Monday, October 22, 2012

Have You Been to Northfork Farm?

Can you imagine this post office in the Wild Wild West. This is a great reenactment.

Indeed it is an adventure. The farm at first seemed quite small, but I discovered there were numerous activities and sites to see. Although it was quite cold that day, I believe I enjoyed the farm more than the children did. The pets on this farm were quite friendly.

Presently, there are laundromats available for people to do laundry. I have not been to one in quite sometime. According to Sandy’s Coin laundry in Lancaster, California, a load of wash will cost $1.75. Now I am sure this price will vary from state to state. I cannot remember the last time that I went to a laundry mat, but as you can see from the picture below, there was a time you could wash your clothes on a wash tub for only .05 cents. but this was back in the Wild Wild West.

Can you imagine going to a bar and getting all you can eat for .05? Well this town tavern shown below is a reminder that did exist at one time.

Town Tavern

Train Ride

The children can definitely count on the train ride in the red train. They just love it.

Spinning Wheel

I loved the old spinning wheel that was in the log cabin. This was the way that people spun wool or other fibers to form yarn. This log cabin was quite warm. I loved the fireplace. I just loved it. The spinning wheels first appeared in Asia around the 11th century according to Wikipedia.Org.

Story Tellers

There were story tellers. Story tellers continue the history of generations

Fireplace in the Teepee

This teepee was larger than it looked when inside. It stood about 6-7 feet tall and was quite wide. The picture above shows the typical fireplace that t might be seen in a teepee.


Did not get the name of this type of rabbit, but as I took the picture, he stood perfectly steal for several seconds as if posing for the picture.

This replica of a cow was almost like milking a real cow. The children could milk it and liquid would start flowing. They just loved this.

Finally what would a trip to the farm be, without roasting marshmallows? This was one of the highlights of the day.



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