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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can Words Hurt Your Toddler?

1. Impressionable

Your toddler is very impressionable. Notice that he or she is constantly trying to act like others, by imitating. It is very important to be selective in your choice of words around your toddler. You can determine how to build your toddlers self-esteem or demolish it.

2. Take it back

Although once a word is spoken the damage or good is already done. Although, you cannot take it back, you can, however, apologize, when it hurts another. Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to be conscious of what you say daily. Not only do the words affect toddlers, they can affect anyone.

3. Affect

Words when spoken can get into your subconscious and can affect you, that is why it is important to give toddlers impressionable words that will build, motivate, encourage and strengthen them. Yes, you may get frustrated with your toddler. Yes your toddler may not be perfect, but then are you perfect? Yes your toddler may have a different personality than you or your husband, but then if everyone was like you or I, this might be a boring world with no differentiality.

4. Type of words

I am sure if you are a negative person, you can think of many derogative or demeaning words. Maybe it might take more work to think of positive remarks, but it can be done. Below are a list of positives: These are only a few, because the list goes on and on……..

“Great, good, good catch, wonderful, smart, pretty, handsome, reliable, helpful, mature, proud of you, brilliant, amazing, beautiful.”

Can you think of more words that you would add to this list?

5. Scriptures affect you and your toddler.

The word of God is alive. Scripture can affect your toddler positively. Below are listed scriptures that can influence you and your toddler. Philip. 4:19,
Heb. 11:1, 2nd Tim. 1:7, and my favorite scripture Philip 4:13.

Joel Olsteen talks below about the Power of Positive Words. This can also apply to your toddlers.





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