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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Passing the Baton

Crocheted Doily

I remember my aunt making doilies exactly like this.


I attended a funeral not too long ago. I was amazed at how the one granddaughter talked about her grandmother. She shared how her grandmother had taught her to sew and she is now teaching her children and others to sew. We all have special things that our grandmother or mother taught us. That is part of the process of passing the baton.


If you know how to crochet or knit why not pass this on to your child? I remember my favorite aunt that used to crochet doilies. I was always captivated by the great detail and design of the doilies. It was so awesome. She could crochet so well. She would crochet a “swan.” When she finished, she would starch it and it would sit up and look exactly like a white swan. She taught me to crochet. I was just fascinated by the end results of crocheting.


What about recipes? Do you have a favorite recipe that your mother or grandmother cooked very well? For example, in some families there is always that person that cooked the best peach cobbler or the best sweet potato pie. If you want to pass the baton, then you will teach your child and give your child these recipes so he/she can learn how to make them and then pass it on to their children. In other words, just don’t keep it to yourself.

Family holidays

Have you always been the one to have the entire family over to your house year after year after year….? Have you always been the one to do all of the cooking year after year after year…..? Why not pass the baton? Maybe have the family gathering over your daughter's or son’s house. Maybe have a potuck and everyone can share their favorite dish. Again I say pass the baton.

An Angler fishing in England

Hunting and Fishing

Fathers and/or mothers that hunt and fish are you training your children to do the same. Children love to participate in sports. Possibly hunting and fishing might not be their specialty, but have you attempted to show them? Have you given them a chance to see if this is something they might like and might be good at doing? Have you thought that this could be a bonding time for both of you as well as educational and training time for your child? I remember a young man that always talked favorably about his father. In fact, he talked about his father with great passion. He stated that his father took him and his brothers hunting at a very young age and that he was an expert shooter. I thought this was amazing.


What special skills do you have that you have shared with your children or grandchildren? It is important to train them early, then they can continue this cycle down through the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations. Even further than that.





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