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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Do You Know About this New Technology?

New technology is increasing faster every day. DARPA ( Defense Advance Research Projects Agency) is researching new technology projects daily. What is new today is old tomorrow. Is technology leaving you behind? Are there those that still do not have a cellphone, a computer, or a gps( global positioning system). If you are not careful technology will leave you behind.

New Technology

1. IBM Watson

It is amazing how IBM Watson originally was on jeopardy, but has now gone on to the medical field.
According to 60 minutes IBM Watson can read 1 million books per second and it never forgets what it learns. Can you imagine having a photographic memory and never forgetting anything that you have learned? They have used Watson in the medical field to help come up with creative cancer treatments for various patients. Did you know that AI (artificial intelligence) is used in smart-phones and in many of our household appliances?

2. Charlie Rose did an interview with (Sophia) a robot.

It has been said that there is the possibility that robots with artificial intelligence will eventually be able to think for themselves. It may sound far fetched, but this may happen in the future. The robot that he interviewed appeared to be very life-like.

2. Tablets (Chrome Tablets)

Were you aware that some elementary schools have given their students computer tablets as part of the school curriculum. They have homework on it and they use their tablets a great percentage of their time in school. Yes, I have seen this already happening. Since this is a computer generated age, children seem to love it and use the tablet naturally.

3. Mixing Human DNA with Animal DNA 2011

Can you imagine having human DNA mixed with animal DNA? Well research is attempting to do this. There is a claim that there is 150 hybrids that exists experimenting with human and animal DNA. So it is not a matter of when this will happen, but it is already happening. Animals with human genes Can you imagine an animal with human genes? Can you imagine a mouse that talks or a dog with human hands and feet? That is just how far scientific research has gone according to reuters.com.
It is talked about in the video below.

Will there be a new form of humanity? There is a prediction of it. Is it crossing the line with DNA mixing of humans and animals? We already have genetically modified food, but now there has been advancement to humans. Are scientists possibly creating monsters unknowingly? Will laws need to be amended because of genetically modified humans that have been altered and now considered non-human? What is the world coming too? What are your thoughts on this?

In the Article Technology Now and Then, there is discussion about research on computers controlling the brains. There has also been suggestion of future brain uploading and sharing via the internet.

4. DARPA( Defense Advance Research Projects Agency)

Some of the things that DARPA has been developing are algorithms that predicts your future movements, electronic tattoos on your arm to use as a password, and a pill that you can swallow which will make your entire body as a password.

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Commons, Wikimedia.org., GNU Free Documentation

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  1. The robots are here and AI is racing ahead. Yet none can ever equate the to the super computer. The human brain of which we use less than 10% thanks for sharing at the pits top

    Pit Stop Crew

  2. Wow! I had no idea; thanks for sharing with us at Love to Learn. Pinned.

  3. Some of this is rather scary. I am not sure that I am ready for some of the technologies on the horizon.