, happiness is a choice. Although your circumstances may be tough, you make the choice as to whether you will be happy or not. If you are happy and doing other things, it will leave very little time or room to worry.

5. Management

Although God gives everyone 24 hours of time a day, it is up to you how you manage your time. Because time does not wait for anyone, if you do not manage time it will definitely manage you. Sometimes just think. Do you take time to rest? Do you look at and access what really needs to be done today and let some things wait until tomorrow? It takes wisdom and common sense to know the difference.  Was this article helpful? What other topics would you like to hear about?

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  1. Great tips for a stressfree life. Yeah stress is not good for a better living
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