Saturday, July 31, 2010

Top 5 Baby Shower Tips

Baby shower

1. Invitations.

Have you considered making the invitations yourself as opposed to buying or ordering invitations? You can personalize the invitations with personal pictures on it.

2. Directions

The day of the baby shower, you might want to put a sign in the yard or a sign near the building to help people find your address, and include directions in the actual invitation also.

3. Door Raffle.

A door raffle could consist of each person completing their name and address on the actual thank you note that you plan on sending them after the shower. This helps you to already have that information on the note. All you have to do is sign the note and personalize it in the way that you want.

4. Gifts during the baby shower.

Instead of having the gifts that you will be giving away to the friends and relatives wrapped, why not leave them unwrapped so they can see them? When a game is played, the winner can go look and pick out the gift that he/she wants. Also, be sure to have extra gifts so at the end of the games, those that did not win a gift can go pick a gift out. This creates a win/win situation for all.

5. Designated name writer and Utube.

As the gifts are opened, be sure to have a designated person to write down the name of the person that gave the gift and what the gift actually was. Video taping the event will be an excellent source to recapture this great moment. Utube has become so popular with knowledgeable videos. You might want to post the actual baby shower on utube, to help give ideas to others that may be planning a baby shower.

Below is a utube video by Sharee Huwid. She gives ideas for the baby shower games.


photo captions: Istock.com by linearcurves

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