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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Pandemics (What You Might Not Know)

 Although you are living right now during the history of the Coronavirus Pandemic, pandemics have existed throughout time. Although this particular type of pandemic is new, pandemics are not.




                                            The Invisible Enemy


1. Plague

In Exodus 7:14-11:10 the Bible talks about God instructing Moses to strike the water of the Nile and it will change into blood, thus the fish will die, the water will stink, and Egyptians will not be able to drink its water. Plagues have existed for years.  Speaking of water, this reminds me of Flint, Michigan. The water was poisoned with lead and then there was a cover-up so that the people would not find out, but thanks to Dr. Mona the coverup was exposed.

2. Prehistoric epidemic: Circa 3000 B.C.

According to about 5,000 years ago an epidemic wiped out a prehistoric village in China. They added there were no proper burial but bodies of dead young and old were stuffed inside a house that was later burned down. This does sound very cruel, but this apparently was how they dealt with the epidemic.

3. Plague of Athens 430 B.C.

According to this epidemic describes as violent heat in the head, redness and inflammation in the eye,  throat or tongue.  This lasted 5 years killing an estimated toll of 100,000 people. They further add that overcrowding caused by the war increased the epidemic.

4. Flu Pandemic 1968

According to mphonline this flu has been referred to as the (Hong Kong Flu).They further added that this flu spread to Singapore, Viet Nam, the Philippines, India, Australia, Europe, and the United States. Making the death toll 1 million.

5. HIV/AIDS Pandemic

According the mphonline this pandemic first identified in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976. They further add that the death toll is 36 million.  There are those still living with it and new treatments have been developed even though the annual deaths dropped from 205-2012.

6. Caronavirus (Covid-19)

According to the Government some of the symptom of Covid-19 are fever or cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat,, congestion or runny nose, vomiting, and diarrhea. They further suggest wearing a mask and staying at home, and distancing. Now the wearing of masks and distancing are suggested for everyone young and old because there is no way to determine who carries this (invisible enemy).

7. More Thoughts

Although it was thought Covid-19 only affected the elderly, you hear daily about younger people being affected now. This invisible enemy has no respect of age, gender, or race. Another thing about the Covid-19 is that there is no known vaccine yet. This is all the more reason to take precaution. Something to think about is that you know to wear a mask in the hospital especially when disease is rampant why not take this same precaution outside of the hospital? No nothing is guaranteed, except that we all eventually will die on earth, but why not take all necessary measures to promote the best health that you can have?

But to those that say they don’t want to wear a mask and want to live their life the way that they want, what would you say to a friend or relative’s family that has already died of covid-19? What would you say to your family or a family member that died of Covid- 19? Do you have empathy at this time to put yourself in the mindset of another? How is the other family feeling? How is the other family grieving? It was heartfelt to see Sandy Brown loose her husband and only son from Covid-19? It could have been you or me? Have you put yourself in the mindset of the Governor? Do you think any governor enjoys announcing stay at home orders when they they themselves have family members also?

8. Wear a Mask

Did you know that wearing a mask is a true sign of respect of others? That is according to Dr. Mark Smolinski, a public health physician. I agree because this invisible enemy, covid-19 can be carried by anyone and we surprisingly cannot see who carries it. It could be you, your mother, daughter, friend, pastor, or co-worker. At this point nobody knows until they become ill or are tested. I have, however, observed from past Pandemics that mask were worn and that distancing, seemingly, worked.

9. Creativity

Although you are living during the history of Covid-19, God gives creativeness in the spirit. Things could be worse. Because of the internet many are able to see, talk, and text to friends and loved ones. Just think how upset many get when the internet is down and you are not able to connect to it. Before the internet your creativity would be of a different mindset.

Now during Covid-19 staying at home involves board games, talking with each other at the dinner table, and inventing new and better ways to entertain yourself as a family. Families are taking the time to let each other know how much they are valued and not taken for-granted. Possibly those that would exercise at a gym are now rethinking how to continue exercising even though you do not go to the gym while it is shutdown. Many are having to rethink how to get things done, but yet they are still getting them done. I like that there are many exercise programs on utube. Utube has many “how to” videos. Just think there was a time that did not exist. I can’t count the number of times I have resorted to utube because I thought I knew how to put something together with given instructions only to find out from utube there was a better way to do it. Remember there is always a bigger and better way for many things.

10. Games from the past

I remember when I was growing up before the internet I just wanted to play outside all day long as a child. My friends and I would play kickball, dodgeball, baseball, hide and seek,play jacks, play marbles, race against each other, talent shows, and ride our bikes. I would love to go bike-riding daily. I dreaded when the evening came and I was told, “It is getting dark time to come in.” I even recall being told. “ If you are not in the house  before the street light comes on you are getting a whooping.” I got to the point that I thought, “ I will take a whooping just to stay out longer and play.” That is how important playing outside was to me at the time. I remember racing with my friends so much that I had fallen and both my knees were a bloody mess.  That did not deter me.  I continued to want to run.

So remember just as past pandemics have passed, this too shall pass. What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. I agree - masks are a sign of respect for others! Thanks for sharing with us at The Blogger's Pit Stop!

  2. Excellent post!!

    I also didn't know about several of those pandemics/plagues. Very interesting!

    The quote you shared about the mask wearing is excellent, and I wholeheartedly agree!

    You brought back great memories. We grew up in a very close knit neighborhood with an equal amount of boys and girls and every night we'd have a neighborhood kickball game or play hide and seek in the back woods. Winters were great as adults and children alike came outside to sled down our front road. Such wonderful times! And great ideas to reintroduce to this generation!

    I greatly enjoyed my visit here! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your Most welcome Growing Together in Grace and Knowledge. Come back soon. Have a great day.