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Monday, October 15, 2012

Why Teach Your Young Man Manners?

I recall a young boy about age 3-years old holding the door open for his mother as she had her hands full bringing a pizza out of the store. He then proceeded to the car to attempt to open it for her, even though he could not get it open. I thought this was very impressive. He is starting at a very young age. Young men could take a lesson from him.

It does not hurt to teach your young man to open the door for you, his sisters, or any other young ladies. I recall traveling south. I was amazed at the courtesy of the majority of men that I encountered. They were very polite and did not hesitate to open the door for me as I entered an establishment even though they did not know me. They did it with a smile too. This was very refreshing.

Have you seen the young man that comes in the driveway to pick up his date? Rather than come and knock on the door, he sits in the driveway and blows his horn. That is a no-no. That definitely does not make a good first impression with the parents. Your young man needs to come in and sit and chat with parents for a while. Parents want to size him up. They want to see does he have any ambitions, manners, and want to know his intentions towards their child. Yes, that is a lot for a first impression.

By starting early to teach this to your young man, it will become a lifestyle for him. It will become very natural to do this.

According to Googlepower.com, parents can model and teach their sons to be gentlemen. This training can start at home. I personally, could not think of a better place.

Politeness and manners can go a long way.

When the young man comes to meet his date’s parents, make sure he says yes sir or yes mam. Show some respect. Do not reply with, Uh huh, or yeah. That first impression is very important. I recall talking to a principal one day at a school. She emphasized how this one set of siblings was so nice and polite. That really says something when a principal takes notice


Manners for Boys: :Gentlemen” - An Endangered Species? By Judi Vankevich


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