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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kids Technology (Omg)

1. DNA makeup

Little boys are wired different. With the new technology both boys and girls become quickly engaged in the games. There is somewhat of a mystic search for something bigger and better. It is a challenge for the boy to beat the component. God gave males instinctive patterns, such as to fight, protect the family, and to look for a wife with their hunting capabilities. DNA abilities for the female are already set for nurturing and caring for others.

2. Technology Games

Have you noticed that boys like to engage in games on the computer that are engaging with fighting or conquering. They love to conquer just as men do. They love transformer games. They like playing with their little toy men that may resemble Spiderman or transformer. If you ask them the name of the little men that they have, they can name them off one by one without skipping a heart beat.

3. Girls

Girls tend to like computer games that will include Dora or iCarly. They may like computer games that include singing, rhymes, or stories. They like to have their fingers and toes polished. Possibly they like playing with clay. Possibly they like playing mommy and daddy. They have watched their parents and know they want to be a mommy and daddy someday.

Baby Toys)

4. Computers

Have you notice that with this new generation they love the computer. They adapt and learn very quickly on the computer. Basically show them something once and they automatically remember it. This is the new age. Technology for kids has grown tremendously in this century. As I speak to you today, thousands and thousands of computer programs are in the process of being created for children.

5. Super Hero Squad

Games such as Super Hero Squad is a popular games for kids. It allows the Super Hero in them to emerge. They can choose their own battlefield and commence to battle. The little boys love to engage in this battle.

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