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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What is a Selfie? (Omg)

Have you heard the term “selfie?” There are many that are taking a self-picture of themselves with their cellphones and then posting it to a social media site. As you can see from the two selfies that I took, I will probably need some more practice.

When I first heard the term “selfie," I did not have a clue. I have seen those posting pictures of themselves after taking a selfie. I thought to myself that is what they like to do. Also, I have observed some of the expressions can be kooky, provacative, or just plain simple. I have seen it the most on Facebook.

Although everyone and anyone can take a selfie. Selfie's are are mostly taken by 18-34 year olds according to About.com. They further add that selfies may be taken to gain attention, boredom, or just because social media is fun. I know that I have seen children doing selfie's, but sometimes I think the parents are taking selfies just as much or more than children and teens are.

Steve Harvey Show

As I watched the Steve Harvey show there were two 100-year-old women on there, I could not help but smile. They were asked,”What is a selfie?" The one woman responded, “You take a picture of yourself and put it on Facebook.” She did good, because although I had observed people doing this, I did not know it was called “Selfie.”

Mandela's Funeral

Although Steve Harvey defended Obama's “funeral selfie” saying, “It was a celebration of life,” There were those that saw it differently according to CBS news. I agree with Steve. The ability to take a selfie is great technology and it is even greater to do it on your own while sitting quietly. I think it was great that President Obama took advantage of the technology. Why I have even seen people take pictures of those in the casket during the funeral. People take pictures for memories. Kudos to the President.

New Zealand Herald

Finally we have heard the word selfie so often, but have you thought about where it came from? According to the New Zealand Herald, the earliest confirm report was in 2002. There was a photo posted from a sunken party on ABC online forum. The statement was made, “. .. .And sorry about the focus, it was a selfie.” Today it is just common place to hear the term selfie. What do you think about selfie's? Have you made a selfie?

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