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Monday, August 9, 2010

Is Your Toddler Handicapped?

Toddler crying

1. Thinking

The way that a person thinks can determine a lot about them. A parent can handicap their child emotionally by constantly telling him/her, “You are no good.” “You are just like your no good father.” “I knew you were no earthly good.” “You can’t do anything right.” These negative statements can play back over and over like a recording in your child’s mind. When your toddler attempts anything, he/she might just hear those recordings playing back in his/her mind. Eventually your toddler may not even want to attempt to try to do anything. Eventually your toddler will believe and say, “I can’t do anything right.”

It is important not to say these negative things to your toddler, but rather to build him/her up and focus on the positive and honest things that your toddler can do.

2. Different

Each toddler is different and unique,. No toddler is the same as another, so do not expect them to be. Do not compare John with Julie saying, “ Why can’t you be more like Julie?” “Why can’t you be more like your sister.” Well Johnny can’t be more like his sister, because he is unique and has been given is own unique makeup.

3. Encourage

Do you encourage your toddler to attempt new experiences? Do you encourage your toddler to think “outside of the box?” When your toddler makes a suggestion, do you applaud that or do you say, “We have already tried that and it did not work.” Sometimes things that did not work previously, might now work with a little adjustment or tweaking.

4. Feelings

Do you make your toddler feel that he/she can conquer the world?” That is a good feeling to feel like that. Have you ever heard a teenager say they did not feel loved?” Or have you ever known someone that told you they did not feel loved? Despite the fact that a parent may have attempted to give that child what they felt was needed, the child still never felt it. Do you let your toddler know that there is no end to what they can become or accomplish in the world? Do you encourage your toddler not to be fearful? Fear is what holds many toddlers and adults back from doing or accomplishing anything. Fear of the unknown. Most children are free in thinking and do not have these hang-ups about fear, until we impose our fears or feelings on them. Fear is a very strong emotion that when left unchecked can lead to anger and anger can lead to death if not dealt with.





Photo captions: Istock.com by Heidi van der Westhuizen

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