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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentine Ideas for Children 2013

Valentine by kakisky, Morguefile

Valentine marshmallows

Have you ever considered making Valentine marshmallows? Kim talks about it at her blog. http://blog.thecelebrationshoppe.com/2012/01/11/easy-valentine-marshmallows/. She gives you easy step by step directions for you and your children to make them. They are very easy and simple to make. You can make your message on your marshmallow using Karo syrup and sprinkles. It is as simple as that.

Valentine Cutouts

This Valentine cutout is found at Pinterest.com. I just love this creative idea. Cutouts form 4 hearts.


Tissue Paper Roses

The tissue paper roses can be found at


They are so simple to make. The tutorial explains it very easily. You basically fold, roll, and twist the tissue paper into a rose. What a great idea.

Valentine’s Day Jigsaw Online Puzzle

This is a great online game for those kindergartners that like jigsaw puzzles. There are several games at this site, namely, box of Chocolates, Roller-skating, Teddy Bears, and many more.


Valentines Tic Tac To online Game

This is a very friendly online user games for Kindergartners. They can have endless fun playing this Valentines Tic TAC Toe Game.


Valentine’s Day Critters

These cute little Valentine’s Day Critters are amazing. You can make them any size from pom-pom yarns. They are just so darling.


Valentine’s Day Wreath

Have you ever considered making a Valentine’s Day Wreath with you Kindergartner? All you need is a paper plate cut out, red, white and pink hearts cut out, and a crepe paper bow at the top. How neat is that? This can be found at


Valentines Day Cupcakes

These delicious looking rose pedals on top of the cupcakes are made from spirals of fruit from the Foot Fruit leather. This is a great idea, once your cupcakes are made; you top with white icing, then top with this spiral fruit, which should prove to be quite tasty. The recipe for this can be found at spoonful.com.


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