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Do You and Your Children Know About These Germy Places? Ew.

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Although germs exists nearly everywhere, there are certain places where germs flourish more than others. Hand hygeine is great, but it is not the only cure all for preventing germs. There are a few other places that germs like to hide.

According to Wed MD the Public Restroom may include germs such as intestinal bacteria and E-Coli. For this reason it is so important to wash your hands, because of the many people that have touched the toilet seat, stall, and sink. I recall numerous times that I have been in the restroom and witnessed people after using the toilet, just coming right out and now washing their hands. They just leave. The problem is they touch the door to open it with their germy hands. I am so glad that some public restooms do not have entry doors and the doors are just on the stalls. It would be nice if all public restooms would follow this example. In addition, they mention Restaurants as germy places. If a kitchen worker handles raw food and touches your plate during preparation, you risk contamination.

I recall asking a meat attendant in the grocery store to “steak” a package of salt pork from the package, since this is a free service they offer. Before doing so he let me know that it is important to steak the fish on a particular cutting machine in order to not contaminate it with other raw meat items that also get “staked” there too.  I appreciated the information, because usually I have previously purchased salt pork already sliced, but this particular day there were none that were already sliced.

Germs Make Me Sick

Kitchen Faucet

Did you know the kitchen faucet has a metal aeration screen at the end of it that is a germy magnet? Running the water keeps it moist, which can allow for bacteria to flourish. Prevention.com suggests removing the screen and soaking it in diluted bleach water once a week. When replacing the screen allow it to run for awhile before using. In fact they add that there are more than 500,000 bacterias in the kitchen sick which is about 1,000 times more than the average toilet has. Now that is food for thought. They suggest also cleaning the disposals rubber tip with diluted bleach solution and that soap and water are not enough.

Sand Box

According to ivillage.com your tots may love to play in sand boxes, but they are not the only ones.
Cats, raccoons, and other varmints like the sand boxes too. Although you may not see their droppings, they may be there. E-Coli passed through the feces can cause serious illness. They suggest picking a box that has a tight-fitting lid and to be sure to keep it shut when not in use. They further talk about the dangers of the Grocery Store Floor. Have you seen those kids that fall out on the grocery store floor having a tantrum? Possibly your child has done so in the past. Did you know that your child is squirming about in nearly 50 microbial organisms per square inch. Much of the danger comes from the shoppers shoes. Do the grocery store floors appear clean? They suggest picking that hollering toddler off the floor and go to your car until your child can calm down.

School-Computer Keyboard and Mouse

With this computer generation, the children are using computers and ipads in the schools. Think of how many students use the same computers and ipads too.  According to Shine Yahoo.com, keyboards and mice can harbor 200 times as much bacteria on them as a toilet seat. So frequent hand washing is great.  I have  also seen more sanitizers in the classroom too.

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