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Saturday, February 29, 2020

FREE**** FREE**** FREE*** Walking is FREE

 I cannot emphasize the importance of exercise. You may not own a home gym, but walking is free. How often do you exercise? Do you exercise? The body needs to move.Let's keep that body moving.

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mirror workout

I am happy  that Michelle Obama introduced the “Let’s Move” into the school system. That was a marvelous idea. Get your children moving. My favorite exercise is walking. I have listed numerous places that you can exercise and it does not cost you any money.

* * * Places You Can Walk* * *

1. a trail in the park
2. around the block
3. on the beach
4. the Mall
5. inside your house
6. around your backyard
7. college campus
8. Outdoor Strip Malls
9. Your Condominium community
10. Walk to work
11. Walk in the mountains
12. Houghton Waterfront, Houghton Lake, Michigan
13. Detroit Waterfront, Detroit, Michigan
14. Balboa Park Trails, in San Diego, California
15. Barrior Island Santuary in Melbourne Beach, Florida
16. Forest Park in Portland, Oregon

A. Why should you walk? Did you know that walking relieves stress and improves your circulation. I know that after I walk, I feel so much better.

B. Did You Know There are apps that pay you to Walk? See Below:

C. According to when you walk you burn fat, boost your metabolism, help your digestion, and much more.


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