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Friday, September 7, 2018

My Blogging Story

 (Some of my Experiences)

Did you know that your blogging story can be inspiring to others, to continue? Everyone has something that they are good at or maybe not. I discovered how important it is to share with others. So I decided to share my blogging professional story.


As I read about article by Janice Wald titled, “11 Blog Planning Hacks That Will Make You Think Differently,” something that stood out was to tell my Blogging professional Story. At first I thought, “Do I really have a bloggers story.” Then I thought,” I do have a story.” It has not always been easy either. So I decided to share my story.

1. My first blogging site

I will not name my first blogging site, but I attempted to blog there around 2008. I did not have a clue as to what to do or what to say. I really did not understand the function of blogging. Needless to say this site was hacked several times. That was discouraging. I decided to look around for another blog site. I then started with blogger in 2009.

2. Content

I was told over and over produce more content. The more content, the more probability for exposure. It was difficult in the beginning producing content, but it gradually became easier and easier. I observed there were those posting 4 to 5 posts daily. I decided that was not for me. I would post the best that I can and what was best for me.

3. Reading

I then started reading everything I could find out about blogging. Now that process has not ended, because technology is changing daily. What was new yesterday is old today. I really love utube, especially for things that show you how to do things. I believe God led me to Lisa Irby who has been another inspiration for me. Although I was already with Bloggers her utube about “How to Create a Website was very informative. Her Utube and blogs are so inspirational.

I like that she will return your messages to her. She seemingly is never too busy. I was really skeptical about putting my picture on my blog. I voiced this concern to her. I previously had been putting a picture of a dove on my blog. Anyway Lisa explained a picture of yourself makes it more personal. People see a real person. I had never looked at it that way. That was a revelation for me. Have I arrived? No. I am still learning daily.

4. Social Media

I did not understand the importance of Social Media. I had to learn about sharing my blog post to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Pinterest. I also learned the importance of sharing other people’s post. I learned about getting a blog share Pin. The importance of just having the pins on your blog so others can share your posts easily. In fact a co-bloggers suggested I start on Pinterest. I did not have a clue as to what Pinterest was. I discovered it was a visual pin board. So I asked her, “What do I pin?” “I do not know what to pin.” She suggested pinning about things I like. I still had not associated Pinterest with my blog site. I discovered that Pinterest is so important for your blog site.  I now have 1, 351 followers on Pinterest. Now the social media sites I listed above work well for me, but you may find other social media sites that work well for you. 

5. Linky Parties

I eventually learned about linky parties while blogging. Did you know that linky parties have become quite popular? This is a way to get more exposure to your blog or your website whether they are videos, podcasts or written articles regarding your passions. You will need to observe how much traffic you are getting from the linky parties. Some parties will provide you much more traffic than others. Ultimately, you may favor that linky party over another. There are several linky parties that I like, but one of my favorite is Create with Joy Linky site Monday and there is one on Fridays. This linky sites may have up to 300 other blog post contributors. It gives your blog great exposure.

6. Pinterest Group Boards

Now I was hesitant about group boards after I learned about them. They says group boards give you more exposure for your blog. Since there are so many group boards, I just needed to find which ones worked best for me. One group board that I really like is Blogs Encouraging Blogs and Website by Melanie Redd. This Pinterest Board has 27,558 followers. This also inspired me to start my own group boards on Pinterest. So I have come a long way, but I have not arrived.

7. Niche

Did you know that it is important to know your Niche? Do you know what your Niche is? I discovered my Niche involves family and health. I love to talk about family and health.

8. AdSense & Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Have you observed how many commercials are shown on television? I counted. There were at least 9 commercials in between a program I was watching. Well adsense are free adds that they will show on your website and you receive a percentage when others view your adds. Amazon affiliate marketing also gives you a percentage of commission when others view your adds from them. Also I love many of the Amazon products which I do purchase. I also have learned there are many other affiliate marketing programs. Clickbank, shopify, and Commision Junction are just a few. 


I have observed from some comments on my blog that I have helped others. That was another reason to start my blog. I wanted to share to help others as well.

10. Twitter

I had heard the expression “hashtags.” I had not idea what hashtags were, also I did not know how to make one. I discovered hashtags are the tags you type in after an article and search engines can pick them up. For example some hashtags that I have seen are as follows #bloggers, #blogging, #utube, etc.  I also learned to create a hashtag just type # and then add the word behind it that you want as a hashtag. So very simple. A reader may want to read more about the subject and click on the hashtag which will take them to similar sites.

Now this is not all that I have learned. This is only some of it. Remember technology is changing daily. I am still learning daily. I know that I have a passion to write. So that is what I do. I hope this post has helped someone.  Why not share your blogging story?


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  1. Welcome to the blogging world. At the #LMMLinkup, you will find a lot of support. Thank you for joining us.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your blogging story, and your tips on Sunday's Best. When we share, we never know who we may touch/encourage.


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