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Sunday, November 25, 2012

4 of my Favorite Parenting Rules


I always felt chores were good to help give children responsibility. Also, this gives them practice regarding things that need to be done around the house. I did not expect their chores to be perfect, but I did expect them to be done. Also, remember a chore should be something that your child can accomplish for their age bracket. It may range from washing dishes, emptying the trash, or just dusting the furniture. I remember as a child I loved to dust and I loved the smell of the furniture polish. I also loved the way the furniture shined afterwards. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment.

The 5 Love Languages of Children

Breaking some rules:

Although you may have a rule of no candy in the house, there may be exceptions to this. Although I did not give my children candy until they could walk and brush their teeth, you can be sure that they loved candy when they did get it. Occasionally, there may be times you want to celebrate or on a holiday give them candy. Sometimes you can be too rigid with rules and things will backfire on you. Has this ever happened to you?


Parenting children with ADHD

Television and/or Computer:

Television can be good depending on how it is utilized. I was amazed when I watched an Oprah special where Mormon children had never watched television in their life. Can you imagine your life without television? Most children today would probably watch television all day if it were allowed. During the school days there should be very little to no television or computer games. When homework needs to be done, television should not be a question. Now on the weekend this should be more of a leisure time. Now there are educational games on the computer and this should be taken into consideration. When children do not have television to watch or the computer to play with, they are forced to become more creative. It forces them to do some critical thinking. You would be surprised at how creative and resourceful they can become too.

Love and More Love:

Laurence Steinberg of Time Magazine stated that you can’t be too loving. He emphasizes not holding back, pouring on the praise and physical affection to your children. I could not agree more. They will receive enough negativity in the world. I believe that more praise will truly build your child’s self-confidence and definitely help him or her to feel good about their selves in general.

 Parenting Rules by Genevieve Luna at Pinterest.com


7 rules for Parents, Laurence Steinberg, May 10, 2004


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