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Monday, June 20, 2011

How Much Do You Love and Appreciate Your Family?

Sorrowful News:

Recently I have been made aware of friends who have lost family members. Their world is forever changed. One was a victim in the recent Joplin tornadoes. Another was a sister who lost her brother. I could relate to her because I had lost mine too. And then there was a 22 year-old who tragically found out he had an enlarged heart while leisurely jogging on a local trail. Death was immediate.

Reflections of My Family:

As I grieved along with them, I began reflecting back on my family. I am blessed to have a 90 year-old father still alive along with all my siblings with the exception of my older brother. My mother is now enveloped in the loving arms of Jesus but her legacy still lives on in her children. Because I am a Christian I will see them again in heaven.

You Can Love, Yet Disagree Sometimes:

We are an exceptionally close family. That's not to say we don't have our differences. Let's face it. Everybody has their own opinions so that is to be expected. Would it not be an unfortunate situation if the last conversation that you had with a family member was filled with anger or resentment? Perhaps you may have refused to forgive them because of something they said or did. I beg of you, let it go. It's not worth losing a relationship over.

Communicate on a Regular Basis:

Even though several of us are located in different geographical areas, not a week goes by that there is not some type of communication between us. So close was my relationship with my mother that I found myself still picking up the phone after she died. Because she was such an integral part of my life, it was the natural thing for me to do.

Family is a foundation:

In a world gone bad, I am glad to know that my family is there for me. They have become my best friends and a good listening ear. We are a source of staunch support and encouragement to each other.

A Family is not to be taken for granted:

It's inevitable that another call will be made to tell of the passing of one of my loved ones. While we may never know when that call will come, we do not take each other for granted. Tell your family members often that you love them. That is one thing we do when we conclude a conversation.


It is my sincere desire that you take time and thank God for your family. We can never assume that they will always be around. When it's all said and done, there is nothing like family. Won't you take the time to appreciate yours too?

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Bio Statement: Lee Hansen

I was raised by parents who loved my siblings and I all unconditionally. They taught us how to love and respect each other. We learned not to take each other for granted but to appreciate the times we were able to spend together. There is nothing more special to me than family.

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  1. Hi Lee:

    I like this post and all the reasons you laid out for appreciating one's family. I agree with everyone of them and I quite like the "Family is a foundation".

    That is so true especially for helping one to cushion any and every problem along life's journey. The family can make or break someone - some people that have 'uncaring families' have had to give up or even commit suicide AND so, as parents or parents-to-be, that's a sign for us to be that ideal supportive family for our children