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Friday, June 5, 2020

Incredible Sleep Tips for You (Update)

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Did you know that sleep is vital to maintain your body? Lack of sleep can be harmful to your health causing irritability, hallucinations, lack of focus, stress, and hormonal problems as well. Here are a few tips to help you get better sleep.

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Are you having trouble sleeping? A sleep guide can be very beneficial to you. Who doesn’t want to sleep well? There are various natural sleep aides that you can take advantage of.

Have there been times when you were so excited about projects or some things that you were anxious to start working on? Do you sometimes become so excited that you forget to take time to rest or to even sleep? Are you staying up late and suffering the consequences as a result? Possibly you are so excited about your project that you just want to complete it as soon as possible. Remember the saying, “Rome was not built in a day?” Well possibly you are trying to run a “sprint” as oppose to a “Marathon.”

Do you take time throughout the day to take a break from whatever you are working on? Remember your body is not a machine even though you may treat it like one. Possibly you feel rest is not necessary. Just like food and exercise are vital to the body, rest is vital to the body, because it helps the body calm down. It helps the body calm down mentally and physically. No you do not have to take a long break. It may vary for each individual. Possibly 10 or 15 minutes. Maybe others may need only 5 minutes.

1. Bath/Shower

Some may like to take a bath or shower before bedtime. There is something about water that can be very relaxing to the body. Beside the fact that our body is made up of water, water is just so beneficial to us. Those that live near a beach or lake can take advantage of that water. You don’t even necessarily have to go swimming but just to be near it can have a calming effect on your body. There are those that just love to stroll along the beach. There are those that just enjoy lying on the beach. Be sure to use sunscreen. Sometimes you may have been worrying about problems or circumstances and it just helps to relax.

2. Snacks

Although a light snack is okay, try not to eat a large meal before bedtime. Also, limit your liquid intake so you are not constantly getting up through the night to use the bathroom. Bananas or a small bowl of low-sugar cereal is helpful to induce sleep. I find there is something about cereal before bedtime. It seems to relax every muscle in my body. Pretzels are a low-calorie, source of carbohydrates, that will make you feel sleepy, and they taste good too. Also, popcorn about a half an hour before going to bed. The carbs will cause your body to produce serotonin, a petrochemical that will relax you. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks.

3. Deep-Breathing

I have mentioned this before. Deep-breathing can be very relaxing to the body. Taking about 10 deep breaths before bedtime will do wonders to relax your body.

4. Warm Milk

Trying drinking warm milk or warm cocoa before bedtime. This can be soothing and relaxing. The milk has the hormone melatonin which aides in relaxation resulting in natural sleep. I have tried this and it definitely works for me.

5. Reading

Have you observed that when you read a bedtime story to a young child before going to be that it may help them to go to sleep? Reading before you go to sleep may be helpful to you as well. Some might want to read their Bible or possibly a novel that you really like. Reading can be relaxing to you and your body. Why not treat your body well?

6. Bedtime

A. Try to make bedtime about the same time every night, so that there is a regular routine. Try not to indulge in a lot of activity before bedtime.

7. Electronics

Put away that cellphone, iPad, television, and computer. Remember you may need time to wind down. I recall having to wind down at least an hour before bedtime. Sometimes I would need about 2 hours, especially when I had a long day at work. It just depends. I also discovered some cellphone apps would really activate my brain and I would be thinking of so many different things that I wanted to do.

8. Bedroom.

Attempt to make the bedroom conducive for sleep by making sure your room is dark. Make sure the television is not on.

9. Soft Music

Depending on the type of music you prefer, soft music can be relaxing. I recall there were times I would listen to smooth jazz before bedtime.

10. Temperature

Make sure the temperature in the room is adequate. Some people cannot tolerate too much heat. Usually temperatures of 68-72 degrees are good. If you and your spouse differ regarding temperatures, you may try a heating blanket for the one of you that is not warm enough. Also, now there are some mattresses that will adjust temperatures for you and your spouse individually. That is just awesome.

11. Exercise

Be sure that you get enough exercise during the day. When weather permit’s the outdoors is perfect, because you will know that you are getting fresh air. Even though you work daily, find a time to exercise. Make it a priority at least once or twice a week. I still emphasize walking as one of the best exercise and it is free. It does not cost you anything. If you are walking outside you are sure to get plenty of fresh air too.

What do you do to help you sleep? Please share with us.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Our Julie has chosen your very helpful sleep post to be featured in the next Blogger's Pit Stop.

  2. I have always struggled with sleep issues but I am learning how to get a better night sleep, finally, in my 40’s. Right when premenopause symptoms have started to wake me nightly multiple times for various reasons! I will definitely revisit some of your tips though to see what will make it better. Thanks for sharing and linking up.



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