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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Top 5 Benefits of Taking Toddlers to the Library

Toddler choosing a book from the library

1. Opportunity

When you take toddlers to the library, it helps to open up a new world for them. Not just a world of books, but of reading. When they walk in the room, their eyes immediately light up with possibilities. Toddlers will be given the opportunity to explore and browse among the thousands of books that are available to them. You can watch their enthusiasm soar as they become captivated by the variety of books available to them.

School Library

2. Choices

Another benefit of taking toddlers to the library is that they get to make choices. Hopefully, you will allow them to pick out books of their own choices; books that will interest them. Every toddler is unique. Some toddlers may like Spiderman books, while others might like a book about “Curious George.” Most of the books that they choose will be colorful. They love to view the pictures. Most libraries have “Story time sessions” which is another choice and opportunity that toddlers can take advantage of.

3. Cassettes & CD’s

Because toddlers learn in different ways, some toddlers will benefit most from audiocassettes or CD’. They love to hear the stories and imagine in their minds what the outcome will be.

4. Literacy

There are far too many illiterate children and adults in the world. By taking your toddler to the library, you help improve the odds that they will not be one of these statistics. Because most toddlers want to learn, the benefits of taking toddlers to the library outweigh the benefits of not taking them. Starting early is the key. Eventually as your toddler gets older, your toddler will be doing book reports and homework assignments. Having knowledge of the library at an early age will be to your toddler’s benefit.

5. Sharing

This is a time that you and your toddlers can share together. Your toddler will look forward to these visits in the future. This exposure to the library will be a unique time for both of you. It is relatively inexpensive, because you are renting the books and returning them. This can be a time to discuss the books that toddlers may choose. For example, I noticed a toddler picked out a book about Christmas when it was July. When the toddler was asked why that particular book was chosen, the response was as follows, “ Christmas will eventually be coming, so I can read about it now.” I say, “Out of the mouth of babes.”

Grandmother reading to toddler at the library

Photo captions: wikipedia.com and Don Bayley and Christopher Futcher at istock.com





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