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Saturday, July 27, 2019

What a Pinterest Pinboard May Reveal about You

Although people may create pinboards about different interests, those interests can reveal a lot about you. The pinboards cover a variety of subjects. Some use pinboards for business, while others use it strictly for pleasure and an expression of themselves.

Boards for Pinterest

I have visited some boards that I really wanted to repin, but the profanity that was used on the board really may be change my mind.
1. Hair Pinterest Boards
I find that the hair pinterest boards are quite creative. I love the styles that are created. I have even tried some of the styles. I love the fact that some of the pinners go a step further by including tutorials. That shows me that they are about helping and telling others what is working and what is not. Now on the other hand, those that are selling hair products are clearly seen, because they list the selling price and make it no secret. So for many Pinterest boards are where they derive much of their business.

2. Visual Learner
I am a visual learner. I have observed that Pinterest is basically for people that are visual learners. It is more than a social media site, it is a learning site. Many schoolteachers share their knowledge from their classrooms. They show techniques that are working for their children. This reveals to me they are very caring individuals. On the other hand, there are those teachers that have their blogsites connected to the Pinterest boards and when you visit their blog sites, they are selling many of the crafts or classroom sheets that they have created.
3. Animal Lovers
For those that love animals you are able to find the animal Pinterest board. You will see a variety of dogs and or cats. In fact there are a variety of subjects to explore at Pinterest from A-Z.
Also, again there are tutorials. There was a time that tutorials on utube did not exist, but the tutorials now, just make it soooooo easy.
4. My Favorite
One of my favorite Pinterest boards is “Best Parenting Tips.” I have received over 1,000 pins on this board.
5. How To Tutorials
I cannot count the number of times that I have used tutorials. People like the “how to pins.” Pins that are not only telling you how it is done, but tutorials that are showing you. This is so awesome. I recall attempting to put a toy together that magically is controlled by your hand and the air. It was so simple I did not find out what I was doing wrong until I saw the tutorial. That helped me out so much
When I first started pinning, I did not have a clue as to what I was doing or if I should even be there. A friend of mine told me to just pin what you like. So I experimented and tried a few different things that I liked. It was definitely trial and error there. I had no idea that my hair, nail and shoe pinterest board would attract so many followers and repins. Those were things that I like. Although I no longer where those high heels, I still like to look at them, because I do remember wearing them high. Now high heels are not that important to me. Rather comfortable shoes are more important.
I love the hair Pinterest boards, because I can remember as early as 3-years-old styling my dolls hair. We had an old stove in our living room. I would put a straightening comb on the stove and try to straighten my doll’s blonde hair. I remember that vividly. What do your Pinterest Boards reveal about you?  You might be surprised.

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