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Friday, June 15, 2018

Would You Allow Your Child to be Micro-chipped? (Update)

There are those that already have the microchip Implants which is about the size of a grain of rice.  Are you surprised the microchip implants are not only in dogs, but are in humans too? Humans are using microchips in a variety of ways.

micro-chip implant 

You may be surprised at the various ways that microchip implants are used. Some argue that the implants can invade a person's privacy. There are those that suggest that you may even see babies being micro-chipped for identity purposed when they are born instead of using the id tags that are presently used. With the expansion of technology who is to say that this will not occur? It may occur sooner that we think.

1. Monitoring

Yes the thought of micro-chipping a baby sounds scary, but according to humanhealth.com European babies born from Dec. 2016 will be micro-chipped. They further add that information from their cells can be sent to tablets so doctors and parents can monitor their children in real time. With this new age of technology. There have been those that have suggested a micro-chipped baby could not be kidnapped as easily.

2. Alerts to the Parent

According to the Washingtonian, the day may come that micro-chipping a baby can alert a parent of their child's every move ranging from babies temperature, heart rate, and much more. Again, it may sound scary, but it may become part of the future and possibly even mandatory. Parents may not have a choice as to whether they want the baby implant or not.

3. Pros and Cons of micro-chipping

According to richardvanhooijdonk.com some of the advantages of a microchip are no worry of losing your wallet, medical history easily accessible, automatic control of many of your devices, and the cons are that it could pose a threat to your health, it could make you a prime target for bad people, and it may not be beneficial to you and your circumstances. 

4. RIGID Implants

RIFID Implants (Radio-Frequency Identification chips) is basically a small computer chip connected to an antennae according to Tom Burgdhardt. He further adds although it does not require a battery, the reading range is less than an inch to about twenty or thirty feet, but a self-powered implant has a much longer range going directly to a computer system involving inventory control or surveillance. Now I know that there are those who are arguing and asking when does it go past surveillance and possibly become a controlled situation?

5.  Micro-chipping Company

According to USA today a company has already started micro-chipping employees. They further state it is not required by employees; it can be used to scan into the building, purchase food at work, and the company assures that there is no gps (global positioning tracking), but I wonder about that. Will your company be next?

6. Dr. Oz. Weighs in

According to Dr. Oz. 10,000 already have microchips embed in their bodies. He further adds that a chip can function as a drivers license, passport, and the government with just a swipe can see your entire medical history. This is just a further invasion of our privacy. So is it okay or is it the "mark of the beast?"


There are dogs that currently have microchip implants that are useful for tracking dogs. My daughter found a stray dog that really needed medical attention. This was a very small dog. After taking her to the vet, they discovered she did have a chip in her and they were able to locate the owner. I would have never imagined that the dog had a chip. There are those that have talked about the possibility of tracking device usage in humans.

7. Memory Restoration

Were you aware that according to Cnn.com, there are reports that 80,000 people have chip implants in their brain to help with short-term memory lost? There are a variety of usages for microchips in humans. I do not know what the future will bring, however, I do know that time and technology waits for no one. Could this be a possibility for Alzheimer patients? Even though microchips are in our credit cards, and chips are in our dogs, when we start putting chips in humans for government purposes it is questionable?

What are your thoughts on this concept of micro-chipping in humans.?

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