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Sunday, March 22, 2015

How Organized are You?

Does your home have a look of clutter? When you need something, do you have to go through piles of papers, clothes, or even trash to find it? Are your children in the midst of all this clutter? Possibly you can organize just a little better.

Organize Your Home

Maybe you need to learn how to organize your home. I have heard some exclaim that they are just messy or their husband is just messy. Well being messy is a choice. You can choose to be messy or you can choose to organize it.

Toilet Tissue Holder

Have you finished using the toilet only to discover the toilet tissue was used up? There is no need to have this problem again with a tissue holder. The tissue holder shown above holds extra rolls of toilet tissue so when one runs out, you only need to refill it right then. I purchased this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $39.95 with my coupons. I am very happy with it and I have no complaints.

Organizer Board and Calender

you can hang a calendar and hook rack for kids to hang their coats and backpacks when they walk in the door from school. The board may contain a note area for your child to write notes or for you to write a note to your child. This is an awesome idea.

Messy vs Cleany

I recalled I read a book by Sandra Felton called “Messy No More.” It really changed my life. She compared a messy to a cleany and explained how each of those type of people thought. In fact, there are those that will tell you leave their mess alone, because they know where everything is.  Do they really?  Anyway, I discovered I was a messy. As I read her book, I was nearly underlining everything she said, because I discovered she describe me fully. The great thing about this book she gave great examples of how to change. I also saw one of my relatives in this book. This particular relative was a cleany. Her floor and house was immaculate. I recalled she would iron her sheets and her husband's underwear. If you smoked, as soon as you put one ash in the ash tray, she would empty it. Who does that? I highly recommend her book.

Cleaning House

One thing that I learned, and found it works very well for me is to clean one new thing in a different room each day. By doing this the house gets clean and can stay clean. Now if you have not cleaned for awhile, it may take some time, but eventually you will see the difference.  There will be no need to rush and try and clean and pick up things before friends come over. Now the bathroom and kitchen are cleaned daily no matter what. That is just my personal preference. At first it seemed like a chore, but eventually I could see the difference.


Have you considered the example you are setting for your children when your are messy? Do you want them to think that it is okay? Granted when you have small children the house may not always stay organized no matter how hard you try, but at some point you have to start trying as children get older.

Natural Cleaning

I have discovered the many uses of vinegar. Besides the fact that I use vinegar to tenderize my meats, I also use it to clean my shower and bathroom sink. I like the way that it makes the faucets shine. That shine and cleanliness is the greatest reward for me.


Personal Experience

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  1. Hello Betty, thank yo for sharing these nice tips. Visiting from Monday musings

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You are most welcome ifeoma

  2. This post has so many good points that we could all learn by. I was a messy child and it has taken me ages to get it right. I like the idea of cleaning up stuff each day and I try and keep on top of it and do a bigger clean before the weekend. Now some of my children are untidy and I try to get them to work on their rooms daily to keep on top of it. Sometimes this works other times not. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

    1. Your Welcome Terri. I am glad it helped you.

  3. I love a clean home. Especially an organized one.

    Thanks for sharing on the Shine Blog Hop!

    1. Your welcome Tiffany. I love a clean home too.

  4. Hello, I am visiting from Terri's link-up. What a wonderful post! It makes life so much simpler and easier to navigate when we are organized! One thing that we are learning in our home is to get rid of things we do not need, want, or use. It is such a great feeling to bless others with things we are no longer interested in keeping, and it clears our own space of unnecessary clutter. Thank you so much for sharing this post...I leave here refreshed in spirit! God bless you, newfound friend. :)

  5. Hi Betty,
    I used to be a hoarder of books, magazines, papers and other stuff that would pile up over time and look unsightly--and so was my husband. We have discovered that it just feels mentally-healthier to keep our rooms neat. We added more storage solutions and now it is much easier to keep our home cleaner and neater. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I’m pinning and sharing!

    1. Your welcome Deborah. I also used to be a hoarder of books. I am much better now. I pass them on to others and do a lot of reading on the internet now.

  6. I like to consider myself a cleany but I look around, get overwhelmed and realize I'm a bit of a messy too! :) Thanks for sharing your great tips at Waiting on...Wednesday at While I'm Waiting!