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Monday, February 20, 2017

7 of My Favorite Dollar Tree Products that Will Make Your Day Awesome

With the change in the economy, everyone is making cost savings changes. One of my changes is shopping at the dollar stores. This has become my family dollar store. There are a few products that I find there and they have worked just great.

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An online dollar tree store order is so convenient. For those of you that like to buy in bulk. There is no shipping fee. I can request the order to be shipped to my nearest dollar tree and pick it up there. I just need to be sure to have my confirmation number and a picture ID. This is almost like calling in a pizza or restaurant order. They also accept PayPal when ordering. Note that the order must be in bulk. You must order at least a case. For those that prefer not to order in bulk, you can always shop at your nearest Dollar Tree in person.

1. Power House Furniture Polish Lemon

I truly love and enjoy this furniture polish. It smells good too. The lemon smell is very refreshing. It cleans while it conditions the furniture.

2. Shower &Body; Bath Absorbent Body Powder with Lavender

The smell of this body powder will definitely awaken your senses. It is oh so nice. I use this on
my carpet before vacuuming. It leaves my carpet smelling nice and sweet. It does neutralize
odors. This is one of the greatest out of all the dollar items.

3. Face and Body Soap

Although there are a variety of soaps that they sell. I really like the dial antibacterial deodorant soap with spring water and the Irish spring. Although the bars are slightly smaller they come in a pack of 2 which is fine for me.

4. 40-count Makeup Remover Wipes

They are alcohol free and Hypoallergenic. For those that have sensitive skin, this may be the ideal product for you. I just love the 40 pre-moistened cloths. I usually keep them in the refrigerator. The refrigerator keeps them moist and the coolness helps with eye puffiness. I like the way that it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. As you can see from my profile picture I have no blemishes. This great product contains Aloe Vera, vitamin E , and B5.

5. April Bath &Body; Shower Hydrating Mask

This is enriched with green tea extract. It is another product that I like the way it makes my skin feel. It's color is light green. I just leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then removed it with warm water about 2 times a week.

6. April Bath &Body; Shower Eye Gel

I just put this on under my eyes in a tapping motion. It is enriched with vitamin E & Vitamin B-5. I can leave this on under my makeup. This also is a good aide for puffy eyes.

7. Fisher-Price Flash Cards

These flash cards are for children age 2-5. There are 36 cards with different colors and shapes. Children love playing with these cards. The cards are very good in teaching colors and shapes. All of the 7 products above that I have just shared with you were purchased for only $1.00 each. That was and is a great deal for me. What are your special dollar store products?

Photo Caption:  Commons, Wikimedia.org., Creative Common Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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