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Monday, June 26, 2017

Sensory Tips for Kids Update

Does your child fidget a lot possibly in the classroom or even when required to sit for any length of time? Have you ever thought maybe it is not ADD (attention deficit Disorder), but rather a sensory deficit?

sensory activities
Do you know the value of sensory activities for your children? How many children have been misdiagnosed and then medicated unnecessarily? You want to get a correct diagnosis from your doctor. If you have observed your child, you may find that there are sensory items that can help your child. Sensory play allows your child's creativity to come out. It helps your young child develop.

Types of Sensory

Did you know that sensory processing may include lighting, smell, and touching and feeling? Yes that is according to sensory processing disorder.com.

1. Fidgeting

Does your child fidget in the classroom such as tipping the chair or tapping her pencil on the desk? According to Rachael atadventuresinwunderland.com,  your child may have a need to fidget. She further adds that such tools such as pipe cleaners, silly putty, sensory bracelets may be helpful to help your child in the classroom. This does make sense. I have seen children that seemingly could not sit still and some had been labeled with ADD (attention deficit disorder). Could they possibly have been misdiagnosed and medicated unnecessarily? It does make you wonder.

sensory room

Sensory play is important for child development. She further added that coloring rice, rice and ice, bottle top and bubble cups  are awesome sensory activities. In fact, I recall one of my children loving to play and dig in the sand. She could get quite messy and dirty, but seemed to just love it. I also recalled attending the children's museum where there was a water and bubble display. The children loved putting their hands in the water and getting wet.

3. Sea Life

Below is a video from Sea Life in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The great thing about the hands on at Sea Life is that everything that you see in the video below could be touched. Children love putting their hands in the water and actually touching the creatures. This was an awesome experience. I even enjoyed it probably more than the children.

In the article  Have You Been to Sealife?   there are several colorful videos that aide in sensory visualization. The fish and their surroundings are quite colorful and delightful to the eyes.

Jill talks and illustrates the sensory mystery game. I just love that. She mentions how she chooses about 10 items to put in a bag. Then the child with eyes clothes would feel and item and attempt to guess what the item was. Hints could be given too. She also, discussed how the item felt. I have tried this with several children. They loved it.

A similar game was played at a party at my workplace. I was required to close my eyes and an item was placed in my hand. I needed to determine what the item was. That proved to be quite interesting, because although the item felt like one thing, I discovered it was something totally different.

Directions are given how to make this sensory jar activity at the Lego Site listed above.  This jar is a mixture of glue, glitter, warm water, and your child's favorite toy. This activity provides visual and tactile stimulation. What other sensory activities or toys do you like?

6. Water and Dirt

Have you observed Children that love to walk and splash in water or puddles? What about the child you tell,”Don't step in the puddle?” Then the child finds the biggest puddle there is to step into. What about the children that loves to play in the dirt or mud? There is a reason for that. Water, mud, and dirt affects those sensory areas of a child. They get to feel the water, feel the mud, and it may feel good to their touch.

It is not my intention to promote Dippin Dots. The children had been telling me that I must try it. I had no idea what Dippin Dots was. Now I finally tasted a Dippin Dots. It is pleasure to the palate. You can get this cryogenically frozen tiny beads of ice cream in various different flavors. The little beads of ice cream reminded me of tiny colorful pearls. The touch of the ice cream to your touch is unexplainable. They have captured the ultimate idea of touch and tasted combined. Now I see what the children were talking about.

Do you have a child that is just fascinated with bugs?   Did you know that there is an insect sensory bin for that? The amazing thing is that there is no end to what your child can create in this sensory bin. It is great that God gives us creativeness in our spirit.  Children just seem to embrace creativity.

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Public Domain image.com, author Ciell, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.

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  3. These are great tips that even a child that is less prone to fidgeting can benefit from. Thank you for sharing.