Valentine's Day 3-layered Mask

Valentine's Day 3-layered Mask
Valentine's Day 3-layered Mask

Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Power of Love

Do you remember when your parents told you they loved you? What about the last time that they told you? Do you remember the first time someone you loved told you they loved you? How did it make you feel? Love is very powerful.

                                                          I Love You

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1. Feeling Loved

Have you ever heard someone say that they did not feel loved? You can tell someone you love them, but if they do not feel it or believe it your words might not mean anything. I have heard people say, “I really feel loved or I really feel appreciated.” I have even had someone tell me, “I appreciate you.” That is a great feeling to feel love and to know that you are loved. I recall a friend that felt she was the “black sheep” of her family. She shared she had taken a dark path and through it all she knew without a doubt that her family loved her and stood by her through it all. She also shared she had no one to blame but herself as far as the choices she had made in life.  She took responsibility for her choices.  

2. Relationships

Relationships can be very powerful. God’s love is more powerful. I recall when I was in a relationship with a young man I asked him if he was saved. His response was, “No, but I want to be saved I want what you have.” As we were walking on the school tracking field I stopped right in the middle of the field and gave him the plan of salvation. I explained all you need to do now is find a church home. He was adamant that he did not want to join my church, but to find his own. I understood. There are numerous churches all over the city.

3. Prayer

Prayer is powerful. When you love someone you pray for them. Sometimes you may pray for those that you do not know, but you pray for their families and friends. I recall having a health issue and as I left an office I saw my friend and mentioned it to her. I asked her to keep me in her prayers. Surprisingly to me she stopped right in the middle of the parking lot and prayed with me at that instance. I was stunned and happy too. Oftentimes when you ask someone to keep you in their prayers they say ok and keep right on going. Not her. She stopped right there and started praying. I will always remember her for that. I will always remember she loved me as a friend and took the time to pray right on the spot.

4. Growing

Did you know that love helps you to grow? According to love feels joy in giving a helping hand to all those in need, misery, or grief.

5. Pure Love

I recall at my wedding I had the song “Pure Love” by Dottie Peoples playing as the guests arrived. I just love that song because it embodies all of the scriptures from 1 Corinthians 13 which is often called the Love Chapter. This is a chapter in the bible that is so powerful because it explains love and exactly what it is.

6. Creativity

God gives us creativeness in our spirit. According to love boosts your ability to expand your creativity. They further add that studies show love helps people to think outside of the box ad find creative solutions for problems they are facing.

7. Unconditional Love

Have you experienced unconditional love? Parents often love their children unconditionally. This does not say that if their child breaks the law or does something horrible a parent will stop loving their child. I recently watch a picture on television. The parents did not want their daughter involved with a young man. This young man had murdered others and done several despicable acts. They let the daughter know this. She still continued to love him and stayed with him despite the facts that were presented to her. Had he been convicted she probably would have supported him in prison. Now that might not be something you or I understand, but the power of love extends sometimes beyond comprehension. Someone probably might say, “How could she stay with him knowing all the terrible things that he did?”

8. Tough Love

Have you ever applied tough love in a situation? Have you experienced tough love? I’m sure during the time tough love may not feel like love at all. There may be times when you love someone you may apply it for the benefit of the other person and the relationship. There may be times that you need to apply tough love with teenagers or even younger children. Sometimes parents will give their children every and anything they want because they did not receive those things as a child. By doing this a parent sometimes may create a “monster.” The child may not appreciate any of the material things.

As a parent you sometimes may have to make tough decisions. Your child may not understand at the time, but sometimes later in life they may come to understand. I recall a tough decision I made. One of my children’s grades were about average she wanted to go off to college. I was going to let her go, but her father and I talked and he was adamant that she could not go off with those type of grades. So we explained she needed to go to college here at home for a year and improve her grades. She did just that. She brought her grades up, went away to college the following year, got on the dean’s list, and has been upward bound ever since. This is just one example. Can you think of other examples where you experienced or applied tough love?


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  1. Saying “I love you” can definitely make a difference to someone. I always ask God to help me love those He puts in my path each day. Thanks for the post!

  2. The power of love is very important. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. Love is truly powerful and can take so many different shapes in our lives. Thank you for a wonderful read.

  4. Love moves the mountains is true! It is the most powerful force in the Universe! Beautiful post! I love it!:)

    1. I agree with you Mihaela. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Thank you Lisa for stopping by.


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