Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Four Fun Ways to Paint with Toddlers

No Mess Finger Paint Tray

Painting is a great way to engage your toddler while boosting their tactical skills. Use a variety of colors, tools and types of paper to make each artistic experience unique and special. A smock or old t-shirt is necessary to keep clothes clean. Another tip is to paint outside or cover an area with a plastic tablecloth. Finally, make sure all paint is washable and non-toxic.

Sponge painting

Cut sponges into cube, butterflies, shapes, letters and numbers. Then, pour water-based paint into paper plates. Use one plate for each color. Show toddlers how to lightly press the sponge onto the paint and then onto construction paper . This is also a great way to help children learn about their shapes. If you don't want to cut out the letters and numbers, another option is to use the foam letters and numbers that can be found at the craft store.


This is perhaps the least messy of the following painting mediums. Simply pick up a watercolor set at any toy store and provide water for kids to dip their brush in. Show kids how to wash off their brush after each color use.

Finger painting

You can use regular washable paints or add a few drops of food coloring to plain or vanilla yogurt. For this activity, it is best to get a large piece of butcher paper or several poster boards so your little one can have fun creating a masterpiece. Fingerprinting is an excellent way to practice writing letters and numbers. In addition, kids will love putting their hands and feet in the paint to make hand and foot prints. Make sure to have a water source or wipes nearby for easy cleanup.

Toy vehicle art

Get several toy cars, trucks and other vehicles. Allow your child to run the car through the paint and then over paper. They can make a lot of fun designs this way.

Have fun!

Melissa Matters is a stay at home parent and writes for Associated Content, Bright Hub, and Yahoo Sports. I enjoy reading her articles. She brings her many levels of teaching education and her love of writing. In addition, Melissa has a BA in writing, a CA teaching credential, and a Masters in Education. Welcome Melissa Matters guest blogger for today.

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  1. Melissa I love the Toy Vehicle Art. Little boys usually love the toy cars and trucks. That makes painting so much more fun.