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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Music is Healing and Soothing

Benefits of Music.. . . .

Did you know that music therapy has a healing effect on the body? It is ideal for the brain. Music therapy has existed for many years and has many healing properties.
Music as Therapy
Music is something that we sometimes take for granted. Sometimes we may not even be aware that we hear music. Have you observed that many of the retail stores are playing music while you shop? Music is good for us and is a vital part of our well-being. I love music and have learned to appreciate different forms of music.

1. Chronic Pain
Have you ever considered music therapy for chronic pain? This is just one of the benefits of music therapy. Listening to music daily reduces chronic pain if you have osteoarthritis, disc problems, or rheumatoid arthritis. I cannot imagine having to be in constant chronic pain. That has to wear and tear on your nerves and the rest of your body as well. In addition, everyone’s pain tolerance is different. I was glad to see the smiley faces in the hospital with the 1-10 number for patients to rate the depth of their pain. I recall a young lady going to the hospital for the delivery of her baby. She had only dilated to 1 and she still needed to go to 10. She immediately asked the nurses soon as she walked in the Emergency Room to give her medication for pain. Unfortunately they said it was too early for that.
2. Babies in the Womb
I recall when my twin grand babies were born; they were in the hospital for about a week. I realized and knew then children learn through music. During that time I recall visiting them daily and talking and singing to them as well. Also, before the babies were born, my daughter would mention that whenever I was around her and started talking the babies would start kicking and moving. So I decided to make a tape that she could play for them while they were in the womb.
In fact, babies come here with natural rhythm. It is internally made within them. Have you watched when a baby moves to music. You will be able to see the enjoyment in their face and in their movement as well.
3. The Heart
Did you know that music protects the heart? According to everydayhealth.com A study done of 10 healthy-adults in their mid-thirties showed a 26% improved blood flow when they listened to joyful music.
The good thing about music therapy is that children as well as adults can benefit from it, according to musictherapyconnections.org. In addition, they state children with special needs, adults with Alzheimer’s, or those with substance abuse problems benefit from music therapy.
4. Music in the Bible
Ezekiel 28:13 speaks about when Lucifer was created by God. Lucifer was an angel beautifully adorned with precious stones such as diamonds and sapphires and supposedly had pipes within his body, supposedly his lungs. It is said by some that when he sang the music sounded like beautiful flutes from a pipe organ.
What types of music do you like to listen to? What music do your children like to listen to?
5. Children Hospitalized
After children have had surgery, while they are in the hospital music therapy can help them heal. Music therapy is great for lowering the blood pressure too as well as reduces the children’s stress while in the hospital.
6. History
Musictherapy.org., talks about the effects of music on health and behavior exist way beyond Aristotle and Plato. After World War 1 and World War II professionals would go to Veteran Hospitals to play for those suffering physical and mental trauma. Dr. Benjamin Rush was a physician and psychiatrist that strongly supported using music to treat medical diseases. He realized the benefits of music therapy.
I also realize the benefits of music therapy. I listen to a variety of music ranging from gospel, classic, country, and smooth jazz. Smooth jazz is just very relaxing for me. How has music therapy helped you?
7. Classical Music
Did you know that listening to classical music decreases blood pressure, fights, depression, puts you to sleep, supercharges brainpower, and much more? This is according to takelessons.com
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