Monday, October 29, 2012

Is Your child a Bully?

1. Cyber- bullying

One of the newest forms of bullying is Cyber bullying. Much of this is scene on the internet. This is one of the latest type of communication technology that can have a negative impact on others. Cyber bullying can occur on websites, forums, and in emails. There have been numerous complaints by parents of email bullying. Also, there are times that the cyber bullying emails are sent out in bulk on the internet, thus, thousands of people are receiving and viewing this email. There have been known instances of students killing themselves and having mental disturbances after being bullied in this type of fashion. These are just a few instances. Because the internet has become so popular and can reach a larger audience, bullying of this type can be very detrimental very quickly. This is a quick way to bully. It is appalling that this type of behavior does exist. Have you ever asked yourself, “What if it is my child doing the bullying?”

types of bullying

2. Why Children bully

It is important to find out why the child is bullying another and stop it. Is that child bullying another, because that is what he/she has seen his parent’s or another doing? Is your child bullying because he/she wants to feel good or stronger by making another feel hurt, afraid, or uncomfortable? Bullying does not foster good relationships. Nothing good results in bullying. Better-parenting involves addressing these type of issues and challenges today.

3. Attention

Sometimes children bully for the attention. They are not getting the attention at home, so they bully others. They somehow are willing to accept the attention from bad behavior rather than not having any attention at all. If you discover your child is the bully, don’t make excuses for him or her. Talk with your child and explain the problems of bullying and how they hurt another. Give your child that positive reinforcement to feel good about his or herself and let them know you love them, but bullying is not an acceptable behavior and you will not tolerate e it.

4. Empathy

Some bully’s have never felt empathy? Never imagined themselves in someone else’s place. Some have never thought of the harmful effect, because they are only concerned with how they are feeling at the time. Never realizing bullying can cause others to commit suicide and just not feel good about themselves.


It is important that bullying is addressed. Teachers, schools, and parents need to be actively involved. I visited one particular school where there was a mission statement in the teacher’s classroom addressing bullying. It was also noted that bullying would not be tolerated. There are schools that enforce
“ no bullying. “ There are schools that have written mission statements regarding bullying and it is important that these are enforced. It is important to let the bullies know this is not acceptable behavior and will not be tolerated.


In a 2007 focus group regarding cyber bullying, it was found that 60% of students had been cyber-bullied and were victims of cyber bullying. This study was done by Debbie Heimowitz, a Stanford University master’s student.

Have you ever been bullied? Were you ever a bully?

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