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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rearing Children With Values

Today I would like you to welcome one of my associates who will be guest posting. Cheryl Preston is a freelance writer, and poet. She is also a licensed ordained gospel minister who flows prophetically. She is the founder of Household of Faith Outreach Ministries, which reaches out to those who have left organized church, and Nebhi'ah Ministries, which supports prophetic women.

Rearing Children With Values by Cheryl Preston

When I was a student in elementary school, children had values reinforced from several sources.  If you got in trouble in the classroom the teacher would correct you and you might get sent to the principles office for additional punishment.  When you arrived home, your parents would also  deal with you.  I recall praying in school at home and church.  Therefore core values were in every area of my life.

Cheryl Preston
Today everything is different. School officials are no longer allowed to discipline children.  They are nothing more than babysitters A family member of mine teaches middle school  The children curse at him, and threaten to have their fathers  come to the school to fight him.  Teenage girls flirt, and he has to be concerned, that if he corrects one of them, they will lie and accuse him of sexual harassment,

Another relative is director of a local preschool.  She says the children as young as two curse and talk about sex.  When she talks to parents, they get attitudes with her. Society in my opinion has turned completely around.  Children need discipline.  They need to know about the Ten commandments and the love of Jesus.

We have a generation who are not being reared in the fear of Almighty God  They are not hearing about Him at home, school, or a religious institution.  These children have no sense of right or wrong, they do not know how to respect adults, and defy all  authority. Television today is the equivalent of what years ago was called pornography, and fashions have everyone practically naked, so where is the hope for the children.

Surveys indicate that hundreds of thousands of Christians are leaving organized church. Many churches are teaching about how to get rich instead of how to serve the Lord. We are in serious trouble, because these young people are  our future.  What type of future however  will they be able to have?

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  1. Cheryl I just wanted to add that I happened to be up to one of the elementary schools and one of the teachers mentioned to a parent that every word that came out of that child's mouth was a curse word. She observed when they were on the play ground. She did inform him, she did not know where it was coming from, but would not be allowed in her classroom and on the playground. This is not a recent ocurrence, but past one.