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Friday, April 6, 2018

4 New Trends at Pinterest 2018

Pinterest is constantly evolving into the largest visual board that there is. 2018 has some very pleasant surprises this year. If you are a visual learner, you will love Pinterest.


I recall when a friend suggested I try Pinterest. She sent me an invite. I did not have a clue as to what Pinterest was. When I started with Pinterest I did not have any ideas as to what I was doing. I asked my friend, “What do I do?” She said start pinning about things that you like.

So I slowly started. I discovered it was a learning experience everyday. I did realize that I was a visual and a hands on person. So the visual content at Pinterest was overwhelming. I really loved it. I also learned there were people on Pinterest from all over the country. I have learned so much from others and made friends along the way. I really love the group boards which really help to grow your Pinterest audience. There are million of users on Pinterest. Pinterest is so exciting Some of the new trends are listed below.

1. Business Webinars

Pinterest has just launched Business Webinars in March of 2018. It is so easy to sign up for the webinars by email. You will never miss the webinars, because they will be sure to notify you of upcoming ones. Pinterest will cover various subjects such as millennial buying, foods, strategies, tips to make your pins stand out, and much more.

2. Parents using Pinterest

This particular webinar will discuss how parents use Pinterest. Did you that 40% of United States parents use Pinterest? Yes this is according to Pinterest.

3. Pinterest House

Last month in March, 2018  Pinterest held a gathering for digital marketers in Texas. They covered topics such as beauty, fitness, hair, makeup, and much more.

If you did not make the event, the following link below  shows several videos that were taken during the event. I discovered that Home Depp even uses Pinterest. I know that most husbands love home depo for their home projects. I have viewed the videos. They are quite encouraging.

4. Pincodes at Pinterest

This process is so simple to use. When you see a pincode, open your iPhone, tap your Pinterest camera up next to the search bar, point your phone at the pincode and you will instantly access pins, boards and other ideas. There is no need to take a picture. If you have not done so, create a pincode for your profile today.

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Roseann Hampton said...

I had never heard of pincodes before - learned something new! Thanks for sharing at The Blogger's Pit Stop! Roseann from This Autoimmune Life

Janice Wald said...

Hi Betty,
I wrote about social media tips today. I did not know about pincodes. Thanks for telling us.
I made a friend through you. She followed me after reading your top 3 linky party recommendations. THANK YOU!

anointedtoday said...

Your welcome Janice.

anointedtoday said...

Your welcome Roseann