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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Secrets of teaching your toddler delayed gratification

Microwave Oven

1. Microwave

We live in a society that wants any and everything as fast as we can get it. We live in a “microwave society.” We do not want to wait in line at the store. We want to find the fast lane. When we go to the bank, we do not want to stand in a long teller line.

Even when we are on the computer, we want the computer to boot up fast and get us to our site instantly. When we pray to God, we want God to do it now, rather than in His time. Do you have self-control? There are those that are out of control. Have you thought about your toddler is watching you?

2. Observe

Have you taken the time to observe that time can be different for a toddler than for an adult? Do you remember when you would count the days waiting anxiously for Christmas? Now you probably ask, “Is Christmas here already?” When you go to the store, are you giving your toddler everything that they ask for?” Take a moment and just observe others around you. Are they rushing and/or rushing you, because they want it done now? Are you and your husband on the same page or are trying to save money and he is spending it twice as fast? Well think again. Your toddler is watching you.

3. Delay

Delayed gratification can bring great things. Perhaps there is a pair of shoes that you really want as you happen to past by the store window. Yes, maybe you do have the money. Yes maybe you can afford it, but have you thought about waiting and getting it later. Perhaps by waiting a couple of days the price might go down. Things will not bring you happiness, so enjoy the journey.

Below is a video of a study done entitled Dilley M & M’s Experiment and the Marshmallow Temptation extended version. It is an experiment with young children to test their impulse control.

Have you thought about eating healthy? Instead of getting all of those microwavable foods, or eating out most of the time, delay your gratification by cooking healthy meals. Take time to go to the store and get fresh fruit and vegetables. Your body will definitely benefit from this. When little Johnny says, “I want this and I want that,” maybe develop a plan with little Johnny to obtain it. Rather than getting it for him immediately just because you have the finances to do so. Remember your toddler is watching you.

4. Good Things

I once knew a young man that had a wealthy father. He could not understand why his father made him work part-time and would not give him a new car or money when he wanted it. Can you see this picture? That father wanted his son to understand the value of delayed gratification which can be a good thing. Sometimes when we do not delay gratification we contribute to creating “monster children.”

I knew of a young lady that started college the summer that she graduated. She did not wait until fall. She also went to school year round throughout the summer. The good thing that came from this is that she graduated in 3 years rather than in 4 or 5 years. She also worked part of this time. Now she could have taken time off to party and do other things, but she chose delayed gratification. Good things do come to those that wait. Remember your toddler is watching you and will one day be a teenager, a young woman/or man, a mother or father, and or/ a professional in the workforce.

What are your thoughts on delayed gratification? Do you have any suggestions for delayed gratification? I welcome your suggestions.





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