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Monday, March 4, 2013

Does Your Child Have Plaque Buildup?

I like the fact that children dentistry is geared specifically to the children. Some offices have children toys such as strollers, play babies, Legos, and books for the children to play with while they wait for their time to see the hygienist. The hygienist seems to be super friendly and put the children very much at ease. Once children go for their first visit, they generally are very receptive and ready for the next and future visits to come. Usually after the visit they pick a small toy from a toy box. They definitely look forward to that.

dental care for kids

According to Knowyourteeth.com your children should visit the dentist before their first birthday. I recall making it a point not to give my children candy before their first birthday. Just call me old-fashion, because I see many parents giving their children candy much earlier than that.

Medlineplus.com has noted that children should brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste and the importance of establishing good oral care habits early.

WebMD explains that tartar is a sticky mix of bacteria which produces adhesives chemicals called mucopolysaccharides. These bacteria lives in the film on the teeth called biofilm. This plaque can release acids that damage tooth enamel. Does not sound like a pretty picture does it? Well it is not. I recall taking my children to the dentist; they were very vigilant about brushing and never had any cavities. Now I was another story. My dentist told me he always made money off of me, because I always had one or more cavities. Also, I could usually feel the plaque buildup on my teeth before I went in to see him.

WebMD further states 6 habits that put plaque on your teeth. They are as follows: Not brushing regularly, not flossing daily, not using rinses, avoiding the dentist, neglecting nature’s toothbrushes such as eating crunchy vegetables and fruits with the skin which will scrub plaque off the teeth, and finally indulging your sweet tooth. I believe the sweet tooth indulging is everyone’s downfall. Children as well as adults love the feeling that they feel when they eat sweets. It almost acts like a sedative. So remember there is no guarantee of being plaque free, but you can develop good oral habits for your child and yourself. Remember to start early.

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