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Extra-Curricular Activities & Your Kindergartner

I have observed that some children just love the water and are fascinated by it. This child you might want to give swimming lessons or just take swimming for fun. Look for their passions. Look for the things that they just love to do in their spare time.

Kids learning Karate

The children I talked to complained of being so tired. Keep in mind you don’t want your child to be overwhelmed. Also, keep in mind as parents you don’t want to become overwhelmed in taking your children back and forth to school including extra -curricular activities. There needs to be a balance.

extra-curricular activities for kids

Kelly Kinkaid of centsibleLife.com, states that you may want to limit extra-curricular activities. She further states her and her husband allow their children to participate in one sport and one arts program. I know that every family is different and depending on the number of children in a home, that might be another deciding factor of how many extra-curricular activities children are involved in.

Talk with your children about some of their interests. You will want to consider sports or activities that they are interested and excited about. Your child might be interested in karate, swimming, wrestling, soccer, dance, and piano or drum lessons, music, Girl Scout, Boy Scout or gymnastics. Young boys that are in kindergarten tend to like soccer I have observed. I recall my nephew started playing the drums at age 3-years-old, now as an adult he also plays the drum and organ extremely well.

Little Kids playing soccer

According to Theresa Walsh Giarrusso at Blogs.ajc.com, she did not pick extracurricular activities other than church school, because her child had a large amount of homework every day. That is something to consider from year to year.

Children playing piano at Carnegie Hall

There may be those years where your children have a lot of homework and it takes all of their and your energy just to keep up with that. So parents consider that when thinking about extracurricular actives. How do you handle extra-curricular activities with your children?


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