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Monday, February 18, 2013

What Legacy Will You Leave Your Children?

Some leave their family business as a legacy to their children. They will groom their children as they grow up so that they will eventually be able to take over the family business. This is great if the children want to do this, but if they want no part of it. The children might sell the business.

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As I watched Donald Trump one day on television, I remember he mentioned his family came first. He also mentioned when his children were very young he would bring them into the office with him. His adult children then talked about how they enjoyed going to the office with their father as a child. There was an open door policy that they could call him anytime. I thought that was an excellent policy. Do you as a parent have that open door policy when you are at work? It is understandable that on some jobs that might not be possible. If it is not possible, do you possibly call and check on your child on your break?

Others may leave their house as a legacy. A great thing would be to leave a house that is paid off and your children could start their lives not worrying about a mortgage.

I watched the television show one day. I found this picture to be fascinating. There was a young man that had a rich father. The young man was used to having and getting whatever he wanted. When his father died he made stipulations before his son could receive any money from his estate. He stopped all of his son’s credit cards. The young man experienced what it was like to not have everything you want when you wanted it at your fingertips. He turned out to be a great young man and found a cause to believe in and also found love during that course of his venture. Can you relate to this? He started helping others that were less fortunate. So he did eventually receive the inheritance which was millions of dollars. He appreciated it at that point and used it wisely helping others.

Then I have seen those that are so materialistic that they argue amongst each other as to who will get what when their mother and father die. Their parents are not even dead yet and they are already claiming an inheritance that they are not guaranteed. That is sad as well as disgusting. Then there are even those that have gone as far as to murder, hoping to receive their inheritance that way.

I hope to leave a legacy to my children that people are important. That things are only material things. I hope that they will remember things can always be replaced. I want them to remember not to be so busy working and dong that they do not take time to enjoy the present. I pray that they remember to not keep secrets and communicate with each other, so there is no dysfunction in the family. What legacy will you leave your children? What legacy did your parents leave you?

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