Monday, January 28, 2013

7 Internet Safety Tips For Kids

1.Antivirus and Spyware Protection

Let’s face it, the children of this generation are computer whizzes. They eat, drink, and sleep computers. They love their DSI, play stations, ipods, and texting on the phone. They may unawaringly click on a site that looks and appears harmless, but not knowing this site might be loaded with 30 or 40 Trojans. Possibly your child loves music and videos, it is so easy to catch a virus when downloading. It is of utmost important to have some type of Antivirus and Spyware Protection. Most times your antivirus protection will alert you before clicking on a site if it is not safe. So take heed if you receive such an alert.

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2.Chat Rooms

Above all talk to your child about the danger of chat rooms. Children tend to be gullible. If they are hearing online what they want to hear, they may be blinded to the fact that they could be talking to a pedophile, a killer, or sexual predator. So many times the predator’s sick mind thinks it is okay to talk to a 14 or 15 year old. The child may think they are talking to someone their own age. I have watched MSNBC where they show time after time sexual predators that are caught and prosecuted. Some of them get caught and go right back doing the same thing. That is why your child needs to be protected at all costs. That sexual predator so many times turns out to be a professional, a married man, or an old man (gizzard). They come in all shapes and forms.

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3.Forward Email

Make sure that you nor your child click on forwarded emails from others. Even though you know the person that is forwarding you the email, you do not know the 10 or 15 others that had previously forwarded the emails to them. A virus can often hide in those forwarded emails.


4.Identity Theft

Children should not give out parent’s credit card information or any personal information. Sometimes when they really do not know who they are talking too, they might tend to divulge too much information. 


Observe and see what sites your child is going to. No you cannot watch your child 24 hours a day, but possibly have your computer in a location such as a family room or living room, as oppose to their bedroom.

6.Parental Controls

These are features that can easily be set up on most computers. It s imperative to use them to help protect your children. If you have them and never put them in place, it does your children no good whatsoever.

7.Phishing Email

They need to be wary of phishing email scams that are used to get personal information. Or sad stories used to enlist your sending them money to help them.

Other Resources:

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Internet Fraud Information: USA.gov

Photo Images: Wikipedia.com

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  1. Very good information. My niece just sent me an email saying someone has hacked their hotmail account and sending bogus messages with a link. You just can't trust anyone anymore:0(

  2. Thanks Angel. Sorry to hear about your niece's account. I had that happen to a friend of mine once.

  3. I'm very thankful for this information. Kids are easily influenced by internet. Your post helps a lot.


  4. This information is very helpful and is very well written. The internet is a huge storage of information that is very useful for your kid’s social and mental growth. It offers a wide range of entertainment in a variety of forms. Children are getting hooked with web use and are easily lured by net predators that exploit s the immature sense of weighing things that can possibly harm them. This is really an eye opener post. Especially with the widespread use of smartphones for young ages, the risk is doubled. With this sophisticated device, they can easily access the internet everywhere. Parents should be more vigorous in filtering such device. I do believe that kids should be allowed to have such device only when they are educated by the risk. A well suited device for their age should also come to consideration in terms of safety. Some phones like Just5 Easyphone, are basic phones that are kid friendly and doesn’t have the capability of accessing the internet but can serve its purpose of just texting and calling.

  5. I'm learning more from this post about internet safety for kids. Parents would sure get a lot of points from this! :)