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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Does The Teacher Give Lots of Candy To the Students?

I have observed at some schools that the teachers give the students candy for rewards or treats. Could they possibly have chosen healthy rewards to give to the students?

healthy food

A young woman mentioned that her son of about 9 years-old was diagnosed with diabetes and is now taking insulin. That is so young, but diabetes can occur at any age. For Halloween or Christmas could the teachers possibly give something other than candy?

I guess since I had a relative that was diabetic, I was always conscious of not giving my children candy. They really did not know what candy was until about age 3 or 4. I basically attempted to give them lots of fruit and vegetables. About the only time that I would give them candy would be at Halloween when they went trick or treating. At that time I even enjoyed the candy. Then the candy rationed out, because their bags would be full after trick or treating. I made it clear that they would not eat the candy all at one time. It was just too much.

It is not just the teachers in the schools, I have observed some Sunday Schools giving the children donuts or cake. Again lots more sugar. Why not give the children something healthier? Such as fresh fruit.

One mother had a child that had a mouth full of cavities as a result of eating so much candy that relatives would give her child.

I have observed one particular school that gave out educational toys to their students for achievements that they accomplished. I thought that this was just great. I also, commend them for that.

I truly wish the schools and the teachers would consider healthier choices for the students, as oppose to giving them candy. Some alternatives are listed below:


Natural juices are an alternative. I know some might say, but then it will cause the children to use the restrooms more often. Then again it might not. Every child is different.


Have teachers considered giving reward stickers to students as oppose to candy?

Certificate of Recognition

A certificate of Recognition would be great for recognizing an achievement.


What about colorful pencils as rewards?

Fresh fruit or vegetable

An apple, pear, or even an orange, bananas., cantaloupe, or watermelon. Fresh fruit. Fruits will give them the natural sugar that might be needed. What about giving carrots, celery, or even broccoli?

Fruit popsicles

They are delicious and much more nutritious than candy.

Have teachers considered dried fruits such as raisins, or apricots.

What rewards do your teachers give to their students other than candy?

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