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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Do Your Children Have High Blood Pressure?

Do you know the symptoms and cause of high blood pressure in your children? Just as you have your blood pressure checked it is equally important to have children's blood pressure checked also.

For starters are your children are obese?  They are at a primary risk for high blood pressure according to Web M.D. They further state that too little activity and not enough exercise can be a contributing factor. I have observed that children of this generation love video games as well as watching television. With that being said, video games should be in moderation. Make sure your children get plenty of physical activities.

According to kidshealth.org. It is not unusual for the first reading to be high, because a child is nervous. Doctors may take 3 readings and use the average of the 3 in determining whether your child has high blood pressure or is at risk to develop it.

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I recall a friend that went to the doctor for her regular checkup. She had no idea that she had high blood pressure. She felt okay and did not have any complaints, but when her blood pressure was checked, the nurse explained that it was abnormally high. So the doctor and nurse was concerned as it had usually been okay. During the course of the conversation it was noted that it was just after the holidays. During the holidays she had consumed a lot of pork. When I think about it, she is probably not the only one that consumes too much food during the holidays. So later my friend monitored her blood pressure the rest of the week at home and observed that the pressure did go down. She was relieved for that. Although I have never had high blood pressure, I would not want to be in that predicament.

In the article http://anointedtoday.blogspot.com/search/label/Children%20and%20Fast%20Food, I talk about the importance of starting children to eat healthy so that it becomes a lifestyle. The American Heart Association talks about diet and that too much sodium can raise the blood pressure.

You may ask, “Why should I be so concerned with high blood pressure?” High blood pressure can cause damage to your body. It can result in heart failure, an aneurysm, kidney failure, or broken blood vessels in the eyes. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Do you understand the blood pressure readings? Have you ever wondered what those numbers means? The Systolic reading which is the top higher reading measures the arteries when the heart pumps. The bottom numbers is the diastolic reading and it measures the pressure in the arteries between the beats. Normal readings for systolic should be less than 120 and less than 80 for diastolic. Make it a point to know your blood pressure reading.

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