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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why Children Like to Pull their Teeth. . .

There have been various methods used to pull children’s first teeth out. Many children are pulling their own teeth out. I do know of children that have pulled their teeth out and there was very little blood. In this video below, this brave little girl pulls her own first tooth out. When you see the smile on her face afterwards, you can see how proud she is of her accomplishment.

pulling teeth

I recall having my school picture taken after I had pulled my first baby tooth out. I was grinning from ear to ear. I believe the loose teeth just bother you so, you want to get it out and over with.

Jonathan Croswell at Livestrong.com emphasizes the importance of using a clean damp gauze between your fingers when pulling the baby tooth, because your fingers may not be sanitary, thus possibly leading to germs and infections in the mouth.

Nick McMaster at newser.com talks about parents that are saving and storing their children’s extracted baby teeth in anticipation of future stem cell therapy. He further adds that keeping them for the tooth fairy may eventually be a thing of the past. Some companies are charging a fee of $590 upfront and $100 a year to store the tooth. In my article Stem Cell Treatment (What Is the Hype?) at Infobarrel.com, I mentioned a young lady diagnosed with cancer that was able to use her own stem cells for stem cell therapy. She is to this day doing quite well.

I have seen children stating they are putting their tooth under their pillow so the truth fairy will bring them money. Then I have seen other children state there is no tooth fairy; but rather the tooth fairy is their mother or their mother and father. Do you have an interesting story about your children pulling their first teeth?

Photo caption:  Alex1.JPG By puravida, Morguefile


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