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Monday, July 29, 2019

Bloggers Meet and Greet August 2019* * * Breast Cancer Awareness

 Although this is not Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is never to early or too late to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness. At some point in time you may know or have known a friend or relative that has been affected by Cancer. Cancer affects the entire family.

breast cancer survivor

Many times families are financially burdened with the cost of cancer treatments after insurance. Since cancer affects the entire family, it can take it's tole. Families that have small children or elderly need assistance. Sometimes just giving a financial donation directly to the family can be a big relief.

1. Prayer

Prayer is very powerful. Pray for those diagnosed with Cancer. Be sure to include them on your prayer list. Ask your family and others to pray with you.

2. Statistics

Did you know that 26 states have laws on the books that require mammography testing facilities to tell women that have breast cancer imaging scans if they have dense breast tissue as part of their results, according to Nancy Capello at Nytimes?” That number may have increased since 2016.

This does not mean that you have breast cancer, but that it may be harder to detect.

3. Knit and Crochet

Do you know how to knit or crochet? Are you aware that you can make hats to donate to the cancer institute? Also, you can crochet or knit blankets. These hats are used by chemotherapy patients, who lose their hair during chemotherapy. The blankets are used during their chemotherapy treatments, as they may become quite cool as they sit during their treatments. I have seen some of the most beautiful blankets donated to the cancer society.


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