Valentine's Day 3-layered Mask

Valentine's Day 3-layered Mask
Valentine's Day 3-layered Mask

Friday, November 20, 2020

More of My Favorite Things

 I have shared many of my favorite things in the past. Now I have more favorite things that I cannot just keep to myself. The great thing about it is that I did not have to take online learning classes to find out about these things. I need to tell you about it.



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1. Pure Grace Lotion

As you can see from the picture above, I am running low on this lotion and will need to reorder soon. Now this lotion has all natural ingredients. It is somewhat pricey, but it is worth it. I paid about $42.00 for a 16 ounce bottle from Sephora. I normally will not spend that much for lotion, but I happened to smell a sample one day. I fell in love with it after that. Besides the fact that it smells so good and so clean I like that it uses all natural ingredients. It is relaxing as well. I have used it after showering at night and it really relaxes me.

2. Jergens Extra Moisturizer Hand Wash

Now I purchased this from Dollar Tree for just $1.00. I just happen to try it one day. I really like it. It has that cherry almond smell. Again another good smelling hand wash.

2. Argan Oil

Argan Oil for the hair. It is 99% natural. This is very good for the hair and has a very good smell.

I purchased this at the Cosmos Beauty Supply Store for about $1.99. It is a small bottle but it is so good.

3. Shea Moisture Leave-In Conditioner

I believe in conditioning the hair. I have used several conditioners that you wash out, but I found I prefer the leave-in conditioners. This particular hair conditioner is 100% Virgin Coconut Oil. Now after using this, my hair smells oh so good. I purchased this at the Cosmos Beauty Supply Store for $11.99. There are so many good products that are available. I really like this product.

4. GPS (Global Positioning System)

This is something that many may have taken for granted. Also, there may be those of you that have never used your GPS while traveling in your vehicle. I discovered that I love the GPS. I have it in my car and on my cellphone. Who would have thought 100 years ago that we would have online mapping for traveling in real time? I was married at age 19 and my husband and I decided to travel to Kentucky to see his mother. Neither of us had any idea of how to read a map. We just knew we were traveling on highway 75. We soon discovered we were traveling the wrong direction on 75. We were traveling 75 North and was almost to the Mackinaw Bridge. When I saw the sign Mackinaw Bridge I knew something was wrong. So we turned around and traveled 75 South. We eventually made it to Kentucky. That was one of the longest trips. We could have really used the GPS system them. Where was it when we needed it? (LOL) Laughing out loud. I have used it often. It is also good for finding the nearest gas station, restaurant, or hotel. Also if there is an accident or road work ahead it will reroute you to the fastest destination. It will tell you how long it should take to get to your destination and how many miles it will be.   I like that. It took some getting used to, but now I really like it.

5. White Rain Shampoo

This is another thing that I buy inexpensively for only $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. I just know there is some ingredient or ingredients in this shampoo that work very well with my hair. When I find something that works, I will stick with it and also share it with others as well.

6. Originals Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioner

I have started using many olive oil products. Besides the fact that I love olives, I have discovered Olive Oil products such as Olive Oil shampoo, relaxers, and conditioners are awesome. I love leave-in conditioners because that eliminates one more step when washing my hair.

7. Coconut and Rose Oil Shower Gel

This is another Dollar Tree product. It smells good and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

8. Vidal Chop Wizard

Now I ordered this online. I have used it now for several years. I really hate cutting vegetables so this wizard cutter is a life saver. I have used it to cut celery, potatoes, and onion. I especially like it for onions. It has 2 different blades for it. It will cut dice size or even smaller.

9. Beefy Enchiladas

One of my guilty pleasures is beefy enchiladas, beefy tostadas, and tacos. I love Mexican food. I love making my own enchiladas and tacos. I also like buying them from one of my favorite restaurants La Familia. I believe my first tacos I ate as a little girl was in East Chicago,  I visited my aunt. When she bought the taco home, the shell was so white I thought that it was a napkin that just happened to have meat in it. The shell was really light. My aunt then told me to eat the entire thing that it was a taco. I loved tacos from that day forward. Whatever state I might visit I always look for a taco house. The last time that I visited Florida and found a great taco place there. The name of the taco house was Lime Fresh Mexican Grill.  

10. Lene Cuisine Pizza

I like the 3 meat pizza. It is 380 calories. In fact, I like several of their products. I still have yet to try their enchiladas, but I am planning on it real soon. I am not a big pizza fan, but I do like their small individual pizzas.

I have been trying several new recipes, but so far do not have any new ones that I can say I particularly like. I try to make it a habit to try a new recipe a month. Mr. has some great recipes that I am still in the process of trying. He advertises daily during the ABC news at 12 noon.

So I have shared more of my favorite things. What are some of your favorite things? Don’t be shy. I would love to hear about them.

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  1. Great to have a bunch of new favorite things that you don't have to take online training classes for. I'm a big fan of dry shampoo and leave in conditioner right now. And Argan oil!

    1. Great to see that you are a fan. I love Argan oil. Thanks for stopping by.


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