Sunday, August 15, 2010

Your Toddler and the Electronic Rubiks Revolution

Rubiks Revolution

1. The inventor

Erno Rubik was the inventor of the Rubiks Cube. The first patent was in
January 1975. Erno was born in Budapest, Hungary during World War II. Since that time the Rubiks Cube Revolution has evolved, which is the electronic Rubik Cube.

2. The game

You can turn the game on with the colored button. Slide it to the “on” position. The Electronic voice announces each game and you just press the corresponding colored light for each game that you wish to play. This game can help aide your toddler in learning as well as giving your toddler pleasure and enjoyment. You will hear a ticking sound as you play. The ticking reminds me of a clock ticking.

Although there are 6 different games, my favorite game is Multiplayer. This game is similar to musical chairs. The difference is that you pass the cube around to other players after pressing the colored light. The electronic voice will ask you to pass the cube. It continues and gets faster and faster.

3. Color

The colors are quite colorful. The benefits of the color of the Rubiks Cube is that it enforces colors. It has pushbuttons. It helps your toddler identify colors. Because the Rubiks Cube is electronic, it talks and basically tells your toddler how to play the game. There are various types of games to play on the Electronic Rubiks Cube. Your toddler will learn to choose which games he/she wants to play.

It has an electronic voice. If idle 60 seconds it automatically turns off. This is a feature that I really like. This is a very interesting game when played in the dark also. It is fascinating to see the lights as they light up. It is almost magical.

4. Dexterity and Coordination

It teaches your toddler coordination. It learns him/her to be skillful at turning the cube and pressing the correct color, then passing it on to another.

5. Fun

Because it is a game, it is fun to play this game. The Rubik Cube can keep a record of the highest score, therefore, challenging your toddler to increase the score each time he/she plays.

6. Cost

It is inexpensive. Ranging from about $14.00-$20.00. It is well worth the price.

The official site listed below show a video of young and old playing this game.


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