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Friday, February 28, 2014

Review of Facebook Video

Facebook 10th Anniversary (Omg)

Facebook has a new video app that is being offered to Facebook members in honor of it's 10th Anniversary. It is quite nice.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. 11.23.2005. by Elaine Chan and Priscilla Chan. Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license.

Before I viewed another Facebook friend's video, I wondered how did they make the video. I did not think I wanted Facebook to make a video for me. As I viewed a few of my Facebook friends video, I thought this is nice. It seemed to capture important moments from pictures that each friend had already previously shared. They were combined very neatly.

So I viewed my Facebook video. I really like it. The video is not long, but short sweet, and snappy. I enjoy viewing my different Facebook Friend's videos. It is quite refreshing. 

Different Languages

According to CNN.com the video is available in various languages such as English, Spanish, Turkish, and more to those that are on Facebook. Also, you can edit the photos, if there are photos that you prefer not to have in the video.


Facebook also has other features that I like. Have you heard of SKYPE? Well guess who launched and used this video partner? Facebook launched it on July 6, 2011. I have used SKYPE and I just love it. It is great to use to keep in contact with family members that live in other states or country. The best thing about SKYPE is that it is FREE. You cannot beat FREE. Now you can also use SKYPE on your cellphone, but you may incur air charges. 

Mobile App

I also like that I can access Facebook on my cellphone. I have done that on several occasions to alert others of accidents when I am on the highway or just in town. I know that there are many apps to tell you about the lowest gas in town, but when I see low gas prices at my favorite gas stations, I love to share this on Facebook with my Facebook friends.

So for those of you that are already on Facebook if you have not tried Facebook video, you are missing out on a treat.

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