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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do You Know the Importance of Fathers?

Father kissing his son

1. Role Model

A father that is a good role model, can greatly influence the outcome of his child’s life. Children especially girl’s look to their father’s to see what type of husband they may want in the future. Children watch how a father treats their mother. Does he treat her with respect? Does he support her and help her with the children? Why Not? He helped to create his children. Sometimes fathers tend to leave the training and disciplining to the mothers rather than becoming actively involved. The mother should not have to do it all by herself, but sometimes that is exactly what happens.

2. Leadership

A father that shows leadership in his home can greatly influence his children to become great leaders. Too often mothers have had to be mother and father to their children, even when father was present in the home, but not emotionally available. Do you know any of those kind of fathers? They are there in the home, but emotionally they are far away from the wife and the children. Basically, he is too busy “doing his own thing.”

3. Love

Children growing up want the love of their father. If father does not give them the love, kisses, hugs, affection, and nurturing that they need, they will look for it elsewhere. Everyone wants to be loved.. Unfortunately many children may end up looking for love in all the wrong places. Have you ever seen little girls that say, “ I am going to marry my daddy when I grow up.” Well when they grow up, they will be looking for a father just like him. Ofttimes children growing up marrying someone just like their father, whether they intended to do so or not. They may have said, “I will never marry a man like my no good father.” Unfortunately, they may end up doing just the opposite. Fathers play an important role in their children’s life.

4. Man

I have said this more than once. A mother can do a lot of things, but she cannot teach her son to be a man. Her son needs a man’s influence. That is why father’s are so important, especially to a young boy.

Unfortunately as I stated earlier mothers have had to be mother and father to their children. Single mothers have done a great job raising their children. Single mothers have raised their children to become lawyers, doctors, teachers, and many other professionals. The children still need the influence of a positive male figure in their lives. If father is not around emotionally or physically, that positive male could be an older brother, uncle, cousin, or mentor.

Did you have a strong father in your life? Is your husband a strong father figure for your children? Do you know of a strong father? I welcome your comments.

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